REVIT’s Hawk Gloves Review: Stands Up To Summer Riding?

Having quality motorcycle gloves is essential for protection and comfort while riding. But do you really need to break the bank for decent summer motorcycle gloves?

In this review, I’ll look in-depth at the new Revit Hawk gloves to see if they deliver solid performance without costing a fortune.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the summer for you? Let’s find out!

REVIT’s Hawk Gloves


Key Takeaways

A Closer Look at the Features

The Revit Hawk gloves check all the boxes for summer motorcycle glove essentials. Here’s a breakdown of the key details:

Materials: Durable, supple goatskin leather offers abrasion resistance along with temper foam and PWR shield reinforcements. Stretch panels add flexibility.

Protection: Rigid PU knuckle armor and finger knuckle protection are paired with impact-absorbing temper foam. CE approval confirms adequate safety.

Comfort: Short cuff, minimalist design, and tri-fleece liner stop the gloves from feeling bulky.

Functionality: Touchscreen-compatible fingertips enhance convenience.

Comparison to other Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Product NameKey Features
Klim Induction GloveCarbon fiber knuckle protection, goatskin leather and air mesh construction, waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex liner
Alpinestars SPX V2 GlovesFull-grain leather chassis, injected TPU sliders, patented finger bridge, reinforced landing zones
Revit Dirt 3 GlovesFull-grain leather chassis, injected TPU sliders, patented finger bridge, reinforced landing zones.

The Revit Hawk motorcycle gloves have a goatskin leather construction similar to the Klim Induction and Revit Dirt 3 gloves, providing abrasion resistance.

However, the Hawk lacks the premium carbon fiber knuckles of the Klim Induction or the heavy-duty armor of the Alpinestars SPX V2.

The Dirt 3 gloves offer comparable protection levels but are designed specifically for off-road use with more ventilation, while the Hawk targets street riding. In terms of value, the budget-friendly Hawk gloves provide decent quality for the price point.

REV’IT! Hawk Gloves Sizing Table


How Do They Perform On the Road?

Riding with the Revit Hawk gloves this summer provided great insights into their real-world strengths and weaknesses:

Fit and Comfort

The contoured shape offers an ergonomic fit. Snug for safety yet flexible enough for all-day wear.


Ventilation is only average. Sweaty palms on hot days show the limits of non-perf leather.


Thin, tactile leather retains great feel and control. Touchscreen use is flawless.


While not race grade, the armor still instills confidence to resist abrasion.


Competitively priced against rival summer options. Durability will determine ultimate value.

Overall, the gloves perform admirably well, given their price bracket. The protection and quality outpaces expectations. Just don’t expect perforated airflow like more expensive options.

CE approved protectionLimited ventilation
Supple goatskin leatherBasic cuff design
Excellent valueNot fully waterproof

The Revit Hawk motorcycle gloves (1) exceed expectations for budget-friendly summer gloves. While lacking premium features and ventilation, they deliver trustworthy abrasion resistance, armor, quality construction, and comfort at a wallet-friendly price. For riders prioritizing value over top-tier performance, the Hawk gloves are a savvy choice.

What do you think of these gloves? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


How is the sizing on these gloves?

I recommend checking Revit’s size chart to dial in the best fit. They run quite true-to-size in my experience. With leather, a snugger fit often feels better for control.

Would these work for winter riding?

No, the lack of insulation and waterproof membranes makes them a poor choice in cold or wet conditions. Look for winter-specific gloves instead.

What other color options are available?

Currently, only black is offered, but additional colors are sometimes released in subsequent seasons after the initial launch.

Can aftermarket protectors be added?

While not designed for it, slim foam protectors could fit under the outer material without overly restricting movement. But the stock armor already performs admirably.

Do the touchscreen fingertips last?

Yes, the conductive material remains fully functional unless excessively worn down over time. Light riding preserves conductivity for years of consistent smartphone use with the gloves on.

And Finally…

For riders seeking lightweight, dexterous summer motorcycle gloves without breaking the bank, the Revit Hawk gloves deliver.

Making small compromises in ventilation and premium features allows them to undercut rival prices significantly while still providing trustworthy protection and construction quality. While not the ultimate track or touring solution, they hit a sweet spot for budget-minded enthusiasts.

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