Michelin StarCross 6 Tires Review: How It Performed In The Woods

Today, we are diving into the details of Michelin’s latest offering – the Starcross 6 tires. These exciting new dirt bike tires are priced between 140 to 170 dollars, depending on the size you select.

I have admired the Michelin Starcross 5 tires and am thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss the next generation in the series.

I have frequently used the soft compound of the Starcross 5 tires, especially during my experiences in the New Jersey pines and various rock racing events.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best dirt bike tire for you? Let’s find out!

Michelin StarCross 6 Tires Review


Pro & Cons

  • Versatility across terrains
  • Ideal for mixed-terrain events
  • Exceptional grip on softer terrains

They have proven to be reliable and high-performing, particularly when combined with the medium variant on the rear. Consequently, the arrival of the Starcross 6 series has been something I have eagerly anticipated.

Hands-On Experience

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to test the Starcross 6 tires with Michelin in Texas before they hit the market.

The test rides allowed me to form first-hand impressions and evaluate their performance. I was particularly impressed by how effectively these tires provided traction. It was clear that the Starcross 6 range was a tangible step up from its predecessor.

Michelin’s Claims

Michelin is boasting some impressive improvements with the Starcross 6 series. According to them, these new tires offer 16 percent more traction when they’re new and around 19 percent more traction when worn, compared to the Starcross 5 series.

Additionally, they claim that these tires have an 11 percent longer lifespan. These enhancements are largely attributed to the new silica compound used in manufacturing, which replaces the traditional carbon black rubber used previously.

Silica compoundMore durable, better grip
Changed knob structureMore traction, longer lifespan

The silica technology, borrowed from automobile manufacturing, contributes significantly to prolonging the tire’s shape and preserving the sharpness of the knobs.

This results in enhanced grip and reduced premature wear, thus extending the overall lifespan of the tire.

Design Innovations

Michelin didn’t simply reshuffle the knobs and relabel the tires. The Starcross 6 series is the result of significant R&D, featuring a thoughtful redesign of the knob layout and a host of other adjustments. However, I did notice one peculiarity: some options are only available in a 19-inch rear size.

Given that 18-inch is more common for Enduros and hair scrambles, it would be beneficial if Michelin expands the range to include this size in the future.

Available Options

The Starcross 6 range offers a variety of compound options. You can choose from medium-soft, medium-hard, hard, sand, and mud variants.

Notably, the soft compound has been discontinued, which initially concerned me as I was fond of this option in the Starcross 5 series.

Nevertheless, my apprehensions were dispelled after testing the medium hard and medium soft compounds, both of which performed excellently, even in deep sugar sand and riverbed conditions.

Installation of the Star Cross 6 Tyres

Undoubtedly, the Star Cross 6 proves itself as an extraordinary tire model. The fitting process was straightforward, devoid of complications or hitches.

Particularly notable is the robustness of the front tire, which is reinforced with a rigid carcass. This rigid structure extends to the rear tire, granting it a desirable level of sturdiness.

The Terrain Test

As I continue to use these tires, my appreciation for their quality grows. In order to increase the front end’s grip and improve corner tracking, I made some adjustments to the fork’s compression, making it slightly softer. The outcome was remarkable.

Robust buildLongevity and toughness
Easy fittingNo complications during installation
Adjustable compressionEnhanced front end grip and better corner tracking

Performance on Various Terrains

However, the tires tend to skip on rocks as they approach corners, but this is quickly remedied when they encounter softer terrains. Once the tires have something softer to bite into, they grip powerfully and don’t let go.

Despite not being specifically designed for forest terrains, they still perform impressively. If your journey involves a mix of terrains, including brief stints in the woods, open fields, or motocross tracks, I believe these tires would serve you well.

  • Versatility across terrains
  • Exceptional grip on softer terrains
  • Ideal for mixed-terrain events

Concluding Remarks: Star Cross 6 in the Woods

With slight adjustments to the fork compression, the Star Cross 6 tires worked flawlessly in the woods. No complaints arose regarding the rear tire, and the tires did not cause any major issues.

It’s important to note that these tires may not perform as well as an enduro tire in the woods and tend to be slightly bouncy on rocks. However, any mishaps or errors resulted from my shortcomings, not the tires.

In conclusion, the Star Cross 6 is one of the best dirt bike tires for a variety of terrains, and this tire is a worthwhile investment for its robust build, easy installation, and adjustable compression.

Just remember that any tire’s performance largely depends on the rider’s skills and the specific conditions on the ground.

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