What Is the Difference Between 70/80 and 80/80 Tire Size

The main difference between 70/80 and 80/80 tire sizes is in the aspect ratio and tire height. The aspect ratio is the second number in the tire size, which represents the height of the tire as a percentage of its width.

A tire with a size of 70/80 has an aspect ratio of 80%, while a motorcycle tire with a size of 80/80 has an aspect ratio of 100%.

This means that the height of the 70/80 tire is 80% of its width, or 56 millimeters if the tire width is 70 millimeters.

On the other hand, the height of the 80/80 tire is equal to its width, or 80 millimeters if the tire width is also 80 millimeters.

In terms of size, 70/80 and 80/80 tires have different dimensions. According to a comparison on tacomaworld.com, 70/80-R17 tires are 0.63 inches (16 mm) smaller in diameter than 80/80-R17 tires.

The width of the 70/80 tire is also smaller than the width of the 80/80 tire by 10 millimeters or 12.5%. The difference in size between the two tires affects their performance, including handling, speedometer readings, and revolutions per mile.

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