Gerbing 7V S7 Battery Heated Gloves Review: 7V Battery for Ultimate Comfort

I’ve tried many regular gloves claiming “windproof” and “insulated” protection, yet the icy gusts always cut right through.

When I discovered Gerbing’s new 7V S7 gloves, which incorporate innovative heating elements, I wondered if these high-tech winter gloves could finally provide the lasting warmth and weather protection my fingers crave.

After testing them myself, do Gerbing’s heated gloves live up to expectations for cool weather riding?

Gerbing 7V S7 Heated Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Blocks wind and water fairly well
  • Effective wired heating without cables
  • Battery conveniently powers sizable warmth

Gerbing 7V 7 – Our Verdict

After testing the Gerbing 7V S7myself, I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed with their heating performance. The three temperature settings allow me to fine-tune the warmth to my comfort, and the 8 hours of battery life per charge is outstanding.

My hands stayed nice and toasty without getting uncomfortably hot, even dropping into the 20s, thanks to the heated gloves featuring full front-and-back heating.

But, the main question I will answer in this review is: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for cold weather for you? Let’s find out!

I really like the convenience and versatility of the battery-powered design, too. Since there’s no need to wire to the bike’s electrical system, I can easily use the S7 for other cool-weather activities beyond motorcycling.

In my experience, the insulation and windproofing provide ample protection for temperatures above freezing.

However, during an exceptionally frigid 15-degree F ride, my fingertips did get slightly chilled after 2 hours. Adding a second liner glove might be necessary for the most extreme weather.

While the Gerbing S7 seems decently protective for street riding, I wish they incorporated heavier plastic knuckle armor for even better impact absorption. The touchscreen capability also doesn’t work as smoothly as I’d like.

After testing them extensively myself, I can recommend the 7V S7 to riders seeking ultimate warmth without dealing with wiring hassles or restricting dexterity. Just remember pricing fluctuates, so check to snag any special deals before buying elsewhere! 

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Comparison To Other Winter Motorcycle Gloves

There are lots of winter gloves, but are they as good as the Gerbing?

Merlin MinworthBattery-powered like Gerbing, but only two heat settings and a shorter 5-hour runtime
Rev’it LibertyBattery-powered like Gerbing, but only two heat settings and shorter 5-hour runtime
Tour Master SynergyWired 12V heated glove with three heat settings but less convenient than battery power

The key advantage of Gerbing’s battery-powered S7 is convenience and versatility since there’s no need to connect cables to the bike. This allows using them for other winter activities beyond motorcycling.

Runtime is better than Merlin’s too, at 8 hours on low heat. Gerbing’s high temp setting hits 135°F, hotter than the wired Tour Master and Rev’it options, topping out around 115-120°F.

So, for riders looking for ultimate versatility and maximum heat without wiring hassles, the Gerbing 7V S7 stand out as a top choice. Their long run time and three heat settings also balance practicality with performance.

Do the Gerbing Battery Heated Gloves Keep Cold Hands Warm?

Am image explaining how the Gerbing 7V S7 Battery Heated Gloves keep your hands warm.

Riding around 20 miles in 34-degree Fahrenheit weather, I was amazed at how well the Gerbing S7 kept my hands warm outside.

With the heat settings on low, my extremities stayed nice and toasty for the full ride. Thanks to their integrated microwire heat technology, turning the heat up to medium or high on the S7 feature provides practically instant warming when the frost starts to creep in. 

The three-level silicone switch makes it easy to control the temperature settings on the fly, a key benefit of Gerbing heated gear.

The glowing lights indicating power mode are a great feature, too. At 135 degrees Fahrenheit on high, these winter motorcycle mitts pump out serious heat without ever getting uncomfortably hot.

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How Long Does the Gerbing S7 Battery Last?

The powerful 7-volt