Shoei NXR 2 Review: Is It Really That Quite?

Shoei is a well-known manufacturer of motorcycle helmets that has been producing top-quality helmets for several years.

The NXR 2 helmet (also known as the Shoei RF-1200 for the US market) is the latest addition to Shoei’s range of sports helmets, which has been a favorite among riders for a long time. 

In this article, we will discuss the technical features of the Shoei NXR 2, a full-face motorcycle helmet designed for sports riders.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best full face motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

Shoei NXR 2


What Customers Think

  • Very quiet
  • Great field of view
  • Good ventilation

Shoei Neotec II Verdict

I’ve used the Shoei Neotec II helmet for over a year and can confidently say it has been an exceptional companion.

The helmet’s composite fiber shell is sleek, stylish, and incredibly durable, withstanding the elements with ease. The three-shell size range ensures a perfect fit, and at just 1,736 grams, it feels remarkably lightweight and comfortable, even on the longest rides.

The helmet’s ventilation system is outstanding. The chin vent, single top vent, and always-open exhaust work together seamlessly to keep me cool and comfortable, even in the hottest conditions.

When the weather turns, the redesigned neck skirt does an excellent job of sealing out the elements, making the Neotec II one of the quietest helmets I’ve ever worn.

The Neotec II’s flip-up design is a game-changer for safety and convenience. Transitioning between a full-face and open-face configuration is easy, making fueling up, conversing with fellow riders, and enjoying the breeze on long journeys a breeze.

The integrated Sena SRL intercom system allows me to stay connected and entertained without compromising my riding experience.

The Shoei Neotec II has proven to be an exceptional helmet that has exceeded my expectations in every way. Its combination of comfort, safety, and versatility makes it indispensable for any serious motorcycle enthusiast.

Shoei NXR 2 Features

Design and Features

The Shoei NXR 2 is an evolution of the existing NXR helmet and comes with several significant improvements.

The most noticeable changes are in the visor and ventilation. The CWR-F2 visor is all-new and comes with a central lifting tab.

The new mounting base plates for the visor allow for a small amount of air to flow in, making it an improvement over the current NXR.

Additionally, the visor has Vortex Generators on each side, which are designed to smoothen the flow of air and make the ride quieter.

The helmet meets a new safety standard, ECE 22.06, which will replace the existing standard in Europe. The NXR 2 is slightly bigger than the outgoing NXR, likely due to the extra protection material required to meet the new test standards.

The weight is also increased by a small margin. The medium-sized NXR 2 weighs in at 1423 grams, which is approximately 110 grams more than the outgoing helmet in the same size.

The Pinlock Max Vision insert protects the visor from misting, and it’s a Pinlock Evo, the highest grade of insert in terms of moisture protection, supplied in the box with the helmet.

The Pinlock also gets a helping hand in clearing mist from a new chin vent, which brings cooling air through the top of the chin bar and to the helmet’s interior.


Shoei’s work in the wind tunnel has paid off with the ventilation system on the NXR 2. It has four vents – the one at the front and center pulls in a massive amount of air, and the two sliders either side of it are also good.

The effect of the vents isn’t quite as noticeable as the front vent, but they work in tandem to pull in cooling air.

The vent on the original NXR is excellent, but the NXR 2 is even better, with a new chin vent that is easy to operate and brings in a lot of air.

Once the air enters the helmet, it moves through channels in the impact liner and exits through the extractors in the rear spoiler, which are permanently open. This is a change from the outgoing NXR, which had switches to allow riders to close the exhaust vents.


The Shoei NXR 2 meets the new ECE 22.06 safety standard, which will replace the existing standard in Europe. 


The helmet’s shell is made from the same Advanced Integrated Matrix, a series of different fibers that balance light weight and impact protection.

This full-face helmet has four shell sizes, the smallest covering XXS to S, and the largest covering XL to XXL.

2XS51 – 52
XS53 – 54
SM55 – 56
MD57 – 58
LG59 – 60
XL61 – 62
2XL63 – 64
3XL65 – 66

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I liked the helmet’s fit and field of view, as well as the effectiveness of the transitions shield. However, I found the cheek pads to be too tight, which may have caused the wind noise I was getting.

