Merlin Minworth Heated Gloves Review: Do They Seal the Warmth Deal?

As the weather gets cooler, it’s essential to find options that provide both insulation and weather protection. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Merlin Minworth Heritage Heated motorcycle Gloves to see if they deliver the right blend of features for cold and wet riding conditions.

These classically styled gloves incorporate battery-powered heating elements to provide an extra level of warmth.

But, the main question I will answer in this review is: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for cold weather for you? Let’s find out!

Merlin Minworth Heated Gloves


Sub Title

  • Decent battery life estimates
  • Dissipates crash energy nicely
  • Touchscreen fingertips included

Breaking Down the Merlin Minworth Gloves

Before we analyze the heated components, let’s discuss the overall construction and materials of the Merlin Minworth Heritage Heated Gloves.

Offered in both men’s and women’s versions, these rider’s gloves (1) have a longer gauntlet cuff designed to fit over your jacket sleeves.

The outer layer utilizes cowhide leather for abrasion protection, along with an accordion stretch panel across the knuckles to facilitate flexibility.

For weatherproofing, Merlin incorporated their own HYPOA waterproof membrane. The insulated liner features a combination of fleece and Thinsulate—200g on the back of the hand and 100g on the palm.

How Does the Heating System Work?

The Minworth motorcycle gloves include a removable 22000mAh battery pack that slides into a pouch underneath the wrist. The pouch has a velcro closure and waterproof liner to protect the electronics.

Inside each glove, heating filaments run across the back of the hand and down the fingers. You turn on the batteries with a power switch at the base of the glove cuff. There are three temperature settings to choose from.

Testing Out the Heated Gloves

During my testing, I found that the gloves provide a comfortable level of warmth without overheating my hands. The temperature feels just right for maintaining circulation and dexterity while riding.

However, at high speeds above 40 mph, the heating effect becomes more subtle—acting as a buffer against the cold wind rather than actively warming your hands. So I typically turn on the batteries before I start riding to keep a consistent temperature throughout my trip.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

According to Merlin, the batteries will last approximately 3.5 hours on the medium heat setting. For most commuting distances, that should be sufficient, but the batteries are not rechargeable while riding. So, for longer touring trips, you’ll have to factor in the battery life to avoid losing heat mid-ride.

Are the Gloves Fully Waterproof?

Throughout my testing in wet conditions, the HYPOA membrane prevented any moisture from seeping into the gloves’ interior.

My hands stayed warm and dry on multiple outings. So, I can confirm the waterproofing does seem reliable, aided by the velcro-sealed battery pouch.

What About the Fit and Comfort?

I tried both the large and extra large sizes as a size 9. The gloves definitely run at least a half-size small, in my experience. I’d recommend ordering a size up from your usual measurement—especially if layering over jacket sleeves.

The longer gauntlet cuff accommodates this and leaves room for the