Cayenne 2 Gloves Review: Are They Truly That Comfortable?

Riding gloves are not just a piece of gear; they’re a rider’s loyal companion on every journey. The recently updated Revit Cayenne 2 gloves have sparked quite a buzz in the motorcycling community.

But are they really the best gloves for both ADV and touring enthusiasts?Opens in a new tab. Let’s dive into the details.

Cayenne 2 Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

  • True to Size Fit
  • Balanced Price and Features
  • Versatile for ADV and Touring

Why Revit Cayenne 2 Gloves Deserve Your Attention

Revit’s Cayenne 2 gloves, a successor to the well-received Cayenne Pro, are more than just an upgrade. Priced at $160, they offer a blend of affordability and quality.

But what makes them stand out in the sea of riding gloves? Here’s a breakdown of their features and how they cater to the real needs of riders.

Understanding the Fit and Feel

Firstly, the fit. If you’re like me, wearing a size large in most gloves, the Cayenne 2 gloves are true to size.

Their sizing chart is spot-on, ensuring a snug fit – crucial for glove longevity and comfort. Remember, a tight initial fit is key; these gloves will adapt to your hands over time.

Material and Construction: The Nitty-Gritty

Constructed primarily from goat leather, the gloves promise durability and flexibility. Subtle changes from the previous model include a softer TPU material on the knuckle and an improved wrist closure design.

While the glove has lost the adjustable strap that cinched right below the knuckle, the new two-strap design still offers sufficient wrist support.

Notable Updates and Features

  • Touch Tech Capability: A handy update, especially for the index finger and thumb, enhancing interaction with digital devices.
  • Ventilation: The perforated leather is a boon for hot weather, promoting airflow to keep your hands cool.
  • Reflective Details: On the fingers, add a safety element to your ride.
  • Palm Design: A mix of digital goat and TPU material provides grip and protection without compromising comfort.

Price vs. Features: A Balance Act

The $40 reduction in price from its predecessor is justified despite losing some features. The balance between cost and functionality seems well-maintained, making these gloves a practical choice for riders who value both.

Are They Suitable for Your Riding Style?

The Revit Cayenne 2 gloves lean more towards the touring spectrum, but don’t underestimate their capability for adventure riding. Their versatility and protection levels make them a solid choice for both road and trail enthusiasts.

FAQs About Revit Cayenne 2 Gloves

Q: How durable are the gloves?

A: Built with goat leather and TPU, they’re designed for longevity and adaptability.

Q: Is the touch tech feature on all fingers?

A: It’s specifically on the tips of the index finger and thumb.

Q: Are they suitable for hot weather?

A: Yes, thanks to the perforated leather that offers excellent ventilation.

Q: Do they offer good wrist support?

A: Yes, the two-strap design provides adequate wrist support, although it differs from the previous model.

Q: Can I use them for both touring and ADV?

A: Absolutely, they offer the versatility needed for both styles.

Q: Is the size chart reliable?

A: Yes, the gloves are true to size, matching the provided sizing chart accurately.

And Finally

The Revit Cayenne 2 gloves are more than just an accessory; they’re an investment in your riding experience.

Whether you’re a touring aficionado or an adventure seeker, these gloves offer the comfort, protection, and versatility you need on the road. If you’ve tried them, what’s your take? Comment below and share your experience!

Remember, your feedback is crucial in helping fellow riders make informed decisions. Keep the conversation going, and let us know your thoughts on the Revit Cayenne 2 gloves!

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