Is the Dainese Women’s Arya Textile Jacket Worth Buying? A Detailed Review

As part of our mission to provide motorcycle enthusiasts with essential information on gear and safety, we decided to test out the Dainese Women’s Arya Textile Jacket.

This jacket promises versatility for different weather conditions, protection, and a comfortable fit designed for the female form.

We put it through rigorous real-world testing to provide an in-depth and unbiased review. Should you invest your hard-earned money in the Arya jacket? But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best women’s motorcycle jacket for you?

Let’s dive in and find out!

Dainese Women’s Arya Textile Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Protection designed for women
  • Ventilation for warm weather
  • Thermal liner for cold rides

A Quick Overview of the Dainese Women’s Arya Jacket

The Arya is a women’s specific 4-season textile motorcycle jacket from the Italian company Dainese (1Opens in a new tab.). It retails for under $400 and comes in 4 different color options – black, black/white, black/red, and black/anthracite.

The outer shell uses a polyester 600D fabric coupled with Cordura for durability. It has CE-rated armor in the shoulders and elbows, with a pocket to accommodate a G1 or G2 back protector (sold separately).

Vents at the shoulders and sides provide airflow in warmer weather. The jacket also has a removable thermal liner for colder riding and a zipper to attach it to riding pants. Reflective details boost visibility for safety.

Breaking Down the Key Features and Benefits

Now let’s take a deeper look at the standout features of this jacket and what they mean for you as a rider:

Designed Specifically for the Female Form

Unlike many jackets made for men first and women second, the Arya is purpose-built for the female body. It has a shaped fit through the sleeves, torso, and hips.

Pre-curved sleeves match a riding position. The adjustable waist belts, cuffs, and hem provide a customized close fit.

For riders, this translates to maximum comfort and mobility on your motorcycle without restrictive tight spots or billowing fabric. Protection is also optimized when armor stays in the proper position during movement.

Premium Protection That Moves With You

Protection is crucial when you’re on a motorcycle moving at high speeds. The Arya doesn’t compromise here. The shoulders and elbows have Dainese’s proprietary Nitrex Evo composite armor for impact absorption. It’s flexible to allow natural movement.

The back protector pocket fits a G1 or G2 nucleon protector that can be purchased separately. This upgrades the jacket to a full hump system for back impacts. Hard plastic guards over the shoulders add abrasion resistance in a potential slide.

Weather Adaptability for Year-Round Riding

The Arya was designed for year-round riding comfort. For warm weather, it has large vents across the chest, shoulders, and sides.

These help air flow directly to your body underneath. The mesh interior liner wicks moisture and allows air circulation.

When the cold hits, put in the full-sleeve thermal liner. This adds insulation while still allowing flexibility. The collar, cuffs, and waist prevent drafts from sneaking in. Ride through spring showers with a separate rain liner (not included).

Visibility and Safety Details

Any responsible rider knows you can’t control other motorists. Boosting your visibility is critical for staying safe on the road.

The Arya helps here with reflective stripe accents on the sleeves, chest, and back. These shine brightly when headlights hit them. Contrast color blocking also helps you stand out.

The short collar prevents head whipping and features soft microfiber comfort padding. Double-closure wrist straps keep sleeves secure in a slide.

Designed and Tested to Dainese’s High Standards

Dainese is one of the most trusted motorcycle gear brands worldwide. They’ve sponsored champions like Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi. The Arya brings this pedigree of quality and performance to the street.

It was designed and tested at Dainese’s research centers in Italy under strict quality control. The jacket is put through motions and impacts in labs to ensure it lives up to protection claims. Only then is it deemed ready for riders.

How Does the Arya Handle the Real World?

Reading through specs and features gives you an idea of what to expect from the Arya jacket. But you want to know how it performs once you actually start riding.

I took this jacket through daily commutes, weekend joyrides, highway trips, and backroad carving. Here’s my hands-on assessment after putting it through its paces:

Sizing Runs True and Allows for Layers

I’m 5’7″, 145 lbs, and went with a size 42 based on Dainese’s chart. The tailored fit was snug but not restrictive. There’s enough room to layer a hoodie or light jacket underneath. No pinching or tight spots.

All the adjustment straps let me tweak the closeness of the fit. I’d recommend ordering your normal jacket size unless you need a trimmer athletic fit. Then consider sizing down.

Ventilation Works As Expected

Once the temperatures start rising, you’ll appreciate how effective the ventilation is. The intake chest vents created noticeable airflow even at urban speeds. Open the shoulder vents, and air circulates through the whole upper body. I stayed cool on hot summer commutes.

The one downside is there are no rear exhaust vents. Air doesn’t flow completely through the jacket. Also, the vents could allow water ingress without the rain liner.

Versatile for Changing Conditions

I got a lot of mileage out of this jacket by adjusting it for different conditions. Chilly morning rides called for the insulated liner. When things warmed up, I could remove it and open the vents. The zip-off sleeves turned it into a vest.

It proved versatile across seasons besides winter. Add a windproof outer layer for cold weather or the rain liner (sold separately) when wet.

Armor Offers Comfortable Protection

The armor plates effectively balanced impact protection and ergonomic flexibility. I almost forgot they were there until I was reminded of bumps and jolts. They allowed full freedom of movement.

The elbow and shoulder guards stayed put even when I took an unplanned low-side slip. They did their job absorbing impact without any discomfort. If you want back protection, adding a G1 or G2 guard is quick and easy.

Functional Details Enhance the Riding Experience

Lots of small functional details added up to make this an excellent riding jacket for my needs. Things like the microfiber collar lining, double wrist closures, adjustability for fit, and pass-through pocket access.

The rear reflective stripes and contrast panels made me feel confident drivers could see me. I also used the short waist zipper to attach riding pants for full coverage.

Final Verdict: Is the Dainese Arya Worth Buying?

Let’s sum up this review. Is the Dainese Arya jacket worth your hard-earned dollars? In my opinion, yes – as long as you don’t need 100%