Klim Rambler Gloves Review: Style Over Substance?

As an experienced rider logging thousands of miles yearly, I wondered—could these retro-styled gloves really provide ample impact buffers and abrasion resistance equal to bulkier hard-knuckle options?

After extensive testing, do they deliver seamless flexibility and ventilation to justify their budget price tag?

In this detailed Klim Rambler Gloves review, I’ll evaluate whether the KLIM Rambler meets expectations for all-season motorcycle use.

But the main question I will answer in this review is: Are these the best gloves for all seasons? Let’s find out!

Klim Rambler Gloves


Key Takeaways

Our Verdict On The Klim Rambler

After logging hundreds of miles, I’m thoroughly impressed at how they blend supple leather comfort with strategic protective padding.

The deerskin offers a perfectly broken-in feel right out of the box while providing serious abrasion resistance.

I expected sweaty hands, but the perforations allowed decent airflow to keep me cool in most conditions.

My only gripe is that water eventually penetrates the seams in sustained wet weather. They handle light rain fine but get soaked in lengthy downpours.

For all-season versatility, I prefer a waterproof Gore-Tex liner, but that would sacrifice some breathability and add cost.

For the budget price, I think they strike an ideal balance of flexibility, protection, and value. But it means keeping an emergency rain glove handy in my saddlebags for sudden storms.

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Comparison To Other Motorcycle Gloves

Scorpion EXO SGS MK IIFull grain goatskin construction with TPR carbon fiber knuckles and fingertips. Designed for street riding with abrasion resistance.
Dainese Tempest D-DryAll-weather textile mits with waterproof and breathable H2Out membrane. PWR protective shields and reflective detailing for visibility.
Alpinestars SP-1 v2 Full kangaroo & bovine leather with external seams for sports bike track and canyon riding. Carbon fiber knuckle guards included.

The Klim Rambler differentiates itself with its supple, comfort-focused construction combined with strategic Poron XRD foam protectors. It blends a vintage leather style with modern impact-absorbing technology.

Blending Old School Cool with New Tech

The Rambler gets its name from combining that retro ‘rambling’ look of plain leather mits while incorporating some old-school style with new technology.

Many hardcore riders still love leather over more modern synthetics as it forms your hand over time. It also doesn’t harden too much when getting wet.

The injection-molded Poron XRD foam across the knuckles sets them apart from others.

This advanced molecular armor foam dampens impacts much better than cheap foam or padding. So, while they maintain a classic, low-profile look, they pack some serious shock absorption right where you need it most—over your knuckles.

The only other visible piece of technology is the adjustable Velcro wrist closure strap. This helps dial in the fit for secure everyday wear, whether commuting to work or bombing down the highway. The clean design hides the protective features almost invisibly until you need them most.

Durable Enough for the Long Haul

The material used throughout the majority of the mitts provides long-lasting comfort, while 3⁄4 ounce cowhide leather panels used as reinforcements in high-wear zones boost durability.

I especially appreciated the extra piece of dense foam stitched into the heel of the palm, which helps isolate some of the road vibration transmitted through the bars and controls.

After a full day of riding, my hands feel much less fatigued compared to my previous summer mits.

The independently articulated fingers provide a great unrestricted range of motion for operating controls. Between the combination of flexible calfskin, 3⁄4 ounce cowhide in high-stress areas, and injection molded padding, they provide impressive abrasion resistance without restricting mobility or adding excess bulk.

Ventilated for Warm Weather Riding

An image showing the ventilation features of the Klim Rambler Gloves

One of my big concerns about testing them was overheating my hands due to bad ventilation once the temperatures climbed.

However, the perforated fingers, along with the moisture-wicking crafted leather, helped my hands breathe adequately, even riding for hours in 80+ degree