Dainese X-Ride Gloves Review: Ideal for Hot Summer Rides?

Recently, I tested out the Dainese X-Ride gloves to see if they live up to the hype. With a combination of protection, ventilation, and flexibility, do these gloves check all the boxes for street use? Let’s take a closer look.

I’ve tested countless pairs of riding gloves, but very few balance key factors like the X-Ride gloves do. The stylish colorway initially caught my attention, but beneath the surface, these motorcycle gloves incorporate the high-end touches most riders need.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the summer for you? Let’s find out!

Dainese X-Ride Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

  • Nitpick fitment quirks
  • Premium protection technology
  • Outstanding ventilation balance

Dainese X-Ride Gloves Overview

Constructed mainly of perforated goat leather with neoprene inserts, these gloves promote airflow while providing abrasion protection.

The ERGO-TEK knuckle guard looks great but seems overly branded to me. However, the distortion control protection (DCP) on the fingers enhances safety, as do palm sliders and touchscreen compatibility for using devices on the road.

Overall, the X-Ride motorcycle gloves perform well, although I did notice some fitment quirks. The velcro wrist closure and neoprene stretch panels make the gloves easy to get on and off, but gloves stretch and catch when clenching fists. Also, excess material bunching on the thumb annoyed me slightly.

But besides these nitpicks, Dainese’s renowned quality and protective technology shine through. For around $100, the X-Ride gloves deliver an exceptional blend of comfort, ventilation, dexterity, and protection for demanding street riders.

A Relentless Quest for the Ultimate Street Bike Gloves

As longtime motorcyclists, we constantly seek gear that allows exhilarating riding without compromising safety.

Recently, I tested the Dainese X-Ride gloves to see if these ambitious motorcycle gloves can enhance street adventures through an optimal fusion of flexibility, protection, and airflow.

Constructed predominantly of perforated goat leather with flexible neoprene paneling across the fingers and knuckles, this perfect combination promotes ventilation while providing abrasion protection if things go sideways.

The flamboyant graphics initially grabbed my attention, but make no mistake − beneath the brash styling lies meticulous construction only a company like Dainese can deliver.

The ERGO-TEK knuckle incorporation looks great, in my opinion, but it seems overly branded, detracting from the gloves’ understated refinement.

However, Dainese doesn’t skimp on safety − the gloves integrate distortion control protection (DCP) on each finger to prevent hyperextension injuries.

Further enhancing protection, durable palm sliders, and touchscreen thumb/forefinger pads promote device connectivity without exposing skin.

Superb ProtectionExcess thumb material
Ultimate FlexibilityFist clinching stretches gloves
Unreal BreathabilityLarge logos seem overly branded

Delivering nearly flawless performance, the X-Ride gloves check almost every box discerning street riders demand. However, I noticed a few fitment quirks that detract somewhat from an otherwise outstanding offering.

The adjustable velcro wrist closure and neoprene stretch panels make the gloves easy to don and remove, but the gloves creep up the wrist and bunch uncomfortably when clenching fists aggressively. Additionally, the glove thumb includes surplus material that bunches annoyingly in some hand positions.

But aside from those minor gripes, the overall quality, protection, and precise incorporation of technology shine through clearly with these premium Dainese offerings.

Priced around $180, these sumptuous street riding gloves deliver extraordinarily balanced levels of flexibility, airflow, and protection.

No glove achieves motorcycling nirvana, but Dainese’s painstaking devotion to rider-centric design is abundantly evident in the exceptional X-Ride gloves.

Comparison to Other Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Reax Superfly Mesh Gloves ReviewLightweight summer mesh gloves with carbon fiber knuckles.
Alpinestars SPX V2 Gloves ReviewSporty gloves with leather construction and injected molded knuckles.
BILT Spirit 3 Gloves ReviewAffordable 3-season gloves with water-resistant liner.

The Reax Superfly gloves are the lightest option focused on ventilation, while the Alpinestars SPX V2 provides more protection with leather and armor.

The BILT Spirit 3 gloves offer a good balance of comfort, protection, and value. Overall, choose based on your priority between maximum airflow, protection level, and budget.

Why Have Biker Gloves Become So Critical for Motorcyclists?

Motorcycle riding gloves provide vital protection that can literally make the difference between walking away unscathed from a crash or suffering severe, debilitating hand injuries.

Advanced rider glove technologies allow crucial device connectivity so riders can use GPS systems and smartphones, while touchscreen pads ensure bare skin never contacts scorching engine components.

Ultimately, the quest for the perfect motorcycle gloves remains intensely personal; individual anatomical differences and riding styles mandate finding the ideal model providing a tailored fusion of flexibility, protection, and control.

However, incorporating premium leather motorcycle gloves brings peace of mind and confidence for facing unexpected situations on the streets.

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Moto Gloves?

  • Construction Materials − Perforated leather, textile panels, carbon fiber knuckles? Understanding materials translates to proper protection.
  • Weather Conditions − Do the gloves provide necessary levels of water resistance and insulation?
  • Intended Use − Street, track, adventure, and touring gloves address unique priorities.
  • Fit and Comfort − If the gloves don’t fit correctly, protection gets compromised.

And Finally…Finding the Perfect Motorcycle Gloves Involves Some Trial and Error

The journey to unearthing ideal motorcycle gloves remains intensely personal yet worthwhile for dedicated riders. An infinite array of factors from weather protection, materials, and intended use dictate preferences, but incorporating a quality pair of riding gloves constitutes one of the best investments you can make.

Dainese certainly delivers outstanding offerings catering to distinctive priorities but finding gear that harmonizes flawlessly with your individual needs entails an ambitious quest.

Ultimately, through meticulous scrutiny of countless pairs, every biker eventually discovers their own definitive motorcycle gloves.

What has your experience been finding ideal riding gloves? Do you have any recommendations or advice? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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