Klim Baja S4 Gloves Review: Perfect for Hardcore Adventure Riding?

I live for adventure on my dual sport bike. Riding remote backcountry trails and camping under the stars is pure freedom. But I’ve learned the hard way that riding hard can take a brutal toll on gear, especially gloves.

So, when it comes time to replace my battered riding mitts, I look for three key things: comfort, quality construction, and serious protection. Do the new Klimb Baja S4 gloves check all those boxes?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best gloves for adventure motorcycles? I took a pair out on the trails to find out.

Klim Baja S4 Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

  • Tested on rugged trails
  • Good air flow; stays cool
  • Surprisingly protective at $89

Built for Adventure Riding

Klimb markets their Baja S4 glove for “adventure and technical riding.” The mix of materials suggests they perform well in warm riding conditions:

Nylon and Cordura make up the back chassis with strategic perforated panels for airflow. The palm features abrasion-resistant cowhide leather with more perforation across the fingers.

The glove chassis isn’t overly supple, but it should break in after a few rides. For $89, I expect good quality, and so far, the Baja S4 delivers.

Serious Armor for Hard Riding

The Baja S4 gloves don’t mess around when it comes to protecting your paws. They feature Level 1 CE-rated armor across the back of the hand with extra puck protection on the outer wrist:

  • XRD armor across knuckles and fingers
  • Wide wrist puck over the carpal bone for sliding
  • Foam padding over the inner wrist

The palm also gets schlock with a leather overlay in high abrasion zones. That’s a smart design to prevent premature wear.

This level of armor suits the Baja S4 perfectly for riding nasty trails. The gloves provide ample peace of mind when pushing my bike and skills to the limit.

Solid Adventure Fit

Finding a good glove fit isn’t easy. Thankfully, Klimb provides a detailed sizing chart on their site.

My hands measure 9.25 inches in circumference, right in the middle of a large. The Baja S4 size chart nails it. The gloves fit my hands like a well-worn favorite flannel shirt.

The pre-curved palm and finger design mirror my relaxed grip. Simple Velcro wrist enclosures secure the fit. Klimb gets top marks for comfort and security.

Ventilation Where It Counts

Nothing ruins a hot day in the dirt faster than sweaty hands. Thankfully, Klimb built the Baja S4 glove for maximum airflow:

  • Perforations across all fingers and back of hand
  • Breathable mesh panels on fingers
  • Lightweight nylon and Cordura chassis

So far, these summer-focused features work great. My hands stay cool without excess moisture build-up.

The texture also provides decent grip, wet or dry. Ideal for riding loose, sandy washes in the desert heat.

Smart Touches for Convenience

The Baja S4 excels at convenience thanks to thoughtful design touches:

  • Touchscreen index fingertip works flawlessly with my GPS and phone
  • Goggle wipe on left thumb to clear roost quickly
  • Easy-entry opening ensures quick on-and-off
  • Connected wrist closure prevents flopping Velcro

These little details add up to excellent user-friendly