Sedici Strada 2 Review: Is This Budget Helmet Worth It?

The Sadichi Strata 2 motorcycle helmet is a budget-style full-face helmet that is perfect for those who are just starting with motorcycle riding and want to spend less than a thousand dollars on a helmet. 

While it’s not the best full-face helmet on the market, it is a decent option to start your riding career. 

This review will take a closer look at the helmet’s comfort and fitment, the field of vision, wind and road noise, ventilation, and safety ratings.


The Sadichi Strata 2 full-face motorcycle helmet is a budget-style helmet that is perfect for those who are just starting out riding motorcycles and want to spend less than a thousand dollars on a helmet.


The Sedici Strada 2 full-face Helmet is built upon a foundation of strength and durability, embodied in its proprietary blend of fiberglass and aramid fiber shell. 

This combination of materials creates a strong and lightweight shell, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of the road while remaining comfortable to wear

The aerodynamic shape of the Strada 2 is also a crucial aspect of its design. 

The helmet is shaped to reduce lift and turbulence, allowing you to focus on the road ahead rather than being distracted by the wind and noise around you.

In addition to its strength and aerodynamics, the Strada 2 offers a perfect fit, including three shell and 4 EPS liner sizes. 

The helmet comes in a sleek matte black design with a custom Red Bull design on the front that gives it wings. In addition, this full-face motorcycle helmet helmet is lightweight, weighing just over three pounds, making it easy to wear for long periods.

Face Shield

The field of vision in this helmet is good, with no issues with visibility. 

The quick-release anti-scratch flat race shield provides a clear and durable barrier that protects the rider’s eyes from the elements while allowing easy replacement or cleaning. 

The seamless 360-degree face shield gasket is another important aspect of the Sedici Strada 2 Helmet. 

It minimizes wind noise, allowing the rider to focus on the road ahead without being distracted by the sounds around them.

Finally, the Sedici Strada 2 Helmet also features a dark smoke drop-down inner sun shield, which deploys with a simple switch, eliminating the need for swapping face shields.


The helmet does a good job of ventilating air, especially if the bottom vent is open. his allows a lot of air to flow into the temple area and eyes, providing a cool and comfortable ride.

The ventilation system is essential to its design, representing fresh air flow and stale air release. 

The two-position high-flow chin vent channels fresh air across the inner shield and rider’s face, ensuring that the rider is comfortable.

The dual intake vents at the crown of the helmet have three settings. The three rear exhaust vents help to maximize air extraction help to keep the rider cool and comfortable. 


The interior is designed to keep the rider comfortable and focused. In addition, the removable, washable multi-density cheek pads are moisture-wicking and antibacterial, ensuring that the rider stays fresh and clean.

The adjustable padding at the forehead and temples with 5mm customization allows the rider to find the perfect fit, ensuring that the helmet sits snugly and comfortably on the head without any unwanted movement or slippage. 

In addition, the removable chin skirt helps minimize wind noise and provides extra comfort.

One thing I did notice was that after a couple of years, the interior cheek pads and linings had already become pretty compressed.

As a result, the helmet fits pretty loosely on the head, especially if a GoPro or other device is mounted on the chin.

Safety Ratings

Safety is of the utmost importance regarding motorcycle helmets, and the Sedici Strada 2 Helmet is no exception. 

The helmet meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 22.05 standards, ensuring that it provides the highest level of protection to the rider. 

The double D-ring chin strap is another important aspect of the Sedici’s safety features. 

It ensures that the helmet remains securely fastened to the head, even in the most demanding situations. 

In addition, the reflective inserts at the bottom of the neck roll and cheek pads provide visibility in low-light conditions.

The reinforced chin bar and post mechanism for secure closure is another great safety feature. 

It ensures that the helmet remains securely fastened to the head, even in an accident.

Shape and Weight

This helmet features an intermediate oval shape designed to fit most head shapes, providing a comfortable and secure fit for the rider. 

The helmet’s weight is also an important aspect of its design; coming in at 3.3 lbs, it is lightweight enough to be comfortable to wear for extended periods while still providing the necessary protection. 

In addition, the helmet is shipped with a clear face shield, allowing the rider to see clearly and use the helmet in different lighting conditions.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Sedici Strada 2 Helmet is a top-of-the-line motorcycle helmet that offers a perfect blend of performance, protection, and comfort. 

Its proprietary blend of fiberglass and aramid fiber shell creates a strong and lightweight helmet, while its aerodynamic shape reduces lift and turbulence

The helmet also offers a perfect fit with three shell sizes and 4 EPS liner sizes. 

In addition, the quick-release anti-scratch flat face shield and the seamless 360-degree face shield gasket minimize wind noise

The helmet’s ventilation system, interior, and safety features are also noteworthy, making it one of the best options available on the market.

Riders looking for a motorcycle helmet that offers the best performance, protection, and comfort should consider the Sedici Strada 2 for their next purchase. 


How much does the Sadichi Strata 2 weigh?

The helmet weighs just over three pounds.

Is the Sadichi Strata 2 Bluetooth compatible?

No, this helmet does not have Bluetooth capabilities.

Is Sedici Strada 2 Snell approved?

The helmet is only DOT rated and does not have ECE or Snell certification.

How do the helmet handle wind and road noise?

The wind noise is not terrible at speeds under 30 to 40 miles an hour, but wearing hearing protection at higher speeds is recommended.

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