Tourmaster – Mariner Waterproof Jacket Review

I recently tested out the Tour Master Mariner jacket to see if it could stand up to my high standards and deliver the performance I demand from my riding apparel.

This review will share my hands-on experience with the jacket’s build quality, safety features, customization options, ventilation, storage, and overall value.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best waterproof motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Tourmaster – Mariner Waterproof Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

  • Loaded with safety features
  • Versatile all-season protection
  • Durable waterproof construction

Durable Construction

One of my top criteria for any riding jacket is durability, as I need outerwear that can withstand the elements season after season.

The Mariner jacket delivers exceptional durability thanks to its 450 denier Cordura waterproof laminate nylon shell. This heavy-duty fabric provides abrasion resistance to prevent rips and tears even after repeated use.

The jacket also features an electronically seam-sealed construction to seal out water at the seams. Coupled with a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating applied throughout the jacket, this waterproof design ensures no moisture penetrates the outer shell.

Inside, the jacket uses a polyester lining that allows perspiration to escape, enhancing breathability during active riding.

After months of testing in wet and dry conditions, I can confirm the Mariner keeps wind and water completely on the outside while maintaining a comfortable interior climate.

The Cordura nylon shell shows no signs of wear, demonstrating this is a jacket built to last many seasons.

Protective Safety Features

As a safety-focused rider, I appreciate that Tour Master loaded the Mariner jacket with advanced protective features.

The jacket includes CE Level 2 armor at the elbows and shoulders, offering serious impact protection without restricting mobility.

I took a couple of spills while evaluating the jacket, and the armor cushioned the blows extremely well.

For additional abrasion resistance, 1680 denier polyester overlays are positioned on high-wear zones like the elbows and lower arms.

These reinforced patches provide extra durability to prevent rips if you take a slide on asphalt.

The Mariner also comes equipped with a removable EVA foam back pad to protect your spine in the event of an accident.

I cannot overstate the value of having quality armor in a riding jacket, and Tour Master made sure to include ample protection without adding bulk.

Customized Fit

Finding a jacket with the perfect fit can be difficult, as motorcycle gear needs to be snug for safety without impeding your movement.

The Mariner provides extensive adjustment options to dial in the ideal fit for your body type.

The sleeves include sliding arm pickup straps and adjustable hook and loop straps so you can customize the arm length and width.

The waist belt is also adjustable to refine the fit. Stretch panels strategically placed on the lower back and waist give you full freedom of movement when riding.

Once I set up the adjustments to suit my build, the Mariner felt like it was custom-tailored to my body. I never experienced any tightness or restrictions during testing.

Thermal Liner for All Conditions

The Mariner jacket excels as true three-season riding gear thanks to its removable full-sleeve thermal liner.

You can remove the liner and wear the outer shell when riding in warmer temperatures. The liner has a smooth polyester shell and a cozy brushed knit inner layer that retains heat extremely well.

On cold winter rides in the 30s Fahrenheit, the thermal liner plus the nylon outer shell blocked the wind and locked in warmth.

Yet the liner is also breathable enough to prevent overheating on mild days in the 50s. Having the versatility to adapt the Mariner for any weather condition makes this a smart four-season investment.

Ventilation Options

While the Mariner provides excellent cold weather protection, I stay comfortable wearing it in the summertime thanks to strategic ventilation.

Large underarm gusseted intake vents promote continuous airflow directly to the torso. This noticeable cooling effect keeps your body temperature regulated on hot rides.

An oversized back exhaust vent draws out hot, humid air to prevent the jacket from becoming a sauna.

Combined with the waterproof yet breathable shell fabric, these direct vents make the Mariner a true weatherproof jacket you can wear year-round.

I rode for hours in 95 F heat while testing the vents, and I stayed remarkably cool and dry thanks to the well-designed ventilation.

Convenient Storage

With extensive storage options, the Mariner jacket eliminates the need for a riding backpack. Oversized front bellows pockets provide ample room for essentials like a phone, wallet, and sunglasses.

The lined hand warmer pockets keep your fingers toasty or can hold small items like keys securely.

Interior pockets secured with hook and loop closures allowed me to organize items for quick access. A back stash pocket behind the vent is perfect for maps or documents.

With all these storage compartments, I could carry everything I needed for long rides or day trips.

The abundance of pockets makes the Mariner an incredibly practical jacket for motorcycling. You can travel light and always have your must-have items within reach.

Quality and Value

With a retail price of around $300, the Mariner sits at the higher end of the motorcycle jacket price spectrum.

However, Tour Master included so many premium features and materials that this jacket offers fantastic value. The combination of Weatherproofing technology, protective armor, storage capacity, and 4-season versatility justifies the price.

The quality is immediately noticeable once you put on the Mariner. The jacket feels substantial while remaining flexible and comfortable.

Plus, Tour Master backs the Mariner with a 4-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

After logging hundreds of miles on my Mariner, it still looks and performs like new. Given the build quality, I expect to get many more years of service out of this jacket.

Key Takeaways

  • Durable nylon shell with waterproof laminate construction
  • CE-rated armor for impact protection
  • Abrasion-resistant overlays in high-wear zones
  • Completely waterproof and windproof
  • Removable thermal liner for all-season comfort
  • Ventilation zippers for cooling airflow
  • Abundant storage pockets eliminate the need for a backpack
  • 4-year warranty provides peace of mind


Is this the best Waterproof motorcycle jacket? The Tour Master Mariner jacket delivers everything I demand for comfortable and safe riding in any weather condition.

The Cordura shell and advanced waterproofing technology provide all-day weather protection, while the CE armor and polyester overlays boost safety.

The jacket is packed with well-designed features like adjustable fit, direct ventilation, and abundant storage.

If you are looking for a premium motorcycle jacket that can handle the demands of all-season riding, the Tour Master Mariner deserves your consideration.

I highly recommend test-riding the Mariner to experience its durability, versatility, and rider-focused performance.

With the right combination of protection, comfort, quality, and convenience, this jacket will prepare you to ride confidently no matter what adventures you pursue on the open road.

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