REV’IT! Metis 2 Gloves Review: Ideal for Track and Street Riding?

Choosing the right pair proves pivotal because gloves bear the brunt of weather and abrasion while transmitting critical feedback for bike control.

In reviewing the REV’IT! Metis 2 gloves, I asked myself—do these premium motorcycle gloves provide the necessary impact buffers and abrasion shields to justify their lofty cost for performance-oriented riding?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for protection for you? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Metis 2 Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Impact absorption injury mitigation
  • Premium protection, materials utilized
  • Meticulous construction quality is evident

REV’IT! Metis 2 Gloves – Our Verdict

After testing the REV’IT! Metis 2 gloves (1) extensively over several months and various riding conditions; I must say these gloves have won me over despite initial hesitations about the premium pricing.

Their robust construction instills confidence to handle accidental spills and even crashes. I’ve already used that abrasion resistance to good effect after an embarrassing low side on cold asphalt that miraculously only caused minor scuffs.

I typically scrutinize gear choices carefully with an eye toward maximizing value, but the Metis 2 gloves deliver ample performance to validate their $230+ price tag, in my opinion.

The CE-rated armor provides substantial high-speed impact buffers I haven’t identified in competing gloves costing over $100 less.

Coupled with the kangaroo and goatskin leather abrasion shields, that padding grants peace of mind should the worst occur.

While most protective gear necessitates some trade-off between safety features, flexibility, and comfort, REV’IT! Managed to strike an optimal balance with the Metis 2.

The panels stretch smoothly to allow a full range of motion, whether grasping clutch levers or signaling turns, thanks to the mixed textile construction.

That supple feel contributes enormously to grip confidence, pushing the envelope on curvy backroads. Factor in the touchscreen compatibility, letting me tweak music mid-ride without removing gloves, and it becomes even harder to find flaws with these thoughtfully designed hand shields.

After evaluating countless options across the market, I believe the REV’IT! Metis 2 gloves currently lead the pack regarding advanced protective technology tailored specifically to enhance motorcycle performance.

Their versatility allows me to push harder, knowing my hands remain guarded across daily commutes and recreational rides alike.

While cheaper alternatives exist, none match the Metis 2 for hardcore enthusiasts logging serious miles. Considering potential injury risks, these motorcycle gloves provide reassuring insurance well worth their premium cost in my book.

Comparison To Similar Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars SP-8 V3 GlovesFull goatskin leather construction, rubberized knuckle protection, leather palm reinforcement, wrist closure strap
REV’IT! Metis 2 GlovesKangaroo leather & textile panels, CE-rated knuckle armor, stretch panels for flexibility, Hydratex waterproof breathable liner
Alpinestars GP Tech V2 GlovesGoatskin leather & polysport fabric, injected TPU protectors, reinforced landing zone,