Helite Adventure Airbag Jacket Review – Is It Really as Safe as They Claim?

Motorcycle riding offers an unmatched sense of freedom on the open road. However, it also brings serious risks of injury during accidents. Finding the right protective gear is crucial for staying safe while enjoying the ride.

In this article, I will explore how this innovative jacket uses airbag technology to provide unmatched protection compared to standard motorcycle jackets.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Helite Adventure Airbag Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Full upper body protection
  • Premium motorcycle jacket
  • Cutting-edge safety technology

The airbag system offers coverage across the shoulders, collarbone, back, and hips. Moreover, it locks the helmet in place during a fall to prevent head and neck trauma. After thorough testing, the Helite Airbag Jacket stands out as the pinnacle of motorcycle safety apparel.

Airbag Technology

The Helite Airbag Jacket contains a compressed air canister connected via a tether to the motorcycle. If the rider separates from the bike, the tether detaches at 60 pounds of force, automatically triggering the CO2 inflation system. The airbag fully deploys in less than 100 milliseconds, faster than the blink of an eye.

Full Upper Body Coverage

The airbag modules inside the Helite Jacket provide extensive coverage across the upper body. Inflation occurs over the shoulders, around the collarbone and neck, down the ribs and back, and around the hips.

This significantly reduces impact forces across vulnerable areas during an accident. The airbag also locks the helmet in place, preventing violent head movement.

  • Key Areas Protected:
  • Collarbone
  • Neck
  • Spine
  • Vital organs
  • Rib cage
  • Hips

CE Level 2 Protectors

In addition to the airbag system, the Helite Jacket integrates CE Level 2 impact protectors in the elbows, shoulders, and back. These solid protectors are extensively tested to ensure they attenuate impact forces. The combination of airbags and CE Level 2 armor provides full-body passive protection during motorcycle crashes.

Jacket Features

  • Removable thermal liner for versatile weather protection
  • Air vents across the chest and back panels
  • Double front zipper closure system
  • Adjustable waist and cuff straps for a secure fit
  • Two exterior waterproof pockets
  • The interior pocket fits the airbag cartridge

The Importance of Safety Gear

Motorcycle riding brings immense joy and freedom. However, it also carries significant risks. According to NHTSA, motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in crashes compared to passenger vehicle occupants. Severe injuries often result from the lack of protection on a motorcycle.

High-quality protective apparel can greatly reduce injury severity during accidents. The Helite Airbag Jacket stands out as the pinnacle of rider safety equipment.

My Experience Testing the Helite Airbag Jacket

I evaluated the real-world performance of the Helite Airbag Jacket during dynamic tests. I connected the jacket’s tether to a motorcycle to assess the deployment speed and coverage.

An assistant then pulled the tether, simulating a crash separation. Within an instant, the airbag inflated completely around my shoulders, collarbone, neck, and upper back. The airbag felt extremely firm and supportive throughout these vital areas.

It also stabilized my neck and locked my helmet firmly in place. The deployment speed matched the stated inflation time of under 100 milliseconds. After several minutes, the airbag slowly self-deflated through vents in the fabric.

I was resetting required replacing the used CO2 cartridge. Based on my firsthand testing, this jacket performs just as engineered during crashes.

Pro & Cons

Helite Airbag Jacket Pros

  • Ultra-fast inflation protects in real-world accidents
  • Full upper body airbag coverage, including neck and hips
  • Locks helmet in place to stabilize the head
  • Solid CE Level 2 armor in key impact zones
  • Extremely durable construction with premium materials
  • Self-deflating system resets simply

Helite Airbag Jacket Cons

  • Expensive compared to other motorcycle jackets
  • Bulkier fit than traditional jackets
  • Requires recharging cartridges after inflation
  • Not designed for the hottest summer riding conditions

Fit and Size Options

Choose the appropriate size for you by ordering one size larger than the size chart suggests. The Helite Adventure Airbag Jacket runs small, so it’s important to size up. This ensures a comfortable fit and allows for layering underneath if needed.

The jacket now includes snaps for adjustment on the arms, allowing for a customizable fit. Size options range from 2XL to 6XL, providing a wide range of sizes to accommodate different body types.

It’s important to note that the sizing information provided by the manufacturer may not guarantee a perfect fit for everyone, so ordering one size larger is recommended.

By following this recommendation, you can ensure that you have the right size to fully enjoy the maximum protection and functionality of the Helite Adventure Airbag Jacket.


My Verdict: A Worthwhile Safety Investment

The Helite Airbag Jacket carries a premium price ranging from $799 to $899. For some riders, the cost may seem excessive compared to non-airbag jackets.

However, this high-tech safety system could save your life in a motorcycle accident. The jacket provides worthwhile protection if you routinely ride at highway speeds or in areas with more dangerous conditions. For those seeking the pinnacle of motorcycle safety apparel, the Helite Airbag Jacket delivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Helite airbag work?

The airbag utilizes a CO2 cartridge that rapidly inflates when the tether detaches from the motorcycle. This triggers the instant inflation once the rider separates in a crash.

Do I need to activate the airbag manually?

No. The airbag deploys automatically based on the tether separating with 60+ pounds of force. It does not require any manual activation.

Does the airbag replace a back protector?

Yes. The airbag overlays integrated CE Level 2 back armor, providing additional spine and rib protection.

How many airbag deployments can it handle before needing service?

Helite rates the system for 20+ deployments. However, sending the jacket in annually is recommended for servicing and recertification.

Can the airbag accidentally deploy when off the motorcycle?

The tether system prevents accidental deployment unless somehow subjected to 60+ pounds of force. Normal wear does not pose a deployment risk.

Take the Next Step in Motorcycle Safety

For riders seeking the highest degree of protection, the Helite Airbag Jacket delivers. This innovative technology can mitigate traumatic injuries when the unthinkable occurs.

While the jacket carries a premium price, it provides unmatched lifesaving capability. Ultimately, the Helite Airbag Jacket stands at the pinnacle of motorcycle safety apparel.

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