Bell Pit Boss Review: One Of Bells Best Low-Profile Helmets

When it comes to the safety of your head, you want nothing but the best. The Bell Pit Boss Motorcycle Helmet is one way to ensure that your noggin’s safe while looking stylish on the open road. 

With a lightweight and comfortable design, this helmet offers advanced protection with features like an integrated speaker pocket so you can easily listen to music while riding. 

In this review, I’ll be discussing how well this low-profile helmet performs in terms of comfort, noise reduction, visibility, ventilation, and price.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best low-profile half helmet for you? Let’s find out!

Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet


#3 For Low-Profile Helmet

  • Nice looking helmet
  • Sunshade works well with my glasses
  • Very comfortable

First Impressions

Right away, I could tell that the Bell Pit Boss was built for those who take their motorcycle rides seriously. 

It has a sleek look that stands out from other low-profile helmets thanks to its ‘no-fuss’ design featuring no extra frills or flaps. 

As soon as I put it on my head, it felt surprisingly light—almost like wearing nothing at all! Everything about it just screamed quality, from the soft interior padding to its adjustable chin strap and ergonomic shape.

Bell Pit Boss Shell

Its composite shell with carbon fiber construction provides superior strength and protection, while its Dial Fit ensures a secure fit to any head size. 

Overall, this high-performance helmet from one of the most trusted names in the industry is sure to satisfy even the pickiest rider! 

Bell Pit Boss Helmet Sizing

Sizing a helmet is like solving the puzzle of finding your perfect fit. When it comes to the Bell Pit Boss, I had no problems getting the right size for my head shape and size. 

The half helmets come in two shell sizes with four EPS liners that provide great versatility when it comes to finding a snug yet comfortable fit.

I did find that the first helmet I tried was a little small, so you might find going up one size to get a more comfortable fit.


The manufacturer provides sizing information but does not guarantee a perfect fit.

The removable neck curtain offers another layer of comfort which was appreciated by all of our testers; this makes Bell one of our great partners here at Kings Motorcycle Gear!

Bell Pit Boss Face Shield

The Bell Pit Boss helmet is equipped with an internal sun shade that provides excellent protection and visibility for riders. 

The internal sun shade also adds great comfort on longer rides in sunny conditions and can be easily adjusted depending on the level of light desired. 

Bell Pit Boss Interior

The Bell Pit Boss Helmet has a lot to offer in terms of interior features. The removable neck curtain is great for keeping the elements out while riding and makes it easy to clean if necessary. 

It also comes with a removable neck curtain for use in cold weather riding.

Bell Pit Boss Strap

The overall quality of the strap exceeded expectations; it didn’t give off any cheap vibes or feel flimsy whatsoever. 

It felt strong enough to hold up over long rides and tough conditions on the roads, making this helmet a no-brainer for those looking for something durable yet still stylish.

Pros and Cons


  • Stylish and unique design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Sun visor and neck curtain add to overall comfort
  • DOT-certified for safety


  • May not fit all head shapes and sizes
  • Limited ventilation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Bell Pit Boss Motorcycle Helmet suitable for all types of riders?

Yes, the Bell Pit Boss Motorcycle Helmet is suitable for riders of all levels and riding styles.

Is the helmet DOT-certified?

Yes, the helmet is DOT-certified, which means it has passed the safety standards set by the Department of Transportation.

What sizes does the helmet come in?

The helmet is available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.


I’ve been riding with the Bell Pit Boss for a few weeks now, and I have to say that it is one of my favorite helmets on the market. 

It offers plenty of protection, great ventilation, and an attractive design. The face shield provides superb visibility and sun protection while still allowing maximum airflow. 

As far as comfort goes, I couldn’t be happier; the interior is plush and soft enough to keep me comfortable throughout long rides. 

Finally, let’s talk about safety ratings – this helmet has all the latest certifications you need to ride safely! 

If you want a helmet that looks good without sacrificing any of its protective qualities or comfortability, look no further than the Bell Pit Boss. 

It’s sure to become your new best friend on two wheels!

Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet


#3 For Low-Profile Helmet

  • Nice looking helmet
  • Sunshade works well with my glasses
  • Very comfortable

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