Spidi Super Net Women’s Jacket Review: Good Jacket for Hot Weather?

Riding a motorcycle in the heat of summer can be an uncomfortable experience. The humidity, the sweat, the stuffy feeling of being wrapped up in riding gear designed more for protection than breathability.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. A good mesh motorcycle jacket can help keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest summer days.

In this Spidi Super Net Jacket review, we’ll take an in-depth look at one of the most popular mesh jackets on the market – the Speedy Super Net women’s riding jacket.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best women’s motorcycle jacket for you?

Here’s everything you need to know about this jacket’s features, fit, and whether it’s the right choice for riding in humid climates.

Spidi Super Net Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

Our First Impressions: Comfortable Fit With Just Enough Protection

Looking at customer reviews from riders who have purchased the Speedy Super Net jacket, a few key themes emerge:

  • Surprisingly cool – Nearly everyone mentions how well the jacket vents and how comfortable it keeps you in Super Net weather. Some were skeptical about mesh but were impressed by the airflow.
  • Fits as expected – Most riders found the sizing to be accurate and appreciated the neutral cut. Some noted it runs a little big if you’re between sizes.
  • Perfect for hot climates – Many reviewers stated this was the perfect jacket for keeping cool in hot, humid environments like Florida, Texas, etc.
  • Good value – Riders felt they got a lot of features and capabilities for a reasonable price point. The quality exceeded expectations.
  • Enough protection – While not as protective as a textile or leather jacket, most owners found the armor adequate for daily street riding.

So, in terms of customer experience, the jacket delivers on its promise of a lightweight and highly ventilated riding jacket suitable for Super Net weather.

Riders found the protection level acceptable for the intended riding scenarios. Overall, it is a versatile and affordable mesh jacket that makes hot weather riding much more enjoyable.

Comparison To Other Women’s Jackets

JacketDescription of Features
Belstaff Bradshaw– Iconic British heritage brand with fashion-forward styling. – Mid-thigh length, slim silhouette with a belted waist. – Made from 6-ounce waxed cotton, water-resistant. – Removable CE-approved D3O T5 Evo armor in elbows and shoulders. – Suitable for spring, summer, and fall with quilted lining and airflow zips​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​.
Bering Lady April– Slim, flattering fit for women, great for street and city riding. – 600 denier fiber tech outer shell for abrasion resistance. – CE armor at shoulders and elbows, with options for upgraded protection. – Removable thermal quilted liner, and waterproof, breathable liner. – Ventilation zippers at the chest and back for airflow​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​.
Spidi Rock– Affordable leather jacket option with minimalist biker-style look. – Made from 0.8mm buffalo cowhide leather. – CE-rated armor at elbows and shoulders. – Removable thermal liner and optional waterproof liner. – Belted waist for a flattering feminine silhouette, reflective elements for safety​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​.
Dainese Arya– 4-season textile motorcycle jacket, ergonomic design for women. – Polyester 600D fabric with Cordura, CE-rated armor in shoulders and elbows. – Vents for airflow, removable thermal liner, and reflective details for safety. – Dainese’s proprietary Nitrex Evo composite armor for flexibility and impact absorption. – Designed for a snug fit, allows layering, and is adaptable to different weather conditions​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​​Opens in a new tab.​.

Each of these jackets offers unique features and protections, catering to the different preferences and needs of women motorcycle riders.

Key Takeaways:

  • Extensive mesh coverage provides exceptional airflow.
  • Neutral cut fits a variety of body types
  • Ideal for hot and humid riding conditions
  • Very affordable, under $200
  • Basic CE-rated armor included

An Affordable Mesh Jacket Designed for Versatility

One of the things that makes the Speedy Super Net jacket so popular is its price point. At around $200, it’s very affordable compared to many premium mesh jackets, which can run $400 and up.

The jacket is constructed using 600D polyester in the solid panels and a punched mesh fabric that allows maximum airflow.

It has a neutral, straight cut that accommodates different body types and riding positions. For the price, you get a surprising number of features and adjustments that allow the jacket to fit snugly.

The outer shell uses an abrasion-resistant tenacity polyester fabric along with extensive mesh ventilation panels made of a breathable elastic fabric. The combination provides protection along with cooling airflow exactly where you need it most while riding.

Inside the jacket, the liner is composed almost entirely of mesh as well, except for a single small stash pocket. The mesh liner allows air to flow easily from the outer ventilation panels throughout the inside of the jacket unimpeded.

Generous Mesh Panels Provide Ventilation Where You Need It

The highlight of this jacket is clearly the copious amounts of ventilation mesh. Along the front torso, sleeves, back, and even collar, you’ll find mesh panels that take up the majority of the real estate.

Only around the elbows, shoulders, and waist is the solid fabric used to provide abrasion protection.

The extensive mesh coverage allows air to flow easily into and around your body as you ride. This keeps you cooler and drier than solid jackets, which can quickly become a sauna in hot, humid weather.

