Dunlop MX33 vs. Maxis MX ST – Which One Was Faster?

These two tires have been specifically designed for soft surfaces, a common feature at national racing tracks.

Known for their excellent grip and performance, they offer an enhanced biking experience to riders. But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best dirt bike tire for you? Let’s find out!

Performance Assessment on Different Tracks

To provide an unbiased opinion, we performed back-to-back testing of these dirt bike tires on different tracks.

The difference in the texture of the tracks allowed us to examine the performance of the tires under various conditions.

Track 1: Soft Track

At first glance, both Dunlop MX33 and Maxis MX ST performed admirably on a soft track. However, the Dunlop MX33 provided a superior grounding effect, which was noticeable even as the track conditions changed significantly during the testing.

Track 2: Hard-Packed Dirt

The second track was a stark contrast to the first one, offering a more hard-packed surface. In this scenario, the Maxis MX ST outshone the Dunlop MX33 in terms of providing enhanced traction and stability around corners. However, the Dunlop MX33 also had an edge when it came to the entry to the turn.

Track 3: Hard-Packed Black Dirt

The last track, primarily composed of hard-packed black dirt, proved to be a tough test for the tires. While the Maxis MX ST’s front-end feel was remarkable during mid-turns, the Dunlop MX33 provided superior stability on the initial fast sections of the turn.

Comprehensive Comparison: Lap Times and Overall Performance

FeaturesDunlop MX33Maxis MX ST
Mid-turn performanceGoodExcellent
Initial fast section stabilityExcellentGood
Overall Lap TimesSlightly slowerFaster

A thorough analysis of lap times revealed that the Maxis MX ST performed slightly better than the Dunlop MX33.

This could be attributed to the former’s superior performance during mid-turns, which allowed for better control and predictability, thus boosting the rider’s confidence.

Key Takeaways

While both Dunlop MX33 and Maxis MX ST had their own unique strengths, the Maxis MX ST emerged as the better performer in our comparative analysis.

Its standout features were predictability and the sense of security it provided to the rider during mid-turns, leading to faster lap times. The Dunlop MX33, although a good competitor, lagged slightly in these crucial areas.


In conclusion, we found the Maxis MX ST to be a more reliable choice in terms of performance and feel.

However, individual preferences may vary, and riders should always test and choose the tire that best suits their style and requirements.

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