Is the Leatt Moto 5.5 Enduro Jacket the Ultimate Lightweight Armor for Off-Road Riding?

The ideal enduro jacket needs to balance sturdy armor with lightweight breathability. It should shield against abrasion while allowing a full range of motion.

Storage options are key for carrying essentials, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing weather doesn’t hurt either.

So, does the Leatt Moto 5.5 Enduro jacket check all these boxes for off-road and dual-sport riders? But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best adventure motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Let’s break down this off-road armor to see if it’s ready to sling some mud.

Leatt Moto 5.5 Enduro Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

  • Lightweight, breathable off-road protection
  • Storage galore for equipment needs
  • Flexible armor for rugged trails

Over 1 Pound Lighter for Increased Comfort

Leatt managed to shave over a pound off the 5.5 compared to previous versions through the strategic use of lightweight fabrics.

Spandura mesh panels (a spandex-Cordura blend) were introduced along the sleeves and sides for flexibility. The 600 denier polyester retains abrasion resistance in key areas.

This weight reduction means less fatigue, especially during long rides or when picking up a fallen bike. The 5.5 feels nearly custom-fitted thanks to strategic stretch zones that move with you.

For enduro riders who need their jacket to handle abuse without weighing them down, this improved comfort could be a game changer.

Armor That Goes the Distance

Underneath the abrasion-resistant outer shell lies Leatt’s flexible Nucleon armor in the elbows, shoulders, back, and chest.

This CE-certified protection shields against impacts while avoiding a stiff, restrictive feel. Leatt also throws in a removable kidney belt for added support and comfort during long days of saddle-bound.

The armor coverage provides peace of mind when riding at speed over unpredictable terrain. Stick to the paths, and the 5.5 can handle most tumbles and spills.

For hardcore riders pushing into rocky channels and downed timber, a jersey with integrated chest protection lies underneath. This beefs up security for the gnarliest rides.

Ventilation That Won’t Quit

Nothing kills a ride faster than a jacket that turns into a sauna. Leatt augments the moisture-wicking liner with its CrossFlow ventilation system.

Intake and exhaust vents channel airflow across your core to prevent overheating. By adjusting airflow, the 5.5 adapts as you transition from cold mountain trails to open deserts.

The vented cuffs circulate air as well without exposing wrists. Plus, a water-resistant rear pouch houses a hydration bladder to keep fluids flowing. Ride hard, knowing your jacket can release excess heat on command.

Storage Solutions for Miles of Gear

The 5.5 sets itself apart from the 4.5 with copious organized storage for the gadgets and gear every Enduro rider needs.

We’re talking a total of seven external pockets plus the rear hydration compartment. The riding position allows easy access to cargo without restriction.

Two outer hand pockets provide quick access to essentials. A handy interior waist pocket secures wallets, keys, and phones.

All zippered pockets include a separate water-resistant rear compartment to keep valuables dry. Smaller front pockets handle overflow, while the bungee rear stash pockets carry bulky soft goods.

With this level of thoughtfully designed storage, you can leave the saddlebags behind and still carry everything required for an epic ride.

Sized for Performance, Not Fashion

To select the optimal size, forget sizing charts based on your street jacket. Instead, the 5.5 must fit over your protective base layers.

Armored shirt, knee guards, Leatt neck brace – layer everything underneath. Then, pick the 5.5 size with enough room to pull on over it all.

For many riders, this means sizing up 1-2 sizes over their normal jacket. But thanks to adjustable velcro waists and snap sleeve cuffs, dialing in the perfect fit is easy. The 5.5 accommodates your full range of motion without billowing fabric to snag on rogue branches.

Sizing Table


Triple Threat Versatility

Leatt built three levels of versatility into the 5.5 Enduro for riders needing flexibility:

Neck Brace Compatibility
Ride safely with Leatt’s own neck brace using an integrated hood sleeve. This simply zips over the brace, keeping it secure and protected.

Removable Sleeves
When skies clear and temps rise, unzip the sleeves in seconds to convert the 5.5 into a vest.

Pant Connectability
Connect riding pants via a full zipper interface to create a complete, lightweight suit.

With quick modifications like these, you can tailor protection and comfort to ever-changing ride conditions.

Other Notable Features

  • Five color options, from subtle to bright, for visibility
  • Reflective prints and piping for low-light visibility
  • A relaxed enduro fit allows free movement
  • Limited 5-year warranty against defects
  • Zippered shoulder vents aided by elasticized Spandura
  • Water-resistant lining in select pockets
  • Hidden inner graphic as a surprise bonus

Final Verdict:

For lightweight, versatile enduro protection, the Leatt Moto 5.5 checks all the boxes. It provides comfort for long rides through an agile, minimalist design without compromising safety. The bounty of ventilation options and storage capabilities further enhance the functionality.

While the premium price tag keeps it from budget territory, you get what you pay for with rugged protection.

For riders who push their limits through rough terrain, the 5.5 Enduro Jacket will have your back when you inevitably push past those limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of armor is used in the Leatt 5.5 Enduro Jacket?

The jacket features Leatt’s flexible Nucleon CE-certified armor in the elbows, shoulders, back, and chest for impact protection.

Does the 5.5 jacket have a kidney belt?

Yes, the 5.5 Enduro includes an elasticated kidney belt for added support and comfort when riding.

Is the Leatt jacket waterproof?

The outer shell is water-resistant but not fully waterproof. However, select interior pockets contain a waterproof rear compartment to keep valuables dry.

Can you remove the sleeves to make it a vest?

Absolutely, the sleeves are designed to completely zip off to convert the 5.5 into a vest by removing the sleeves.

What is the sizing like on the Leatt Enduro jacket?

The jacket runs small, so it’s recommended to size up 1-2 sizes over your normal size to fit over armor. Refer to the size chart for the best fit.

Does the 5.5 jacket have good ventilation?

Yes, Leatt’s CrossFlow ventilation system uses intake and exhaust vents to allow significant airflow and prevent overheating.

What colors does the Enduro 5.5 jacket come in?

Current colors include Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Orange. The size range varies based on color.

Is the Leatt jacket good for adventure riding?

With its armor and storage options, it can work for adventure riding, but it’s designed specifically for off-road enduro riding.

The Leatt Enduro 5.5 jacket provides an exceptional balance of protection, comfort, storage, and ventilation for off-road enthusiasts.

Its lightweight flexibility, paired with armor coverage, inspires confidence in committed dirt riders.

While not inexpensive, this purpose-built jacket offers tremendous value for hardcore Enduro fans. Just make sure to size up and embrace the mud.

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