Joe Rocket Burner Gloves Review: Our 2 Years Review

After putting countless miles on bikes of all shapes and sizes, as any seasoned rider knows, having quality protective gear is absolutely essential for comfort and safety. Gloves, in particular, take a beating, especially during colder riding seasons.

That’s why I was eager to test out the Joe Rocket Burner heated motorcycle gloves when they first hit the market a couple of years back. Initial impressions were fantastic, but how have they held up after extensive real-world use?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for winter for you? Read on for my long-term review.

Joe Rocket Burner Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Lite Heated Gloves – Final Verdict

Given the complete lack of material wear or electrical problems after 24 months of use, I’m awarding the Joe Rocket Burner gloves (1) a near-perfect rating of 9/10. They’ve exceeded my expectations in every meaningful durability metric.

The only downsides are the bulky wrist-mounted battery housings and lack of USB charging. But those are minor nitpicks for what have proven to be incredibly well-designed heated motorcycle gloves.

For riders seeking versatile cold-weather hand protection, I continue to fully recommend these Burner gloves from Joe Rocket. The quality is truly second to none.

Comparison to Similar Gloves

Highway 21 Radiant Glove ReviewHeated glove with 3 heat settings and large heating panels for maximum warmth
Revit Hydra H2O Gloves ReviewWaterproof cold weather glove with Primaloft insulation for warmth and Hydratex membrane for water protection
Klim Adventure GTX Short Glove ReviewShort cuff adventure touring glove made from durable Clarino leather with Gore-Tex waterproofing

The Joe Rocket Burner gloves stand out from other heated gloves like the Highway 21 Radiants with their rugged and durable long-term construction.

The battery performance has also proven to be more consistent over time compared to other battery-powered options.

Unlike waterproof gloves from Revit and Klim, the Burners focus more on battery-powered heating rather than insulation or membranes for warmth and weather protection. So, they excel specifically for cold and dry riding conditions.

For riders prioritizing advanced heating capabilities above all else, the Burners deliver excellent value and reliability even after extensive use.

But those seeking maximum all-weather versatility may prefer more well-rounded options like the Revit Hydra H2O or Klim Adventure GTX models.


When preparing for my weekly commute or a long-distance touring trip, proper hand protection is a top priority.

But finding gloves that check all the boxes in terms of warmth, dexterity, and durability is easier said than done. I put those claims to the test with these Burner gloves from Joe Rocket.

After wearing them on rides of all lengths over the past two winter seasons, I’m back to report on how they’ve performed. Have these innovative heated gloves managed to stand the test of time?

Build Quality and Component Durability

Rugged construction and weather resistance are must-haves for motorcycle gear that gets heavy usage. Cheap materials deteriorate quickly, rendering products useless after just weeks or months.

So when I first examined the Burner gloves, I was skeptical about whether the materials would hold up or if the electronic components would fail prematurely.

Much to my surprise, these gloves have exceeded expectations for long-term durability.

The protective leather exterior shows virtually no signs of wear. The inner liner remains soft and intact. Straps, velcro, elastic, and all other components also continue to function flawlessly after repeat abuse.

Impressively, the included zippered storage bag is still going strong, too. I figured the nylon would rip after being crammed into my saddlebags a few dozen times. But the sturdy fabric has endured, keeping the gloves, charger, and batteries securely contained.

Battery Performance

Integrated electronics with onboard batteries introduce another common point of failure on products like these heated gloves. I assumed the power cells would be the first thing to crap out after repeated charging cycles.

Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet, either. The batteries still output enough consistent power to keep my hands toasty for 2+ hours per charge. That’s the same performance as when they were brand new.

The only power-related issue I’ve had was once when the gloves died mid-ride. But that incident was because I forgot to charge them, not due to any battery defect.

So, after hundreds of miles of use, no noticeable battery capacity degradation has occurred.

Now, I’ll answer some common questions about these gloves to provide additional details:


How is the protective armor on these Burner gloves?

These gloves feature flexible injected molded knuckle armor along with extra leather layers over the knuckles and fingers for impact and abrasion resistance in a crash. I fortunately haven’t had to test the protection in a real accident, but I feel they offer better shielding than average gloves.

Do the batteries get in the way or feel awkward at all?

The batteries do add some bulk, particularly on the wrist/lower palm area underneath where they’re positioned. It was noticeable at first, but I quickly got used to the feel. Now I don’t even think about them while riding.

What’s the heating performance like during cold weather?

With 3 heat settings reaching up to 115°F, my hands stay nice and toasty down to freezing temps while moving at highway speeds.

Battery runtime is reduced faster on higher settings, but these easily get me through 2+ hour rides unless it’s absolutely frigid out.

Would you recommend these over non-heated winter motorcycle gloves?

That depends on your individual needs and budget. Quality cold-weather gloves can be had for less money than these more advanced heated options.

However, the Burners eliminate the need to wear liners or multiple layers underneath since they actively warm your hands. If you want maximum comfort and don’t mind the price, heated gloves can’t be beaten when temperatures start dropping.

I’ll finish this heated glove review by saying that the Burners receive my highest recommendation as an investment for serious motorcycle riders. The upfront cost is quickly justified by their longevity and performance.

After checking out my experience, please share your own thoughts on winter riding gear and heated gloves in the comments section below! I’m always eager to have a spirited debate about motorcycle products and hear other perspectives from fellow enthusiasts.

And Finally…

Finding high-quality motorcycle gear that actually lives up to manufacturers’ claims is easier said than done. All too often, products fail to stand the test of time after only minimal real-world use.

That’s why I’m so impressed with how well the Joe Rocket Burner heated gloves have held up after two years of riding in all conditions. Despite heavy mileage and plenty of abuse, they’re still going strong.

For cold weather riding comfort and protection, these gloves deliver everything I want. Their proven durability and consistent heating performance continue to make the Burners my number-one choice when temperatures start to drop.

So whether you’re a new rider looking for your first winter gloves or a veteran seeking some electronically-heated luxury, definitely check out these impressive heated options from Joe Rocket!

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