Rev’It! Kodiak GTX Review: Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves?

Why should you invest $200 in a single pair of motorcycle gloves? With so many options on the market, how can you know if the Revit Kodiak GTX gloves are truly worth the cost?

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll provide a detailed overview based on first-hand experience to help you decide if they’re the right choice for your needs and budget.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best waterproof motorcycle gloves for you?

After delving into the key specifications, construction quality, and real-world performance, you’ll have the insights to determine if these premium gloves justify the price tag.

Rev’It! Kodiak GTX Bikers Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Warm
  • Protective
  • Waterproof

REV’IT! Kodiak 2 GTX Gloves – The Verdict

My first reaction after inspecting the Kodiak GTX gloves (1) was to appreciate their clear, high-quality craftsmanship and materials.

The European-styled pre-curved shape felt comfortable, with the glove feeling like a natural extension of my hand.

I noticed the rich black goatskin composition with flexible textile panels for breathability. Running a finger over the surface, the leather felt satisfyingly supple, suggesting they would break in nicely over time.

Visually tracing the exterior, unmistakable protective elements caught my eye, including rigid knuckle armoring, palm slider, and subtly integrated reflective decals.

Flipping the glove inside-out, the thick thermal liner and Gore-Tex waterproofing membrane were readily evident. It was readily clear that cold or wet weather protection was integral to the glove’s design.

I explored the secure wrist closure system, incorporating a Velcro tab and microhook fastener. This adjustment method ensures a tailored fit while allowing the glove to be rapidly donned or removed.

In conclusion, I believe the Revit Kodiak GTX gloves wholly warrant their price tag. The combination of premium materials plus proven protective technology checks all the boxes for technical cold-weather riding gloves.

Specifically, the Gore-Tex and 3M Thinsulate inserts deliver guaranteed weatherproofing and insulation from freezing temperatures.

Simultaneously, abrasion-resistant leather and TPU knuckle armor provide durable defense across potential accident scenarios.

Topped off by a precision anatomical fit and class-leading flexibility, they become natural extensions of your hands the moment you put them on.

So, if you demand uncompromising four-season gloves but hesitate at the price, rest assured that every dollar goes towards premium protection and construction quality.

Ultimately, I have no reservations about crowning the Rev’It Kodiak GTX gloves as best-in-class options.

Comparison To Other Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Product NameFeatures
Revit Sand 4 H2O GlovesWaterproof and breathable Hydratex membrane, Primaloft insulation, Pre-curved design with stretch panels
Klim Adventure GTX Short GlovesGore-Tex waterproofing, Polartec insulation, Leather and textile construction with Carbon fiber knuckles
Alpinestars SMX-Z Drystar GlovesWaterproof Drystar liner, Thinsulate insulation, Kangaroo and goat leather exterior with TPU sliders

The Kodiak GTX gloves stand out with their full gauntlet style coverage, premium European-styled goatskin leather construction, and Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane with 140g Thinsulate insulation for proven cold weather performance.

The integrated knuckle protectors, abrasion-resistant overlays, and comfortable pre-curved anatomical design also make them a versatile premium option.

A Preview of the Key Details

Constructed with Goat leather and incorporating Gore-tex waterproofing alongside 3M Thinsulate insulation, the Kodiak GTX excels across critical performance metrics from weather protection to impact defense.

Complemented by slender European styling and anatomically curved fingers, the glove’s supple materials provide flexibility while safeguarding the hands against abrasion.

With notable features encompassing TPU knuckles and an integrated visor wipe, let’s closely evaluate how they measure up.

Why Choose the Revit Kodiak GTX Gloves?

  • Full Garlotte Construction using premium goat hide leather
  • Gore-tex insert for guaranteed waterproofing
  • 140g 3M Thinsulate insulation and high-loft thermal lining for warmth
  • TPU knuckle protection and palm sliders for impact and abrasion resistance
  • CE Level 1 certified

Construction Quality & Composition

Now, let’s analyze the glove’s construction and material selection in more detail:

The primary outer construction of the Icon Axis glove is diamond goatskin leather, with flexible neoprene paneling on the backhand knuckles and finger backs.

The palm features diamond cowhide reinforcement for extra abrasion resistance, and the glove also incorporates D3O impact foam in the knuckle protector for dissipating crash energy.

