Fox Racing Bomber Gloves Review: Ready for Gnarly Trail Riding Abuse?

I continuously test the latest riding gear to provide fellow enthusiasts with thorough assessments. My recent analysis covers the Fox Racing Bomber gloves, an affordably priced model targeting trail and motocross riders.

Do these durable leather gloves provide adequate knuckle protection and comfort for multi-hour rides?

But the main question I will answer in this review is: Are these the best gloves for adventure motorcycles?

Let’s dive into the key details. Will the Bomber gloves’ rigid puck shape become hand-fatiguing over long distances?

Fox Racing Bomber Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Rigid knuckle overlay
  • Good value under $100
  • Durable leather outweighs the comfort

Outer Construction and Materials

The Bomber gloves feature durable goatskin leather on the palms and outer fingers reinforced with perforated paneling on the knuckle for flexibility.

The neoprene stretch material on the back of the hand enhances comfort, while silicone grips inside the palm help maintain control of the bike.

Overall, the materials provide an optimal balance of protection, breathability, and flexibility – three crucial factors for rider safety and comfort.

Abrasion Protection

  • Diamond pattern goatskin leather palm
  • Perforated knuckle protection
  • Neoprene stretch panels
  • Silicone palm grips
Goatskin Leather PalmEnhanced abrasion protection
Perforated Knuckle PaddingImpact protection and breathability

The Issue with the Rigid Knuckle Design

Despite the useful protective materials, I discovered issues with the knuckle area while testing. The TPU plastic overlay provides impact resistance, but the flat shape causes discomfort, especially during longer rides.

For multi-hour trail usage, I’d recommend sizing up by half a size to allow more room. However, the rigid knuckle design could still limit all-day comfort.

Hopefully, the next iteration will curve the knuckle padding for ergonomic flexibility to match the high-performance materials.

Improving the Knuckle Shape

  • Split or curved shaping
  • Articulated padding

Cobra Moto Glove Comparison

Compared to other popular models like the Icon Cobra gloves, the Bombers offer similarly robust outer protection for about $30 less. However, the Cobra glove liner features more insulation and water resistance for cold-weather riding.

Fox Bomber GloveIcon Cobra Glove
Weather ProtectionMinimalPolar fleece liner
Knuckle DesignRigid overlayCurved split knuckle

The Bombers prioritize flexibility and affordability over