Revit Hyperspeed Pro Jacket Review: A Leap Forward for Rider Safety?

Revit’s new Hyper Speed Pro jacket may offer the best of both worlds. With race-ready features drawn from MotoGP, the Hyper Speed Pro looks poised to become a top choice for riders who refuse to compromise on either velocity or safety.

In this hands-on review, we’ll take a close look at how the Hyper Speed Pro pulls double duty. As its namesake suggests, it boasts design cues made to eke out every bit of aerodynamic performance possible across the asphalt.

Yet it also packs best-in-class protective impact shells, sliders, pads, and armor inserts capable of absorbing heavy blows.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best leather motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Revit Hyperspeed Pro Jacket Review


Key Takeaways.

  • OMotoGP-level protection
  • Perforated leather enhances airflow.
  • Designed for aerodynamics
  • Improve comfort on long rides.

Durable Leathers and Textiles Optimize Airflow

Any worthwhile motorcycle jacket needs to stand up to abrasion while allowing adequate airflow to keep you cool at speed. The Hyper Speed Pro relies on a mix of materials to achieve this balance:

  • Perforated Cowhide Leather – The majority of the jacket utilizes perforated cowhide leather. Holes punctured in the 1 to 1.3mm thick hide encourage airflow. The leather resists abrasion in a slide.
  • PWR Stretch Fabric – Panels of Revit’s flexible PWR Stretch fabric provide elasticity for comfort. This material lines the sides and inner arms.
  • 3D Air Mesh – Near the collar, sections of 3D air mesh fabric maximize inbound airflow. This material stays cool against the skin.
  • Neoprene Collar – The collar utilizes neoprene for flexibility. Revit branding features prominently on both sides.

In addition to promoting cooling airflow, the blend of leather and textile materials ensures a precise, tailored fit.

The jacket won’t flap or billow at high speeds. Lycra inserts around the sleeves also prevent undesirable ride-ups.

Protection Upgraded From the Track to the Street

While airflow and fit are crucial, protection is the make-or-break factor for any serious riding jacket. Here, too, the Hyper Speed Pro delivers with best-in-class impact shells and sliders derived directly from Revit’s experience in MotoGP racing:

  • Shoulders – The shoulders feature external composite protectors borrowed from MotoGP. These overlay the C-Flex level 2 armor in the shoulders.
  • Elbows – Like the shoulders, the elbows contain C-Flex level 2 armor. They also include external sliders for additional abrasion protection in a crash.
  • Back Protector – A race-inspired speed hump improves aerodynamics. There’s an internal pocket to insert a Seesmart CE level 2 back protector (sold separately).
  • Chest Protectors – Optional Revit Seesoft CE level 2 chest protectors (also sold separately) can be inserted for extra protection.

With protection equivalent to what professional racers rely on, the Hyper Speed Pro gives street riders the confidence to open up the throttle, knowing they have serious shock absorbers between them and the asphalt.

Premium Features Improve Comfort and Convenience

Beyond materials and armor, a host of premium features make the Hyper Speed Pro comfortable and user-friendly:

  • Zippered Sleeve Takeoffs – Zippered sleeve takeoffs allow you to remove and re-attach the sleeves without removing gloves. This makes it easy to take the jacket on and off.
  • Waist Adjustment Straps – Hook and loop Velcro straps at the sides of the waist to tighten or loosen the fit as desired.
  • Storage Pockets – Dual zippered hand pockets provide ample storage space. The pockets are covered with leather for protection.
  • Detachable Thermal Vest – A removable thermal vest zips inside the jacket for cold-weather riding. The vest has an additional zippered side pocket.
  • Internal Mesh Lining – Removing the vest reveals a mesh lining that permits airflow inside the jacket.
  • Jacket-to-Pant Zipper – A 360-degree zipper at the waist connects to Revit pants to prevent riding up.

The Hyper Speed Pro clearly provides premium comfort touches lacking in many competitor products.

Hyper Speed Pro Sizing


How Does the Hyper Speed Pro Stack Up to Similar Jackets?

The Hyper Speed Pro goes head-to-head with other premium motorcycle jackets in the $500 to $600 price range. Here’s how it compares to several similar options:

Dainese Racing 3 Perforated Jacket

  • More breathable, more lightweight
  • Lacks chest/back armor (sold separately)
  • Mainly polyester fabric, less abrasion resistance

Alpinestars GP Plus R Perforated Jacket

  • Comparable protection
  • Improved track performance
  • Lacks thermal liner, less versatile

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Perforated Jacket

  • Solid value for money
  • Fewer premium features
  • Bulky fit, less aerodynamic

While not perfect across the board, the Hyper Speed Pro holds its own against stiff competition. The blend of MotoGP-bred protection and real-world versatility gives Revit’s jacket an edge for serious riders.

Key Takeaways on Revit’s Hyper Speed Pro Jacket

  • Offers MotoGP-level protection from CE-approved armor.
  • Perforated leather and textile fabric panels enhance airflow.
  • Designed for aerodynamics and performance with a speed hump.
  • Convenient features improve comfort on long rides.

Buying Advice: Is the Revit Hyper Speed Pro Worth the Investment?

The Revit Hyper Speed Pro carries a premium price tag. With an MSRP of around $580, this jacket costs nearly twice as much as many decent leather alternatives.

Yet you certainly get what you pay for. By pairing absolute protection with dryness-enhancing airflow, the Hyper Speed Pro fulfills its mission as high-velocity riding gear.

While less breathable and versatile than mesh and textile jackets, its armored leather construction offers peace of mind during aggressive riding.

The Hyper Speed Pro is ideal for:

  • Track day riders who want crossover street protection
  • Performance-minded riders who log highway miles
  • Aggressive canyon carvers and weekend warriors
  • Riders who value safety as much as speed

In the end, the Hyper Speed Pro will reward those seeking the confidence to ride faster with the most technologically advanced impact protection available. If that sounds like you, its premium price will prove worth every penny.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Revit Hyper Speed Pro

How does the sizing run on the Hyper Speed Pro?

Reviews suggest the Hyper Speed Pro runs true to size. Order your normal jacket size unless you prefer a roomier or tighter fit.

Is it better to get a perforated or non-perforated version?

The perforated version will be cooler in warm weather. However, the non-perforated is more versatile across different temperatures, especially with the thermal liner inserted.

What kind of weather is the Hyper Speed Pro ideal for?

With the perforated leather and included liner, the jacket works well from around 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit / 10 to 38 degrees Celsius.

Does the Hyper Speed Pro work well for commuting?

Absolutely – its protection and airflow make it versatile for anything from commuting to weekend twisty rides.

What armor is included vs. sold separately?

Shoulder/elbow/back armor is included. Chest protectors and the back protector are optional extras.

Conclusion: Serious Protection That Won’t Slow You Down

The Revit Hyper Speed Pro motorcycle jacket represents a winning blend of safety and performance. While premium-priced, its CE-approved armor offers peace of mind that entry-level alternatives can’t match.

Yet the jacket’s focus on airflow ensures you won’t sacrifice speed for protection. Features derived from racing demonstrate that the Hyper Speed Pro can keep up on the track or on the highway.

For riders who crave the freedom of the open road but refuse to compromise on safety, few jackets strike a better balance.

The Hyper Speed Pro manages to provide exhilarating speed along with the protection to match. That’s a combination any serious biker can appreciate.

So, if you’ve outgrown your old jacket, take a close look at what Revit has achieved with the Hyper Speed Pro. You may find your new go-to riding companion for years of happy trails ahead.

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