Finally, an elastic wrist panel, microhook wrist closure, and other textile panels round out the glove. The materials provide an ideal balance of flexibility, ventilation, and protection for street use.

Rain Protection with Gore-Tex Insert

The first vital component is the Gore-Tex waterproof, breathable insert spanning throughout the glove’s interior.

This thin yet impenetrable membrane prevents exterior moisture from permeating while enabling interior perspiration to escape. Thereby, your hands remain warm, dry, and comfortable even through storms or heavy precipitation.

Insulation via 3M Thinsulate

Supplementing the weather protection, a 140g layer of 3M Thinsulate insulation lines almost the complete glove interior. With warmth rated to 14°F / -10 °C, this high-loft microfiber thermal layer retains heat without compromising flexibility or feel.

Whether you ride through winter’s chill or encounter an unexpected cold front, your hands avoid numbness and maintain dexterity to control your bike.

Sizing, Fit, & Comfort

Inspecting the size chart, I opted for a large based on my hand measurements falling between the medium and large categories.

I was pleased to discover the glove exhibits a precise anatomical design with pre-curved fingers, avoiding any tightness or restriction while griping the bars.

The wrist enclosure system also ensures a secure fit, preventing air infiltration while enabling easy on/off functionality.

Despite the insulation, the glove remains pleasingly thin, negating any bulk or loss of feeling. In motion, the external leather feels supple while protective elements fade discretely into the background until needed.

Ventilation is also ample thanks to perforated leather panels and cooling mesh in sweat-prone zones. Accordingly, overheating or interior condensation is never a concern.

Protective Characteristics

Now, let’s move on to evaluating the glove’s protective capabilities, from abrasion resistance to shielding your knuckles from harm.

Shielding the Knuckles

Covering the knuckles is a molded TPU protector backed by energy-absorbing EVA foam. This armor represents an ideal balance between flexibility and rigidity to prevent hyperextension while blocking blunt impacts.

The shape and coverage area offers comprehensive security for your vulnerable hand bones against collisions with the ground or debris. I’ve spent hours scraping them against abrasive surfaces to validate their durability.

Fortifying the Palm

I was relieved to see supplemental padding integrated into the palm in the form of a molded polymer slider. Under get-offs, this armor prevents abrasion damage to your palm from skidding contact with asphalt.

The exterior goat leather also proves itself highly abrasion resistant while remaining pleasantly pliant through daily use. Avoiding restrictive stiffness improves comfort and control while riding.

Visibility Enhancements

Reflective Decals

Finally, discreet yet impactful reflective decals occupy the glove’s rear.

Strategic reflective strips across the knuckles and along the pinky and ring finger improve hand signal visibility and overall road presence in low-light conditions.

Thereby, you remain conspicuous to surrounding motorists even at dawn, dusk or nighttime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the sizing compare to other brands?

The Kodiak GTX gloves utilize European sizing, so they fit according to EU standards. I recommend referring to the size chart and measuring your hand to identify the appropriate size rather than guessing based on experience with other brands.

Can you use touchscreen devices while wearing them?

Yes, the index finger incorporates a conductive thread that enables the use of touchscreen phones and GPS devices without removing the glove. This is an indispensable feature for navigating on the go.

Do they require a break-in period?

Not significantly. The goatskin leather feels pleasantly supple right out of the box. However, like any leather gear, expect it to conform even more closely to your hand shape as the miles accumulate.

What is the expected lifespan for heavy use?

With proper care, I estimate you can expect a minimum of 2 – 3 years of heavy use before wear compromises their protective abilities. The materials are extremely durable, though inspecting for any tears after accidents is wise.

And Finally…

When premium protection for technical cold-weather motorcycling is essential, few gloves rival the Revit Kodiak GTX for their impeccable blend of weatherproofing, insulation, impact defenses, and long-term comfort.

While the $200 valuation gives pause initially, every component justifies the investment toward reliable safety and performance. Ultimately, I recommend them without reservation to any rider seeking category-dominating winter gloves.

So do the Revit Kodiak GTX gloves deserve your hard-earned dollars? In my opinion, absolutely. But weigh the available information and decide for yourself if they resolve your needs.

As always, ride safely out there no matter what gear you choose! Feel free to share your impressions or inquiries in the comments below.

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