Klim Adventure GTX Short Glove Review: Flexible Protection When it’s Hot Out?

The Klim adventure gore-tex short glove is back with some updates. But is it still the best summer riding glove with waterproofing?

These gloves provide gore-tex waterproof protection without insulation – perfect for warm-weather riding. I tested them to see how the changes impact comfort, protection, and value.

But, the main question I will answer in this review is: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for cold weather for you? Let’s find out!

Klim Adventure GTX Short Glove


Key Takeaways

  • Hard knuckles increase safety
  • Waterproof protection guaranteed
  • Pre-curved fingers with enhanced grip

Intro to the Klim Adventure GTX Short Gloves

The “GTX” in the name tells us these gloves have gore-tex waterproofing. This latest version updates the popular outgoing model with changes to styling, materials, and design.

I’ll be comparing it to the previous version throughout this review. But know that these gloves cost around $180 and come in black or brown. They fit those with wider palms and shorter fingers best.

What’s New on the 2023 Klim Adventure GTX Short Gloves?

Outer Construction Updates

The gloves have a goatskin leather and textile outer construction. The textile looks like Kevlar in high abrasion zones. You also get a single velcro wrist closure and a velcro tab.

On the outer shells, the stretch accordions under the knuckles were removed. The knuckles themselves changed from their “super fabric” to a hard plastic armor style. The new knuckles feel more rigid and less flexible than before.

Finger & Hand Design

The pre-curved fingers have less curve than the old model – more on that below. You also get:

  • Split reliefs on fingers
  • More slide protection material on bottoms
  • Wider, thicker palm
  • Branded pull tab

On the Inside

Inside, the glove sports a smooth liner with minimal seams. The sizing accommodates thicker palms and shorter fingers.

In use, the gloves feel well-made, but I noticed some bunching around my primary fingers. The pinky and ring fingers fit pretty well, though.

Key Features of the Klim Adventure GTX Short Gloves


The star of the show is the guaranteed dry hands in wet weather. The Gore-Tex membrane blocks liquid water while allowing sweat vapor to escape.

No worries about soaked gloves halfway through a long summer ride.


You get decent airflow from the perforated leather. My hands stayed cool enough during hot weather testing.

The liner also helps wick moisture away from the skin.

Abrasion Protection

With leather construction plus textile and armor reinforcements, these