Pirelli MT16 Review: The Ultimate All-Terrain Tires

The Pirelli MT-16 is an exceptional tire set, offering exceptional performance and value. Ordinarily priced at around $85 each, this model represents about 24% off the typical MSRP.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best dirt bike tire for you? Let’s find out!

Pirelli MT16


Pro & Cons

  • Tube type (TT)
  • Aggressive tread pattern for stable handling
  • Bias ply

Adaptable to Various Terrains

The MT-16 is a tire designed with adaptability in mind, ideal for multiple surfaces. Whether you prefer to stick with one type of terrain or like to change your riding surface frequently, this tire set caters to your needs. Excelling on hard-packed surfaces and soft surfaces alike, this truly is a do-it-all tire.

It is suited for both recreational riders and competitive racers, with a resilience that allows for many motos without the need for replacement.

Approved for On-Road Use

Intriguingly, these dirt bike tires come DOT-rated. This certification indicates their suitability for plated dirt bikes, meaning you can rip city streets at speeds up to 106 miles per hour without fearing the wrath of the law or the destruction of your tires.

A Tire Set Tailored to Your Needs

While the MT-16 is an all-around great tire suitable for a range of terrains, its true strength lies in its flexibility.

For example, this rear tire pairs perfectly with the Scorpion Pro tire when undertaking woodsy riding. The Scorpion Pro is a preferred front woods tire for many of our riders.

The Scorpion XCMH is a notable choice for harder, more rock-infested terrains. These include an 80 121 for the front and two different rears – a 120 118 and a 110 118.

A Reliable Dual-Sport Tire

If you seek a dual-sport tire that provides multi-use functionality and a hard compound for prolonged use, the MT-16 is the answer. Its robust design and adaptability make it a perfect choice for the dynamic rider.

The MT-16 from the Rider’s Perspective

My Thoughts After Testing

Off-road, these tires have proven to be excellent. They perform admirably, whether it’s mud, rocks, hard-pack, or slick surfaces.

On-road, while not exceptional, they are on par with any other off-road tire, with a tendency to slip in turns. However, for their off-road performance, they are highly recommended.

Contrary to some beliefs, the MT-16 is not a DOT tire. In fact, it is the tire of choice for Scott Summers, the multiple GNCC championship winner.

Although it could perform slightly better in the sand, its wide-ranging terrain performance and long-lasting use more than make up for this minor shortcoming. It remains a favorite tire for many, even after 40 years of racing and off-road riding.

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