Dunlop K180 Flat Track Review

The Dunlop K180 flat track tires stand as an exceptional addition to any motorcycle enthusiast’s gear. These tires provide a distinctive fusion of aesthetics and performance, ideal for flat-track racing and street usage.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best dirt bike tire for you? Let’s find out!

Dunlop K180 Flat Track


Pros & Cons

  • DOT Rated
  • Unique Sizes
  • Flat Track Tread Pattern

Introducing the Dunlop K180 Flat Track Tires

For a long time, the Dunlop K180 flat track tires were akin to unobtainium, a highly sought-after component in the motorcycle realm.

With their distinct flat track tread pattern and DOT rating, these tires provide an unparalleled riding experience on dirt and asphalt alike.

However, it’s important to note that while they are DOT rated, they may not exhibit the same wear resilience as dedicated street tires.

Key Features of the Dunlop K180 Flat Track Tires

The Dunlop K180 stands out in the motorcycle tire market due to its unique attributes. These include:

DOT RatedIndicates that these tires are suitable for flat track racing and street use.
Unique SizesThe tires are available in 14, 18, and 21-inch sizes, providing options for different types of motorcycles.
Flat Track Tread PatternOffers enhanced grip and control on both flat track and street.
  • The 14-inch size is a perfect fit for motorcycles such as the Yamaha TW200 and the Suzuki Van Van, both renowned for their large, fat tires.
  • The 18- and 21-inch sizes allow trail bike owners to experience flat track racing without switching to a 19-inch wheelset.

These sizes allow owners of typical trail bikes and those who ride motocross bikes with a 19/21 setup to enjoy flat track racing without investing in a complete wheel conversion.

The Versatility of Dunlop K180 Flat Track Tires

Aside from their size versatility, these tires offer a dual advantage for riders who wish to dabble in flat track racing but do not want to commit to a full-blown flat-track bike.

The Dunlop K180 is an accessible entry point for flat track racing, eliminating the need for constant wheelset or tire switching.

Moreover, the Dunlop K180’s compatibility with various bike models and its ability to function on the street makes it a cost-effective alternative to more specialized flat-track tires.

My Pros and Cons

In terms of value for money, these are the superior tires! Used in Pro Flattrack Racing (K180 Fronts in 883 Championship Series), they are superb for Supermoto (18-inch sizes), custom builds, and even as Dual Sport Tires!

Real User Reviews of Dunlop K180 Flat Track Tires

To find out whether the Dunlop K180 is a suitable choice for your rig, check out some user reviews from riders with similar motorcycles.

I found the Dunlop K180 an optimal choice due to its performance on dirt and asphalt and unique sizing options.


What is the speed rating of the Dunlop K180?

It is a P-speed-rated tire, which means it is rated for speeds up to 93mph

What is the load capacity of the Dunlop K180?

The load capacity of the Dunlop K180 varies depending on the tire size. Here are the load ratings for some of the available sizes:

  • 100/90-19 57P Front: Load rating of 57, maximum load of 507 lbs.
  • 180/80-14 78P Rear: Load rating of 78, maximum load of 937 lbs.
  • 130/90-10 61J Rear: No load rating information available.

It is important to note that load capacity should always be checked against the motorcycle’s weight and any additional cargo to ensure safe operation.

What are the available sizes of the Dunlop K180 tire?

The Dunlop K180 tire is available in multiple sizes. Here are some of the available sizes:
100/90-19 Front
180/80-14 Rear
130/90-10 Rear

Which size of the Dunlop K180 is recommended for a 19″ wheel?

The Dunlop K180 tire is available in multiple sizes, but the size recommended for a 19″ wheel is 100/90-19. This size is specifically designed for the front wheel of a motorcycle and is a tube-type tire.

What is the aspect ratio of the Dunlop K180 130/80-19 size?

The aspect ratio of the Dunlop K180 130/80-19 size is 80

What is the recommended tire pressure for the Dunlop K180 130/80-19 size?

The recommended tire pressure for the Dunlop K180 130/80-19 size may vary depending on the motorcycle and the riding conditions.

However, according to Dunlop’s Off-Road Facts, the recommended tire pressure for intermediate conditions for the front tire is 12.5-13.5 psi, and for the rear tire is 14 psi.

Can You Use The Dunlop K180 Flat Track On A Dirt Bike?

Yes, the Dunlop K180 tire can be used as a dirt bike tire. The K180 is a street-legal DOT tire with a classic dirt-track pattern designed to perform on both the street and the dirt. The tire is suitable for street trackers, scramblers, and vintage flat track bikes.

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