Dunlop D803 GP Review: Good For Rocky Dry Conditions?

As an avid dirt biker, I’m always on the hunt for tires that can boost my performance on the trails. After testing out the Dunlop D803 GP, I’m happy to report it’s become my new go-to for tackling rocky, hard-packed single tracks.

This enduro tire delivers incredibly predictable traction and stability across loose rocks, hard dirt, and even faster fire roads.

I put 25 hard hours on my set and was amazed at how they endured the abuse. If you ride predominantly rocky, dry conditions, the Dunlop D803 GP deserves a spot in your tire quiver.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best dirt Bike Tire for you? Let’s find out!

Dunlop D803 GP


Key Takeaways

  • Ideal for dry, rocky single track
  • Surprising versatility in loose dirt
  • Traction exceeds any tire I’ve tested

Traction Where It Counts

My favorite thing about the D803 GP is how well it hooks up on loose, rocky terrain. The soft rubber compound literally claws at jagged rocks and packed dirt. Starting from a standstill on an incline, it just digs in and goes instead of spinning out.

The square-edged, tightly spaced lugs give you total confidence blasting up rock gardens and rutted-out inclines.

This dirt bike tire ascends steep hills that would make other tires struggle. The side lugs also grip remarkably well when railing bermed corners.

Surprisingly, the tire also did admirably in the occasional looser sections. I didn’t feel like I had to tip-toe through sandy washes or gravelly fire roads. It’s not perfect in the loose stuff, but way more capable than expected.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unreal traction and grip across rocks and hard dirt
  • Lugs dig into loose rubble for controlled climbs
  • Impressive grip in loose dirt and gravel for an enduro tire

Built Tough for the Long Haul

With its beefy carcass and soft rubber compound, the D803 GP is one durable tire. After 25 hours of riding rocky trails and blasting fire roads, my tires looked nearly new. The tread depth was barely worn and the sidewalls were unscathed.

They last so long because the grip comes from the rubber compound rather than just the tread pattern. Even once past the ideal tread life, they’ll still stick, thanks to the soft compound.

These tires beg to be pushed hard lap after lap. Plus, the thick casing resists flats and lets you run low pressure for increased traction. Easily one of the toughest Enduro tires I’ve used.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tread lasted 25+ hours with 50% depth remaining
  • Beefy carcass resists flats and damage
  • Soft compound maintains grip as the tread wears
  • Ideal tire for hardcore enduro enthusiasts

Drawbacks: Deep Sand and Downhills

As expected, the Dunlop D803 GP does have limitations in certain conditions:

Deep Sand and Loose Dirt – The lugs quickly get packed with sand and lose traction. Fine for small sections, but not ideal for dune riding.

Downhill Traction – The rear end can slide out under heavy braking in loose dirt. A grippier compound would add peace of mind.

Appearance – It does look somewhat unusual with the nearly square lug shape. But function over form!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do the D803 GP tires last?

A: I got 25 hours with 50% tread remaining. With care, they should last 40+ hours.

Q: Do they work well on high-powered bikes?

A: Yes, the stability is great, even with added power. They are built for enduro.

Q: Can you use them for both trail and motocross riding?

A: They work great on hardpack for motocross, but a stickier moto tire is better for motocross-only riding.

Q: What pressure should you run them at?

A: For enduro, I run 1-2 PSI for maximum grip. For motocross, you can go a bit higher but don’t exceed 10 PSI.

Q: How are they in mud and wet conditions?

A: Not great. The tight lug pattern doesn’t shed mud well. Opt for a real mud tire in wet conditions.

Conclusion: Who Should Buy the D803 GP

For riders who spend most of their time on dry, hardpack terrain, the Dunlop D803 GP is an awesome tire that can really improve traction and control. It’s literally built for hardcore enduro enthusiasts.

However, a knobbier soft terrain tire makes more sense if you frequently ride deep sand or loose dirt. Choose the right tire for where you ride most!

After testing numerous options, I’m confident that the Dunlop D803 GP is one of the best Enduro tires.

Give it a shot on your favorite local trails and enjoy the added grip and confidence. This tire will put a permanent grin on your face!

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