The mesh panels utilize an extremely porous yet durable elastic fabric that retains its shape while allowing maximum airflow.

The open weave doesn’t restrict movement, which is vital for riding comfort. Yet the mesh is still thick enough to prevent the wind from cutting through and retains warmth better than you might expect. If needed, you can even add wind-blocking and insulating liners for when temperatures drop.

Designed to Fit a Variety of Body Types

Unlike some jackets cut to fit a narrow range of body types, the Super Net has a neutral, straight cut that accommodates many different figures.

It’s roomy without appearing bulky and includes numerous adjustment points to fine-tune the fit. For example, the chest, waist, sleeves, and bottom hem can all be cinched in as needed to prevent flapping in the wind.

The jacket is available in sizes from XS to 4XL so that you can get just the right fit. Our recommendation is to order your normal size, as the Super Net runs true to size.

The model pictured is 5′ 8″, 140 lbs, with a 37″ chest and 36″ bust. She’s wearing a size medium, which provides full coverage without restricting movement.

The sleeve length is also sufficient to accommodate different arm lengths and riding positions. When in a tucked sportbike riding stance, the sleeves still overlap properly with glove liners and gauntlets.

For taller riders, the sleeves are long enough to prevent exposing forearms. Overall, the neutral cut and fit range help the Super Net jacket work for many riders.

Armor and Impact Protection Included

Unlike some low-cost jackets, the Super Net doesn’t skimp on safety features. It comes equipped with basic CE Level 1 armor in the elbows and shoulders.

The Step-In Armor system allows the protectors to be inserted into interior pockets for a snug fit. While more premium armor provides higher levels of impact protection, CE Level 1 is better than nothing.

The elbow and shoulder armor helps prevent bruising and abrasions in a fall while remaining flexible for comfort.

The sleeves also have Velcro brand adjusters to keep the armor situated correctly as you ride. One missing item is that a back protector is not included.

However, the jacket has a pocket arrangement that allows you to install an aftermarket CE Level 1 or 2 protector for full upper-body protection.

Specifically, the Super Net comes equipped with these protectors:

  • Force-Tech removable elbow armor CE Level 1
  • Warrior Protectors shoulder armor CE Level 1

So, in summary, the jacket provides basic impact protection for your joints and shoulders with the option to upgrade as desired. Considering the low price, this armor inclusion is a major plus.

Designed Specifically for Warm Weather Riding

When choosing a mesh jacket, you want substantial ventilation coverage matched to the areas of your body that get hot and sweaty while riding. The Speedy Super Net targets airflow to the right zones to keep you cool in warm weather.

Along the chest and back, generous mesh panels allow air to flow into and circulate within the jacket. The lightweight mesh collar allows heat to escape from your neck area.

Mesh sleeves prevent the notorious “sweaty arm syndrome” by allowing the breeze to flow from your shoulders down to your wrists.

The inner liner is also fully mesh, apart from a single pocket, to avoid trapping hot air inside. Altogether, the Super Net is thoughtfully designed for warm weather riding with cooling mesh placed exactly where you need it.

Extra Features Enhance Functionality

A few other handy features improve the functionality of this jacket:

  • Zippered waist adjustment provides a snug fit
  • Zippered side entry pockets are roomy enough for essentials
  • Reflective print on the back enhances nighttime visibility
  • Interior pocket and belt loops allow you to add layers
  • The long zipper gusset facilitates getting the jacket on and off
  • Dropped back hem provides added coverage while riding

The waist cinch and gusseted zipper make it easier to take the jacket on and off while maintaining a good fit.

The pockets and loops allow you to bring extra gear like wallets, phones, liners, etc. Overall, these useful features improve the experience of wearing and using the Super Net jacket.

Ideal for Hot and Humid Riding Conditions

If you regularly ride in hot, humid conditions, the Speedy Super Net jacket deserves a spot on your shortlist. The mesh fabric and paneling provide airflow exactly where you need it to stay cool.

The straight cut and size range accommodates different figures for a comfortable fit. And it includes basic armor for impact protection.

Overall, for a reasonable price, the Super Net delivers exceptional cooling performance.

Mesh jackets require some tradeoff between protection and breathability. With its extensive mesh coverage, the Super Net skews decisively toward airflow and cooling over abrasion resistance.

For riders who value staying cool and dry above all else, it delivers on that promise. Considering the price, fit, features, and cooling performance – the Speedy Super Net is one of the best mesh jackets available.

Speedy Super Net Women’s Jacket: Pros and Cons

To summarize, here are the main pros and cons of the Speedy Super Net mesh motorcycle jacket:


  • Very affordable, around $200
  • Extensive mesh panels for maximum airflow
  • Loose, comfortable, neutral cut
  • Available in sizes XS to 4XL
  • Includes basic CE armor in elbows and shoulders
  • Zippered and Velcro adjustments for snug fit
  • Interior pockets and loops for adding layers
  • Reflective trim for visibility


  • Mesh prioritized over abrasion protection
  • Only CE Level 1