Exploring Pirelli’s New Addition: The MX 32

The primary spotlight today falls on Pirelli’s latest offering for the big bikes. It’s an exciting new toy named the MX 32 Mid Hard, designed especially for tracks similar to the ones we have here.

The weekend Ride Path tracks are usually impeccably prepped in the mornings, but as the day progresses, they gradually harden.

With these conditions in mind, Pirelli has developed this new dirt bike tire, which is reported to perform ideally under these circumstances.

Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Review


Pro & Cons

  • Exceptional performance on various terrain types
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Not ideal for racing or high-speed riding

Delving into the Tire’s Unique Features

Let’s look more closely at the distinguishing features that the MX 32 Mid Hard boasts. An enhanced block size, larger than its contemporaries, is designed to broaden the contact patch, thereby improving grip and durability.

Additionally, the modified side blocks are notched with dimples to escalate the grip and stability during lean angles.

Contrary to common perception, the scorpion markings aren’t just decorative but enhance the ride’s comfort by augmenting the tire’s grip.

The spacing of the tread and the crown radius profiles have been designed to extend its range of use.

Larger block sizeEnhanced grip and durability
Dimpled side blocksImproved lean angle grip and stability
Scorpion markingsIncreased ride comfort
Spacing and crown radius profilesExtended range of use

The MX 32’s Pedigree

The MX 32 Mid Hard tire is no ordinary creation. It has been developed with insights from Pirelli’s MXGP teams and contributions from the AMA MotocrossOpens in a new tab., Supercross race teams, and Australian Supercross race teams. The tire’s pedigree speaks for itself.

I used the Mid Soft 32 S at the front and MJ’s at the back for today’s track. The fronts provide substantial grip, while the rear tires are commendable for their durability. The 32 provides great grip, while the additional J offers extensive durability.

Racers typically prefer to use the thirty-two at the back. However, the extra J is a preferred choice for training and practice.

User Experiences

The performance of these tires is simply flawless. They provide immense grip around corners and over jumps. The Mid Hard tire, specifically, has impressed me. Despite the track being quite hard, this tire performed exceptionally well.

Even in the hardpack conditions, the tire demonstrated tremendous grip. Surprisingly, the front end clings to the rut, constantly seeking grip.

Although the rear end slides slightly, it finds grip and tracks perfectly. Under braking, the tire doesn’t bounce and maintains a firm grip.

The bike glides effortlessly in hard-packed and curved ruts, making for an unforgettable ride. So, if you frequent tracks similar to ours in Colorado, Pirelli’s MX 32 Mid Hard tire deserves your serious consideration.

  • Large block size for improved grip and durability
  • Modified side blocks with dimples for enhanced lean angle grip and stability
  • Scorpion markings to increase ride comfort
  • Broadened range of use due to spacing and crown radius profiles

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