Klim Badlands Pro A3 Jacket Review: Worth the Investment?

With so many motorcycle jackets on the market claiming to be “rugged” and “heavy-duty,” it can be hard to know which one truly offers the best protection for aggressive riding. As an avid off-road and adventure rider, safety is my top concern when choosing gear.

I KNEW I HAD TO TEST IT OUT when I heard about Klim’s new Badlands Pro A3 jacket and pants featuring cutting-edge abrasion-resistant material. Could this premium outfit stand up to the punishing conditions faced by hardcore riders?

After months of grueling use across varying terrain and weather, I have the definitive answer. But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best adventure motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Klim Badlands Pro A3 Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Elite adventure riding gear
  • Ultimate premium protection
  • Superior off-road performance

A Superb Fit for Comfort on Long Rides

I tested a size large jacket and 34 pants, which fit my 6’ 220 lbs frame perfectly. The outfit comes in sizes ranging from small to 3XL for jackets and 30 to 42 for pants, with short and long pants options too.

The very first thing I noticed was the excellent ergonomic cut of the jacket and pants. There’s plenty of articulation for a full range of motion when riding. The sleeves are pre-curved, and the pants allow me to easily transition from sitting to standing.

The jacket length hits just right at my waist. A subtle drop tail is in the back for extra coverage when riding. The pants offer a relaxed but tailored fit through the leg, with Velcro ankle cinch straps to adjust the taper.

Key Features and Design Details

Let’s look at some of the noteworthy features and design elements that make the Badlands Pro A3 so functional for adventure riding.

Durable Vectran Chassis

The major upgrade with the A3 model is the durable Vectran material used in the main chassis of the jacket and pants. Vectran provides:

  • 3x more abrasion resistance than standard aramids
  • Proprietary ripstop technology to prevent tears
  • Low heat conductivity so friction heat dissipates instead of transferring through to the body

This innovative material boosts abrasion protection for the inevitable spills and slides faced by off-road riders.

Full CE Level 2 Armor Protection

For impact protection, Klim equipped the Badlands Pro A3 with excellent CE Level 2 armor in the elbows, shoulders, knees, hips, and back.

The proprietary injected foam armor is flexible yet highly shock-absorbing. It allowed me to move freely while riding with the reassurance of serious impact protection.

Weatherproof 3-Layer Gore-Tex Shell

The outer shell uses a three-layer Gore-Tex, guaranteed waterproof yet breathable material. It kept me dry in heavy rain while venting enough heat and sweat vapor during warmer rides.

The jacket has Hydrapore waterproof zippers on all exterior pockets and vents so they can be used even in wet conditions.

Abundant Storage and Convenience Features

Klim packed the Badlands Pro A3 jacket and pants with well-designed features for convenience on rides:

  • 10 exterior pockets on the jacket provide ample storage
  • Large thigh vents on the pants channel cooling air
  • Silicone grippers in the waist and wrists prevent riding up
  • Easy-access ID pocket keeps essentials handy
  • Hidden waist adjustment ensures a secure jacket fit
  • Soft fleece collar prevents chafing and irritation

These thoughtful touches made my rides much more pleasant over long distances.

Putting the Badlands Pro A3 to the Test

To thoroughly evaluate the performance of the Badlands Pro A3, I tested it on long rides across different terrains, elevations, and weather conditions.

Off-Road Adventure Riding

Taking the Badlands Pro A3 on rugged off-road trails really proved its durability. The Vectran chassis shrugged off crashes and spills without a scratch. The armor kept me well-protected, bashing over rocks and roots.

The jacket never rode up, thanks to the extended back length and silicone gripper. The pants stayed firmly in place, too.

Despite sweating on grueling climbs, the Gore-Tex shell kept me dry by wicking moisture out. The voluminous vents prevented overheating on warmer sections.

Cold Weather Highway Trips

I rode for hours on the highway in near-freezing temps. The wind-blocking shell and armor buffers kept me warm and comfortable even at 65 mph speeds.

The Badlands Pro A3 seals out cold air remarkably well for a vented jacket. Fleece linings in the collar and pockets add extra insulation, too.

With the waterproof zippers closed, it also provided total protection from chilling rain for hours on end.

Hot Weather Street Riding

On city rides in 95°F heat, the Badlands Pro A3 really demonstrated its ventilation capabilities. I stayed cool thanks to the big pit and sleeve vents on the jacket and thigh vents on the pants.

The mesh lining and perforated armor help facilitate air circulation. I barely felt the humidity thanks to this excellent moisture wicking and airflow.

Final Verdict After Hundreds of Test Miles

After extensive testing in varying conditions, I can confidently say the Badlands Pro A3 is the ultimate premium riding outfit for hardcore adventure and off-road use.

The CE AAA safety rating means it offers the highest levels of abrasion resistance and impact protection. Yet it doesn’t compromise comfort and mobility.

The features provide convenience and weather protection for long rides in any environment. It’s built to stand up to serious rugged use and abuse.

At a $ 1,500 MSRP for the jacket and $970 for the pants, the Badlands Pro A3 is a serious investment. But you get what you pay for – it’s simply the best adventure riding gear available today.

If your top priority is maximum safety and you ride off-road frequently, the Badlands Pro A3 is for you. You’ll enjoy the confidence of its rugged construction and high-end protection for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the sizing compare to other motorcycle jackets/pants?

The Badlands Pro A3 runs very true-to-size. Order your normal jacket size based on chest measurement and pants size based on waist measurement.

How is the break-in period?

A minimal break-in is required, thanks to the flexible armor and shell. Within the first ride or two, it perfectly molded to my body.

Is the Badlands Pro A3 good for warmer weather?

Yes, the venting and airflow are excellent for hot riding conditions. The Gore-Tex membrane facilitates cooling moisture transfer.

Can you wear a neck brace with the Badlands Pro A3 jacket?

The collar was designed to accommodate most common neck braces without issues. But confirm your specific brace model for fit.

Are these outfits good for street/cruiser use, too?

The Badlands line is optimized, first and foremost, for adventure and off-road riding. Other options like the Drake Air, may be ideal for casual street use.


My extensive first-hand experience proves the Badlands Pro A3 is an elite-level adventure riding outfit. The safety ratings and construction quality put it in a class of its own.

While not designed for casual street use, it offers the ultimate protection for aggressive on- and off-road riding. The comfort and convenience features also make it ideal for long-distance touring.

For hardcore riders looking for the best of the best, the Badlands Pro A3 is my top choice in 2023. It provides the confidence to ride aggressively in any terrain, knowing you have the most durable protective gear money can buy.

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