Klim Klimate Jacket Review: How Does It Handle Pacific Northwest Rain?

Riding a motorcycle in cold weather conditions poses unique challenges. While exhilarating, cruising down an open road in freezing temperatures demands specialized gear to keep riders comfortable and protected.

Enter the Klim Klimate Jacket, an innovative cold-weather riding jacket packed with features to conquer cold, wind, and rain.

But how does it actually perform for real-world motorcycle adventures, and is this the best waterproof motorcycle jacket right for you?

After months of testing in conditions ranging from crisp morning commutes to icy mountain passes, I’m ready to share my in-depth review.

Read on to find out if the Klim Klimate Jacket lives up to the marketing hype and deserves a spot in your riding kit.

Klim Klimate Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

  • Waterproof, windproof protection
  • Strategic dual-density insulation
  • Excellent for cold riding

A Rugged 3-Layer Gore-Tex Shell

The first thing you’ll notice when you slip on the Klimate Jacket is the feeling of impenetrable armor enveloping your torso.

This sensation stems from the burly 3-layer Gore-Tex shell, which provides a formidable barrier against wind, water, and cold air.

The genius behind Gore-Tex lies in its microporous membrane, which is essentially a thin plastic film with over 1.4 billion tiny pores per square inch.

These microscopic openings are small enough to block wind and water droplets yet still allow water vapor (i.e., sweat) to escape.

This combination of total waterproofing and breathability is the magic that makes Gore-Tex shine for dynamic activities like motorcycle riding.

To deliver maximum weather protection, Klim equipped the Klimate Jacket with a beefy 70D nylon exterior bonded to a Gore-Tex Pro membrane with a brushed tricot backer.

Compared to standard Gore-Tex, Gore-Tex Pro boasts 28% longer-lasting waterproofness along with better breathability and abrasion resistance. It’s designed for the most demanding professional use.

The end result is a jacket exterior capable of shrugging off torrential downpours, howling winds up to 70 mph, and abrasive contact. During my testing, the shell lived up to expectations, keeping me bone dry in relentless Pacific Northwest rain.

The jacket blocks wind like a fortress while preventing the notorious “cold, wet feeling” inherent to many waterproof-breathable fabrics.

So, if you’re looking for ultimate weather protection, the Klimate Jacket delivers in spades thanks to its rugged Gore-Tex Pro shell.

Dual Insulation for Warmth Where You Need It

While an impenetrable exterior provides critical weather protection, insulation is what actually keeps you warm.

That’s why Klim equipped the Klimate Jacket with strategically mapped dual-density insulation to provide warmth and breathability where riders need it most.

The upper body, sleeves, and collar feature 300g Klima-Tek insulation, a proprietary synthetic fill that excels at trapping heat.

The 90% polyester/10% spandex micro-fiber fill provides ample warmth without restricting mobility or ventilation.

Under the arms, the jacket transitions to a 200g insulation fill to prevent overheating in an area prone to heat buildup.

By reducing insulation here, Klim helps keep your core temperature regulated while accommodating the jacket’s well-designed pit vents.

This selective insulation mapping provided noticeable benefits during real-world testing. The 300g upper body insulation locks in heat surprisingly well, even at highway speeds, while the slightly lighter panels under the arms enhance comfort without compromising cold weather performance.

The only downside is that the insulation has a tendency to clump together after repeated compression, reducing its loft and warmth over time. Fortunately, the jacket is easy to wash and dry to restore insulation performance.

Stay Dry Thanks to Fully Taped Seams

Imagine braving a relentless rainstorm only to discover moisture dripping down your sides and back. It’s a nightmare scenario that can quickly escalate into full-blown hypothermia.

Thankfully, the Klimate Jacket eliminates this risk through fully taped waterproof seams throughout the shell and liner.

Rather than relying on seam sealant alone, Klim bonds all major seams with Gore-Tex tape on the interior to form an impenetrable moisture barrier.

During testing, the taped seams performed flawlessly by keeping