REV’IT! Dune Gloves Review: Tough Enough for Rocky Terrain?

As an avid ADV rider myself traversing various terrains, I know firsthand the importance of having durable, comfortable gloves that can withstand impacts while providing excellent grip and dexterity. Join me as I break down whether the Revit Dunes check those key boxes.

I’ll cover the fit, construction materials, protection, and breathability to help determine if they provide the right blend of features for serious adventure touring and aggressive off-road riding.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best gloves for adventure motorcycles? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Dune Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Breathable

Our Verdict on the REV’IT! Dune Gloves

For ADV and dirt enthusiasts wanting a durable and safe glove that still provides excellent dexterity and grip, the Revit Dunes checks all the boxes.

They strike a fantastic balance between protection and comfort, which is critical for off-road riding. And they work just as well for casual street use too, thanks to the flexible armor and ventilation.

So, if you loved Revit’s previous Sand 3 gloves, the upgraded Dune model makes an excellent successor for tackling a variety of environments. I highly recommend trying them out to experience the fit and quality firsthand.

Comparison to Similar Off-Road Gloves

Revit Sand 4• Upgraded knuckle protection • Improved cuff closure
Cayenne 2Kangaroo leather construction • Carbon fiber knuckles
Fox Bomber• Hard shell knuckle armor • Increased ventilation

How is the Sizing and Fit?

I typically wear a size large glove or size 9, which equates to around 8.75 inches in circumference. The Revit Dunes in a size large fit me perfectly without any tightness or restriction while still enabling an excellent feel of the bike’s controls.

According to Revit’s sizing chart, these gloves seem to run true, so I recommend properly measuring your hand and cross-referencing the chart to choose your ideal size. Keep in mind Revit offers free shipping and returns, just in case.

Overall, the lightweight feel makes the Dunes easy to take on and off repeatedly, even when wearing them for longer rides. I love the large pull tab on the wrist cuff, which helps get them on quickly when pulling over on the trail.

What Materials Provide Protection and Comfort?

The Revit Dunes incorporate a strategic mix of *leather, abrasion-resistant textiles, and impact foam, providing an impressive balance of safety and comfort features:

  • Goat leather lines the inside of the palm for good grip and heat resistance
  • Durable PWR shell fabric panels add abrasion protection
  • 3D air mesh panels enhance airflow to the hands
  • Finger joints feature stretch Spandex for flexibility
  • TPU armor over the knuckles distributes impact
  • TPR armor protects the outer hand edge
  • Perforations aid ventilation across finger joints
  • The touchscreen thumb and index fingertips allow device use without removing the gloves

Why Are the Dunes Ideal for ADV and Off-Road?

With the combination of Cowhide leather palm reinforcement, goatskin grip, flexible armor, and breathable textiles, I found the Revit Dunes strike an excellent balance for aggressive ADV and dirt riding.

They provide ample impact and abrasion protection for the hazards encountered while retaining excellent dexterity and tactile feel critical for operating the motorcycle controls.

Whether riding through rocky terrain, slippery trails, or gravel roads, the durable construction resists tearing, while the ventilation keeps hands cool even on longer rides.

Could The Dunes Work for Regular Street Use?

Absolutely! Even though Revit designed the Dunes for off-road, they work incredibly well for daily street commutes, too.

The amount of protection would suit sportbike riding as well, and the lightweight feel doesn’t hinder performance.

I’ve used them comfortably in both dirt and regular road applications due to the ventilation, flexibility, and slim fit.

They also have decent water resistance for light moisture, although, for heavy