Cayenne 2 Gloves Review: Are They Truly That Comfortable?

Riding gloves are not just a piece of gear; they’re a rider’s loyal companion on every journey. The recently updated Revit Cayenne 2 gloves have sparked quite a buzz in the motorcycling community.

But are they really the best gloves for both ADV and touring enthusiasts?Opens in a new tab. Let’s dive into the details.

Cayenne 2 Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

  • True to Size Fit
  • Balanced Price and Features
  • Versatile for ADV and Touring

Why Revit Cayenne 2 Gloves Deserve Your Attention

Revit’s Cayenne 2 gloves, a successor to the well-received Cayenne Pro, are more than just an upgrade. Priced at $160, they offer a blend of affordability and quality.

But what makes them stand out in the sea of riding gloves? Here’s a breakdown of their features and how they cater to the real needs of riders.

Understanding the Fit and Feel

Firstly, the fit. If you’re like me, wearing a size large in most gloves, the Cayenne 2 gloves are true to size.

Their sizing chart is spot-on, ensuring a snug fit – crucial for glove longevity and comfort. Remember, a tight initial fit is key; these gloves will adapt to your hands over time.

Material and Construction: The Nitty-Gritty

Constructed primarily from goat leather, the gloves promise durability and flexibility. Subtle changes from the previous model include a softer TPU material on the knuckle and an improved wrist closure design.

While the glove has lost the adjustable strap that cinched right below the knuckle, the new two-strap design still offers sufficient wrist support.

Notable Updates and Features

  • Touch Tech Capability: A handy update, especially for the index finger and thumb, enhancing interaction with digital devices.
  • Ventilation: The perforated leather is a boon for hot weather, promoting airflow to keep your hands cool.
  • Reflective Details: On the fingers, add a safety element to your ride.
  • Palm Design: A mix of digital goat and TPU material provides grip and protection without compromising comfort.

Price vs. Features: A Balance Act

The $40 reduction in price from its predecessor is justified despite losing some features. The balance between cost and functionality seems well-maintained, making these gloves a practical choice for riders who value both.

Are They Suitable for Your Riding Style?

The Revit Cayenne 2 gloves lean more towards the touring spectrum, but don’t underestimate their capability for adventure riding. Their versatility and protection levels make them a solid choice for both road and trail enthusiasts.

FAQs About Revit Cayenne 2 Gloves

Q: How durable are the gloves?

A: Built with goat leather and TPU, they’re designed for longevity and adaptability.

Q: Is the touch tech feature on all fingers?

A: It’s specifically on the tips of the index finger and thumb.

Q: Are they suitable for hot weather?

A: Yes, thanks to the perforated leather that offers excellent ventilation.

Q: Do they offer good wrist support?

A: Yes, the two-strap design provides adequate wrist support, although it differs from the previous model.

Q: Can I use them for both touring and ADV?

A: Absolutely, they offer the versatility needed for both styles.

Q: Is the size chart reliable?

A: Yes, the