Scorpion EXO Tempest II Motorcycle Gloves Review: Good For Freezing Rain?

The Scorpion EXO Tempest II has gained a reputation among motorcycle enthusiasts for their blend of protection, comfort, and style.

In this Scorpion EXO Tempest II review, we will explore the features that make them a popular choice for riders looking for a balance between safety and versatility.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for winter for you? Let’s find out!

Scorpion EXO Tempest II


Key Takeaways

  • Waterproof and well-insulated
  • Effective double gauntlet design
  • Touchscreen fingertips are very useful

Scorpion EXO Tempest II Final Verdict

After multiple long rides with temperatures in the 30s and through extended pouring rain, I never felt a chill in my hands or any moisture seeping through.

The Hipora membrane, paired with the insulation, provides uncompromising shielding from the elements. The pre-curved shaping stops them from feeling tight or restrictive during multi-hour stints as well.

I really like that Scorpion didn’t over-insulate the palm and inner fingers, allowing you to experience the warmth.

Having both the Hipora layers makes them incredibly versatile across a wide temperature range. The goatskin leather construction offers good abrasion shielding, too.

In terms of convenience, the pull tabs and conductive fingertip pads for using touchscreen devices prove handy for adjusting music or checking maps on the fly. The built-in knuckle armor and extra pinky shielding provide substantial impact damping without limiting the feel.

After testing the Tempest IIs across various riding scenarios, I believe the well-balanced attributes make them one of the best premium winter glove options under $100. They lack hardcore track-level shielding but serve sport touring and adventure needs brilliantly.

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Comparison to Similar Products

Highway 21 RadiantOpens in a new tab.– Powerful lithium batteries
– Solid high-speed protection
– Durable leather construction
Joe Rocket WindchillOpens in a new tab.– 100g 3M Thinsulate insulation
– Waterproof and breathable Hipora liner
– Pre-curved design
– Single wrist adjustment
100% Brisker GloveOpens in a new tab.– Kept hands warm down to 0°C
– Unlined palms provide excellent feel
– Light snow is OK; heavy snow penetrates

The Highway 21 Radiant Glove, Joe Rocket Windchill, and 100% Brisker Glove all offer different levels of shielding and characteristics for cold-weather riding.

The Highway 21 provides the most advanced characteristics, like lithium batteries for heating, while the Joe Rocket focuses on insulation and weather shielding.

The 100% Brisker strikes a balance between warmth and dexterity. Riders will need to consider their specific needs and riding conditions to determine which glove is the best fit.

Pro & Cons

True waterproofing from Hipora membraneLacks insulation in palm for heated grips
Pre-curved fit enhances flexibilityThe double gauntlet prevents water ingress
Useful pull tabs for easy on/offOnly one year warranty period
Conductive fingertip pads work with touchscreensPinky armor limits feel for some riders
TPR knuckle armor for impact shielding
Kangaroo leather resists abrasion
Excellent value for money

A Premium Winter Sport Touring Glove

The Tempest II strikes a nice balance between protection and flexibility compared to bulkier hardcore winter mitts.

Materials like Kangaroo leather, Clarino fabric, and Superfabric reinforcements add abrasion resistance without compromising comfort.

You get useful characteristics more commonly found in premium sport-oriented mitts, like hard knuckle armor, Knox Scaphoid hardslid ers, and pinky extensions. They provide substantial impact and slide protection while remaining comfortable for long stints.

Ventilation is also surprisingly effective thanks to the direct flow channels and pre-curved design promoting air circulation. They may run warm initially but cool down once moving.

For convenience, handy pull tabs, conductive fingertip pads, and nose wipers allow easy donning, smartphone use, and visor cleaning.

Considering the quality materials, protective characteristics, and weatherproofing, the Tempest II provides excellent value at this <$100 price point.

Uncompromising Weather Shielding

An image showing the uncompromising weather protection for the Tempest II.

The characteristics of them are the waterproof Hipora liner and 100g Thinsulate lining that turns the insides into a warm, moisture-free sanctuary for your hands and thumbs.

The unique double gauntlet design characteristics a clever drain hole system that prevents water ingress even in extremely wet conditions while allowing vapor to escape.

I rode for over an hour in pouring rain with temps in the mid-30s Fahrenheit, and my hands stayed warm and bone dry!

The goatskin leather sheds light precipitation well, but for hardcore waterproofing, the Hipora membrane is vital. It’s rare for winter to have both insulation and weatherproof membranes; the Tempest IIs nail cold and wet weather in one glove.

If riding for long periods in cold rain is on your agenda, I strongly recommend the Tempest II over standard winter gloves focused just on lining.

Snug Fit and Flexiblity

An image showing the sizing features

Finding the right balance of comfort and shielding isn’t easy. They are too bulky, and they hinder control; they are too thin, and you sacrifice safety.

The Tempest IIs use flexible Clarino panels and pre-curved shaping to avoid the “mitt effect” of many winter mitts. The snug fit across the palm and fingers enhance road feedback.

They break in quickly, aided by the articulated knuckle armor and spandex gussets across the backhand. The pre-curved design prevents fatiguing cramping during long rides as well.

For sizing, I’d recommend ordering your normal glove size or one size smaller if in between. The Kangaroo leather and Clarino stretch to accommodate most hand shapes for a personalized fit.

Scorpion Men’s Glove Sizing Table


Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

Heated Grips Compatible Design

While the Hipora liner and Thinsulate lining easily keep hands toasty on their own, the Tempest II plays nice with heated grips, too.

The goatskin leather used across the palm and inner fingers is not insulated, allowing you to feel the heat from your bike’s grips.

By not insulating these areas, using heated grips and the Hipora liner together takes warmth to another level.

I could comfortably ride with the grip heat on low during a blustery 35-degree test run. Having both types of insulation methods makes the Tempest gloves incredibly versatile across a wide temperature range.

Useful Convenience and Safety Features

An image showing the safety features.

Beyond core essentials like warmth and