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Do Tour Master’s Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Gloves Finally Solve Numb Fingers?

I know firsthand the pain of losing feeling in your fingers after just minutes in frigid temps. So when Tour Master claimed their new Synergy heated motorcycle gloves could save riders from frostbite down to 0°F, I had to take them for a real-world test.

Could these rechargeable 12V motorcycle gloves truly insulate paws across brutal landscapes for under $200?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for winter for you? Let’s find out!

Do Tour Master’s Synergy Pro-Plus Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Decent value
  • Comfortable fit
  • Reliable warmth

Tour Master Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Gloves – Final Verdict

After putting them through their paces, I can firmly endorse the Tour Master Synergy heated motorcycle gloves (1) for cold-weather motorcyclists looking for ultimate warmth above all else without breaking the bank. They prioritize insulation and comfort over protection or technology.

While heavier options like those from Gerbing provide more adjustability and safety, they also cost a small fortune.

For those logging serious winter mileage on touring bikes or adventure bikes, the Synergy Pros hit a sweet spot, blending reasonable cost with effective heating and quality construction.

They live up to expectations overall, but areas for improvement include adding battery level indicators, touchscreen pads on the fingers, larger wrist Velcro straps, and extra armor for the fingers/knuckles.

Nonetheless, for riding down to 0°F, they deliver reliable warmth and comfort at a palatable price point. Just don’t expect heavy protection in a crash.

For three-season riding where temps rarely drop below freezing, a good non-heated glove with more coverage better fits the bill.

Comparison to Similar Winter Gloves

Product NameFeatures
Revit Liberty Heated GlovesBattery-powered heating elements, premium leather construction, multiple heat settings
Merlin Minworth Heated GlovesLong battery life, water-resistant Hypora liner, conductive thread touchscreen fingertips
Klim Inversion Insulated GlovesPrimaLoft insulation, pre-curved design, reinforced palm

The Tour Master Synergy gloves differentiate themselves with the 12V charging directly from a motorcycle’s electrical system for unlimited runtime. This makes them ideal for cold weather touring where battery life can be limited on battery-powered gloves.

The Revit Liberty heated gloves offer useful features like multiple heat settings and premium construction but depend on periodic charging rather than continuous power from a bike.

The Merlin Minworth gloves provide touchscreen fingertips that the Tour Master gloves lack. However, the Synergy 12V system offers more flexibility for all-day winter rides versus limited onboard battery capacity.


These 12-volt gloves aim to deliver three key attributes:

  • Toasty warmth from an integrated heating element
  • All-day comfort thanks to quality materials
  • Convenient charging directly from your bike’s electrical system

But with a $169 price tag, do they live up to expectations for serious cold-weather motorcyclists? Let’s break things down.

A Quick Overview

Right off the bat, the Synergy Pros exude quality and attention to detail, from the full-grain goat hide leather chassis to the comfortable neoprene inner lining. They provide excellent grip and feel compared to lower-tier options.

The gloves employ a 12V direct current powered heating element with high, medium, and low settings reaching up to 126°F. Riders connect them directly to their bike’s electrical system via special wiring for unlimited runtime.

For commuting, I prefer the convenience of plugging into my R 1200 GS, while those focused on shorter rides can buy an optional 7.4V