REV’IT! Hydra H2O Gloves Review: Level 1 Protection That’s Snug?

I’m always on the lookout for riding gear that balances protection, comfort, and value. When Revit released their new Hydra H2O gloves, I was interested in the upgrades but wondered if these affordable gloves could really hold up to daily use.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves with armor for you?

In this hands-on REV’IT! Hydra 2 H2O Gloves review, I’ll examine how the Hydras stack up in key areas like weather resistance, safety features, and durability over time. But the biggest question remains: are the Hydras a knockout or just hype?

REV’IT! Hydra H2O Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Great value protective glove
  • Upgraded urban commuting glove
  • Improves on previous Carver model

Revamping a Classic Design

Revit has updated their popular Carver glove to create the new Hydra H2O model. They’ve retained the core features that made the Carvers so popular while adding some useful upgrades based on customer feedback. Some of the key improvements include:

  • Full leather touchscreen fingertips for better durability
  • Wrist closure for a more secure fit
  • Temper foam knuckle protection for extra impact absorption

Additionally, the Hydras feature Revit’s new American sizing standard for a roomier fit. I typically wear a 2XL in European brands, but the XL Hydras fit me perfectly.

Balancing Protection and Comfort

The Hydras strike an ideal balance between flexibility, ventilation, and protection. The palm utilizes goatskin leather, while the backhand uses 500D stretch textile panels. Additional temper foam provides padding in high-impact

Despite having armored knuckles, the gloves remain supple and comfortable thanks to Revit’s clever design. The TPR hard armor incorporates air channels that prevent pressure points. So you get robust protection without sacrificing comfort.

Keeping Your Hands Dry

Wet weather riding used to be the Achilles heel of most leather gloves. But modern technical materials have changed that.

The Hydras employ Revit’s Hydratex Z liner. This waterproof, breathable membrane keeps moisture out while allowing vapor to escape.

Complemented by sealed seams and water-resistant leather, it transforms the Hydras into a surprisingly capable 3-season glove. While not as weatherproof as Gore-Tex, the Hydratex membrane punches above its class.

Secure Wrist Closure

In my experience, biker gloves without a wrist closure can slide off too easily in a crash. Fortunately, the Hydras address this issue with an adjustable wrist strap.

Pull the tab firmly to tighten the TPR closure over your jacket cuff. This anchors the gloves securely to withstand impacts.

The added adjustability also enables you to tweak the fit. Dial in the perfect balance of comfort and restraint to suit your preference.

For security and convenience, having a wrist closure makes a big difference compared to open-cuffed alternatives.

Armored knucklesOnly available in black
Water resistant
Breathable liner
Adjustable wrist strap

Who Are These Motorcyclist Gloves For?

The Hydra H2Os target urban riders seeking a stylish, versatile glove. I’d recommend them for daily commuting, city riding, or even touring. They provide ample safety and comfort for street use without feeling overly bulky.

While usable for adventure riding, they lack the insulation and weather protection needed for extreme conditions. For cold or wet climates, I’d suggest the Revit Sand Pro gloves instead. But for fair-weather riding, the Hydras check all the boxes.

Final Verdict: A Superb Urban Commuter Glove

Overall, Revit’s Hydra H2O glove provides an impressive blend of safety, comfort, and value. It retains the Carver’s sleek aesthetics while upgrading key components like the knuckles and waterproof liner. Thoughtful touches like the wrist strap and foam padding elevate the design.

Considering the $100 price point, these