Schott 141 Cafe Racer Jacket Review: Reasons I Love Wearing

In this Schott 141 Cafe Racer Jacket review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the iconic Shot 141 Cafe leather jacket to help riders understand if this coveted motorcycle jacket lives up to its legendary status.

With roots dating back over 50 years, does this heavyweight leather jacket have what it takes to still rule over the modern cafe racer scene?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best women’s motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Schott 141 Cafe Racer Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Legendary Style
  • Premium Materials
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship

A Brief Background on Shot Leather Jackets

The Shot 141 Cafe jacket under review hails from a lineage of motorcycle gear royalty. Shot leather jackets were first conceived in 1913, making the company over 100 years old with a rich legacy of developing heirloom motorcycle apparel.

In fact, Shot invented the very first motorcycle jacket by outfitting early 20th-century riders. The 141 Cafe itself traces its origins to the classic motorcycle jacket made iconic by Peter Fonda in the 1969 film “Easy Rider.”

So when assessing a Shot leather jacket, you’re not merely evaluating a garment but also the heritage behind it. These jackets represent over a century of motorcycle history in their stitching.

With such an extensive background, it’s no wonder Shot leather jackets instantly command respect whenever one appears.

Construction of the 141 Cafe Leather Jacket

The 141 Cafe utilizes premium 1.3-1.5mm naked cowhide leather from the flanks of the cow. This top-shelf leather, missing the coating found in other variants, allows the 141 Cafe jacket to gradually form its wearer while aging beautifully over decades of use.

During construction, Shot artisans hand-dye each jacket in small batches using custom drum tumblers. Instead of receiving a plastic-like coated finish, oil and wax get rubbed into the leather to achieve a lustrous matte look.

This process fully exposes the leather’s natural pores and follicles for an authentic feel reminiscent of a well-worn baseball mitt.

The resulting jacket exudes an irresistible warmth and character unmatched by less premium tanned leathers.

Once dyed, the naked cowhide receives expert scrutiny for any imperfections before master seamstresses piece together each 141 Cafe jacket by hand.

This meticulous oversight and handcrafted assembly cement these jackets as heirloom quality meant to outlive their owners.

Every stitch and rivet gets placed with care to ensure optimal performance and aesthetics. You’ll find thick premium hardware adorning the 141 Cafe jacket, together with Shot’s proprietary swing gussets to allow flexible movement in the riding position.

While this motorcycle jacket skips protective armor, it does include a removable faux fur liner for added insulation against colder weather.

However, the naked cowhide weighs enough on its own to withstand abrasion while patinating gorgeously over decades of riding.

In essence, the 141 Cafe leather jacket provides a flawlessly executed classic style backed by generations of motorcycle garment expertise.

Shot 141 Cafe Leather Jacket
Premium Naked Cowhide LeatherYes
Removable Faux Fur LiningYes
CE-Rated ArmorNo
Water ResistantNo

Sizing and Fit

The Shot 141 Cafe leather jacket uses a classic American cut tailored for most body types. For reference, I stand 6’2″ tall, weighing 225 lbs, and found a comfortably slim fit in size 46. Expect strong flex room through the shoulders aided by the back bi-swing gussets when properly sized.

However, some shorter or slimmer riders may want to size down from usual for a sharper profile that better matches the vintage cafe racer aesthetic.

If choosing between sizes, pick the smaller option for a snugger hugging fit or size up to prioritize comfort and layering capacity.

Just remember that high-grade leather jackets only get better with age. Even if slightly large at first, the naked hide will gradually take shape on your frame over the miles without ever feeling too restricting.

Thanks to the premium construction and materials, break-in happens quickly, allowing you to mark this jacket as your second skin for life.

Schott Men’s Jacket Sizing


Style and Versatility

It’s impossible to ignore the iconic Americana vibe the 141 Cafe jacket gives off, whether seated on a bike or strolling around town.

The retro design channels mid-century rebel edge suited for everything from riding modern retros to looking cool at your neighborhood watering hole.

Expectedly, this jacket works exceptionally as outerwear for moderate to cold weather riding. The naked cowhide provides ample abrasion resistance with the zip-out faux fur, adding extra insulation for brisk mornings.

However, with the liner removed, the 141 Cafe also makes fantastic spring and fall riding gear when temperatures hover between 50-80°F.

Just don’t expect much ventilation or water protection once the mercury rises since the jacket lacks perforations.

Off the bike, the 141 Cafe jacket integrates nicely into heritage street-style wardrobes. Yet it also brings just enough gritty edge to polished business casual aesthetics without appearing too radical. Ultimately, it’s at home just about anywhere you feel like strutting your stuff.

A versatile style coupled with rugged construction proves why the Shot 141 Cafe reigns supreme as the most popular leather motorcycle jacket across riding scenes worldwide.

Pros and Cons of the Shot 141 Cafe Motorcycle Jacket


  • Century-old brand heritage
  • Premium top-grain naked cowhide leather
  • Artisanal handmade craftsmanship
  • Removable faux fur lining
  • Bi-swing shoulders and back gussets
  • Gorgeous patina over time


  • Expensive $700+ price tag
  • No CE armor provisions
  • Requires weather protection


Does Shot plan on adding CE armor to the 141 Cafe jacket?

Yes! Shot shared that an armored cafe racer jacket sits firmly within their future pipeline. Expect premium protectors once launched, although no set timeline yet exists.

How should I care for my new 141 Cafe leather jacket?

Naked cowhide requires gentle care to maintain its matte look and feel. Shot advises using a specialty leather cleaner followed by occasional oiling to rejuvenate the jacket’s protective wax finish. Take care not to over-oil since it may darken lighter shades.

Would the 141 Cafe jacket work for larger riders?

Absolutely! Shot constructs all its apparel to accommodate athletic frames thanks to the generous American cut. Plus, the naked hide will stretch comfortably to accommodate wide shoulder builds without restricting movement.

Does the 141 Cafe jacket run big or small?

Expect a roomy fit that’s still flattering. Some slim riders size down for a snugger profile, while broader individuals stick true to size. If between sizes, choose your usual jacket dimensions for layering capacity.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the Shot 141 Cafe stands proudly as my top pick for riders seeking a versatile, rugged leather motorcycle jacket dripping in heritage charm. Yes, the lofty price tag gives pause, but costs get justified through the decades of utility you’ll receive from this heirloom-grade piece.

While not suited for hardcore track or ADV riding, the 141 Cafe otherwise serves admirably as a stylish leather jacket for literally all other scenarios, whether aboard your bike or off.

Ultimately, expect the 141 to only get better with mileage as the premium naked cowhide molds to your shape while gaining the character that newer jackets lack.

What’s your experience with Shot leather jackets? Share your thoughts below on the 141 Cafe or other favorites from their lineup. Ride on and be legendary!

And Finally

In my opinion, as an avid rider, the Shot 141 Cafe leather jacket deserves consideration from anyone seeking a supremely crafted motorcycle jacket dripping in iconic American heritage. I’ve witnessed firsthand how these jackets gain character over the years to become treasured staples.

From my experience, dropping top dollar guarantees you a leather riding companion for life, whether bombing canyon roads or ducking into corner pubs. Ultimately, Shot 141 Cafe owners belong to an exclusive moto fraternity stretching back over 100 years.

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