Michelin Enduro Medium Terrain Tires: A Paradigm Shift?

A motorbike’s effectiveness depends not just on the bike itself but also on its tires. The Michelin Enduro Medium Tires, standard on Sherco enduro models, is an excellent example of this.

They are expertly designed to ensure optimal performance across diverse terrains while promoting your motorcycle ride’s longevity.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best dirt bike tire for you? Read on for more.

Michelin Enduro


Pro & Cons

  • Wide range of surfaces
  • Exceptional grip
  • Homologated for road use
  • Can handle various terrains effectively

The Lifespan of the Michelin Enduro Medium Tires

What sets these tires apart is their impressive longevity. We’ve seen the rear tire last for a remarkable forty rides over the course of a year.

This endurance becomes even more impressive when considering the nature of our rides – predominantly hard enduro with minimal wheelspin, mostly first gear, and not a lot of mileage.

Such a tire lifespan is a testament to the durability and resilience of the Michelin Enduro Medium Tires.

The Innovation Behind Michelin Enduro Medium Tires

Michelin’s commitment to environmental friendliness has led to the innovative use of silica instead of rubber in their off-road tires.

This not only increases durability but also allows for a reduction in tire weight by reducing the number of plies needed. The practical upshot? A tire that’s easy to fit and remove while boasting excellent traction.

Traction and Handling

Motorbike riders know that great traction can make a substantial difference to their ride. The Michelin Enduro Medium Tires are a great choice for those who prioritize this. They continue to amaze us with their grip.

When used with tubliss at around 2psi, these tires can mold around rocks and deliver incredible grip. They maintain traction even under considerable wear, only faltering when confronted with wet and slippery clay.

The Consensus on the Michelin Enduro Medium Tires

Based on multiple reviews, the Michelin Enduro Medium Tires deliver superb performance when used for hard enduro. They offer high traction and durability, although their price point may deter some buyers.

If budget is a concern, alternatives such as Shinko or Motoz may be worth considering.

Michelin Enduro Medium Tires: Features and Benefits

Wide range of surfacesCan handle various terrains effectively
Exceptional gripDelivers good traction, even on wet and slippery surfaces
Homologated for road useComplies with necessary standards for road use

User Experiences

Positive User Experiences

  • The Michelin Enduro Tires offer a good grip on a Beta 390, although they tend to wear fast.
  • They have shown to be effective on dusty/rocky singletrack in the Rocky Mountains without compromising the condition of the trail.
  • Their construction is a perfect blend of stiff sidewalls and a soft crown, which is ideal for enhancing grip while minimizing the chance of pinch flats.

Areas for Improvement

  • The front tire can sometimes slip on rocks and roots.
  • The tires have a high price point, which may deter some users.

These experiences show that the Michelin Enduro Medium Tires are viable for optimizing their off-road performance.

While they may be slightly more costly, their myriad benefits make them a worthy investment for serious riders.

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