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Velcro, a revolutionary fastening system, traces its origins back to the innovative mind of Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral in the 1950s. Inspired by the burdock burrs that stuck to his dog’s fur during a hike in 1941, de Mestral embarked on a journey of discovery that led to the creation of hook-and-loop fasteners. These fasteners consist of two components: one with tiny hooks and the other with smaller loops, allowing for repeated fastening and unfastening. Initially made of cotton and later refined with nylon and polyester, Velcro quickly gained popularity across various industries beyond its original clothing application.

The name “Velcro” itself is a clever portmanteau of the French words “velours” (velvet) and “crochet” (hook), reflecting the essence of this innovative product. Over the years, Velcro has evolved significantly, becoming an integral part of everyday life. From healthcare to the military, land vehicles to spacecraft, Velcro’s versatility knows no bounds. Its applications are diverse and widespread, showcasing its adaptability and reliability in different fields.

One of Velcro’s most notable achievements was its involvement in NASA’s mission to the Moon. Velcro fasteners played a crucial role in securing components of Neil Armstrong’s space suit during the historic 1969 moon landing. This partnership with NASA highlighted Velcro’s reliability and strength even in extreme conditions, solidifying its reputation as a trusted fastening solution.

Beyond its iconic status in space exploration, Velcro has continued to innovate and adapt to changing needs. The company’s commitment to relentless innovation is evident in its collaboration with leading experts worldwide to enhance existing products and develop new solutions. From automotive applications like wire harness sleeves to industrial uses in packaging and construction, Velcro’s impact spans across diverse sectors.

In recent years, Velcro has also embraced sustainability by developing eco-friendly products with recycled materials. This commitment to environmental responsibility aligns with the company’s ethos of giving back to nature, which has been a constant source of inspiration since its inception. The introduction of the VELCRO® Brand ECO Product Line for footwear & apparel markets underscores Velcro’s dedication to creating sustainable solutions without compromising on quality or performance.

As Velcro continues to push boundaries and explore new frontiers, its legacy as a symbol of innovation and practicality remains unwavering. The distinctive ripping sound when separating two Velcro surfaces has become synonymous with efficiency and convenience. Whether in everyday consumer products or cutting-edge industrial applications, Velcro stands as a testament to human ingenuity inspired by nature’s simple yet effective mechanisms.


Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Velcro (trademark)
- used for a closure consisting of a piece of fabric of small hooks that sticks to a corresponding fabric of small loops
Velcro (Wikipedia)

Velcro, officially known as Velcro IP Holdings LLC and trading as Velcro Companies, is a British privately held company, founded by Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral in the 1950s. It is the original manufacturer of hook-and-loop fasteners, which de Mestral invented.

Velcro IP Holdings LLC
Velcro Companies
FormerlyVelcro SA.
Company typePrivately held company
IndustryManufacturing: fastening systems
FounderGeorge de Mestral
HeadquartersUnited Kingdom
Number of locations
Manufacturing: 7 countries
Area served
Key people
  • Bob Woodruff (CEO)
  • Dick Foreman (president, Velcro N. America)
  • Norbert Nieleck (president, Velcro EMEA)
  • Paulo Garutti (president, Velcro Latin America)
  • Frank Liao (president, Velcro APAC)
ProductsHook-and-loop fasteners, and other products
Number of employees
SubsidiariesAlfatex Group
Velcro (Wiktionary)


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