I do have a sort of round, oval head, so maybe that’s what caused the noise.

I would have preferred a tinted visor to come with the helmet and that it was compatible with other comm units.

Despite being expensive, I think this helmet is worth the investment. The ideal customer for the NXR 2 is someone who prioritizes comfort, fit, and ventilation in a motorcycle helmet and is willing to invest in a high-quality product.

Features and Benefits

CWR-F2 Visor with central lifting tabImproved airflow and smoother ride, easier to use visor
Vortex Generators on visorQuieter ride
ECE 22.06 safety standardImproved safety and protection
Pinlock Max Vision insertImproved airflow and smoother ride, easier-to-use visor
Chin ventImproved ventilation and airflow
Four ventsIncreased airflow and cooling
Advanced Integrated Matrix shellLightweight and impact protection
Four shell sizesProvides a better fit for a wide range of head sizes
Permanently open rear spoiler extractorsEfficient airflow and ventilation, no need to adjust vents


The Shoei NXR 2 helmet is an excellent sports helmet that builds on the existing NXR’s design and features.

The improvements in ventilation, visor, and safety standards make it a compelling option for riders looking for a top-quality helmet.

Although the price is higher than many other helmets on the market, the Shoei NXR 2 is worth the investment, and riders will appreciate the added protection, comfort, and convenience features that come with it.


How Quite Is The Shoei NXR 2?

The Shoei NXR 2 helmet is one of the quietest helmets around. However, it is important to note that no helmet has been tested to be quiet enough to not need earplugs at speeds over 40mph.

The aerodynamics of the NXR 2 help reduce buffeting and turbulence noise, making it a very good helmet in terms of noise reduction.

While the Shoei NXR 2 is considered one of the quietest helmets around, it is still recommended to wear earplugs when riding at high speeds.

The aerodynamics of the helmet help reduce buffeting and turbulence noise, making it a good choice for sports-touring riders who value noise reduction.

Is the NXR2 the same as the RF-1400?

The Shoei NXR2 is also known as the RF-1400 in America. While both helmets are similar, there is a difference in the shell technology used.

The RF-1400 uses Shoei’s AIM+ shell, whereas the NXR2 does not. Despite this difference, both helmets are high-quality and score around 4 stars when tested by SHARP.

Is the Shoei NXR the same as a RF-1200?

Yes, the Shoei NXR is the same as the Shoei RF-1200. The only difference is that the NXR is available mostly outside of America, while the RF-1200 is available mostly outside of Europe.

How much does a Shoei NXR2 medium weigh?

The Shoei NXR2 helmet in medium size weighs around 3.62 lbs. The weight may vary depending on whether an intercom system is fitted or not.

Does the Shoei NXR 2 have a built in intercom?

The Shoei NXR 2 does not have a built-in intercom. However, both the Shoei NXR 2 and the Shoei GT-Air 2 have room to install the speakers of an intercom.

What is the  SHARP rating for the Shoei NXR 2?

The Shoei NXR2 has a SHARP 5-star safety rating. The SHARP rating system is an independent helmet safety test that rates helmets on a scale of 0 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating.

The Shoei NXR2 also uses Shoei’s AIM shell technology, which is shared with other helmets like the Neotec II and GT Air II.

Does the Shoei NXR 2 have a Photochromic Visor?

Yes, the Shoei NXR 2 helmet has a photochromic visor option called the CWR-F2PN. The CWR-F2PN visor is Pinlock ready and easy to install.

What Sizes Are Available In The Shoei NXR 2?

The Shoei NXR 2 helmet is available in different sizes depending on the outer shell and inner shell. The outer shell comes in 4 or 5 sizes, depending on the source, while the inner shell is available in 7 sizes . The specific sizes available are XXS-S, M, L, XL-XXL, and XXXL.

Shoei NXR 2


What Customers Think

  • Very quiet
  • Great field of view
  • Good ventilation

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