What Does 100 90 R18 on My Motorcycle Tire Mean?

The numbers on a motorcycle tire indicate the tire’s size and dimensions. The numbers are usually presented in a set of three numbers and letters, indicating the width of the tire, the aspect ratio of the tire (ratio of tire’s height to the width), and the rim size given in inches.

For example, 100/90 R18 means that the tire is 100 mm wide, with a 90% aspect ratio, and can be mounted on a rim of 18 inches.

The first number in the set of numbers indicates the width of the tire in millimeters. The second number after the slash (/) represents the aspect ratio of the tire, which is the percentage of the height of the tire to the tire’s width. The third number after the sign (-) is the diameter of the rim or wheel.

The aspect ratio of the tire is important because it represents how tall a motorcycle tire is in relation to its width.

The aspect ratio is indicated as a percentage, and the larger the number, the taller the tire will be. For example, a tire with an aspect ratio of 90 will be taller than a tire with an aspect ratio of 70.

In addition to the set of numbers, there may be letters mixed in within the motorcycle tire sizing numbers. These letters may indicate the speed rating and construction of the tire.

For example, a Z-rated tire has no maximum speed and is rated for more than 149mph. The letters M/C indicate that the tire is for motorcycle use only.

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