Fly Strata Jacket Review: Does This 4-Season Jacket Deliver?

The motorcycle gear market is saturated with jackets claiming to be the “ultimate” all-season option. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming for riders to determine which jacket truly delivers maximum versatility for changing weather and riding needs.

That’s why we’re taking an in-depth look at one of the top contenders—the Fly Racing Street 4 Season Jacket. But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best motorcycle jacket for all weather for you? Let’s find out!

Fly Strata Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

  • Modular 3-in-1 system
  • Adaptable across seasons
  • Packed with convenience features

A Fully Customizable 3-in-1 Design

The standout feature of the Fly Racing Street 4 Season Jacket is its adaptable 3-in-1 design. This gives riders three jackets in one through the use of an outer textile jacket, an inner mesh jacket, and a zip-out thermal vest liner.

The outer shell utilizes rugged and abrasion-resistant fabrics ideal for protection. Key areas are reinforced with 1680D ballistic nylon to guard against impacts and abrasions.

The shoulders and elbows have CE Level 1 armor for crucial crash protection. The shell is also designed to be fully waterproof and windproof, thanks to HydraGuard technology.

The inner mesh jacket maximizes airflow and ventilation. Its abrasion-resistant open mesh construction offers cooling comfort in warmer weather without compromising safety. Riders can even wear the inner jacket separately in hot summer riding.

Finally, the zip-out 120g thermal vest allows you to add an extra layer of insulation when temperatures drop. The vest conveniently stows away when not needed.

Unmatched All-Season Adaptability

The Fly Racing Street Jacket’s modular design makes it remarkably adaptable across seasons. Riders can tailor their setup based on the following conditions:

  • Outer Shell + Inner Mesh + Thermal Vest = The ultimate cold weather combo
  • Outer Shell + Inner Mesh = Waterproof and abrasion-resistant 3-season riding
  • Inner Mesh Jacket alone = Maximum airflow for summer riding
  • Thermal Vest alone = Extra core warmth or insulation layer

Riders aren’t limited to preset combos, either. The vest can be worn under the mesh jacket for 4-season adjustability.

You can even remove the vest liner and substitute a full sleeve base layer when it’s extremely cold. This modularity makes the Fly Racing Street Jacket one of the most versatile options on the market.

Durable and Protective Construction

In addition to its flexibility, the Fly Racing Street Jacket is built to handle the rigors of motorcycle riding. Starting with the outer shell, it uses heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric backed by 1680D ballistic nylon in the elbows, shoulders, and back panels.

This combination resists abrasions while providing flexibility. Furthermore, it’s treated with HydraGuard to make the shell fully waterproof yet breathable.

The inner mesh jacket uses a similar formula but with an abrasion-resistant open mesh material ideal for warm weather airflow.

The mesh is still reinforced with durable 600D poly fabric in critical areas. The outer and inner jackets form a protective shell designed for superior abrasion resistance without compromising comfort.

For impact protection, the Fly Racing Street Jacket is equipped with CE Level 1 armor in the shoulders and elbows.

There is also a PE back padding, which should be upgraded to CE Level 2 armor for maximum protection. The armor can be positioned in either the outer or inner jacket as needed.

Airflow and Ventilation

All-season jackets run the risk of overheating in hot weather riding. To combat this, the Fly Racing Street Jacket utilizes strategically placed vents coupled with its mesh inner jacket.

The outer shell features a large intake and exhaust vents across the chest and back. The front vents use water-resistant YKK zippers for adjustable airflow.

The inner mesh jacket is constructed entirely from an open, abrasion-resistant material to circulate air while riding.

These vents and mesh generate significant airflow to prevent overheating without exposing riders to the elements.

Riders can open vents and remove layers to fine-tune airflow for any temperature. The excellent ventilation makes the Fly Racing Street Jacket a standout 3-to-4 season option.

Convenience and Comfort Features

Beyond protection and versatility, the Fly Racing Street Jacket is packed with features to enhance the riding experience:

  • Microfleece-Lined Collar – Provides comfort at a high abrasion area.
  • Zippered Hand Warmer Pockets – Warm and water-resistant for storage.
  • Forearm & Waist Adjusters – Customize fit for comfort.
  • YKK Zippers – All zippers are heavy-duty YKK for durability.
  • Reflective Paneling – Increase visibility in low light conditions.
  • Water-Resistant Pockets – External and internal storage stays dry.
  • Hook & Loop Wrist Closures – Prevents air from entering sleeves.
  • Athletic Mesh Lining – Wicks moisture and allows airflow.
  • Soft Armor – CE-approved with comfort layers.

Fly pulled out all the stops, outfitting the Street Jacket with features to take the edge off long rides. The water-resistant pockets, microfleece collar, hook & loop wrist closures, and athletic mesh lining deserve special mention for making this jacket comfortable across multiple seasons.

Breaking Down the Fly Racing Street 4 Season Jacket

FeatureOuter Textile JacketInner Mesh JacketThermal Vest Liner
MaterialWaterproof & windproof shellAbrasion-resistant mesh120g insulation
Fabric600D polyester fabricOpen mesh for ventilationFull zip-out design
Reinforcements1680D ballistic nylonReinforced with 600D polyWear standalone or with layers
Water ResistanceHydraGuard technologyStows away when not needed
VentilationIntake and exhaust ventsAthletic mesh liningIncreases warmth dramatically
ArmorCE approved shoulder & elbow armorCE approved armor
Pockets2 external hand warmer pocketsIdeal for cold weather riding

This table provides a clear breakdown of the features and materials associated with each component of the jacket: the Outer Textile Jacket, Inner Mesh Jacket, and Thermal Vest Liner.

Sizing, Colorways, and Cost

The Fly Racing Street Jacket comes in sizes ranging from small up to 4XL to accommodate most riders. It’s available in three colorway options:

  • Black
  • Black & Hi-Vis
  • Black, White & Red

At the time of writing, retail pricing is approximately $233. Considering you’re getting three jackets for that price, it’s an outstanding value for the quality and features.

How Does the Fly Racing Street Jacket Compare?

The Fly Racing Street Jacket stacks up well against competitor jackets in the same class:

  • Vs. Alpinestars Valparaiso 2: Comparable protection and ventilation at a lower price point.
  • Vs. REV’IT! Prometheus: Less expensive with more flexibility and armor coverage.
  • Vs. Firstgear Kathmandu: More venting and greater ability to adapt to seasonal changes.

When compared to other 3-in-1 all-season jackets, the Fly Racing Street Jacket stands out for its exceptional versatility and extensive protective features for the price.

Final Verdict: Ideal Blend of Versatility and Protection

When reviewing the Fly Racing Street 4 Season Jacket, it becomes clear this jacket lives up to its hype. The unmatched modularity through its 3-in-1 design makes the Fly Racing Street Jacket arguably the most adaptable all-season option on the market.

It can be configured for any weather condition while providing abrasion resistance and impact protection during all-season riding.

Top it off with waterproofing, ventilation, storage, and comfort features, and the Fly Racing Street Jacket becomes almost impossible to beat.

While not inexpensive, the wealth of flexibility and protection inherent in its design makes this jacket well worth the investment for all-season motorcycle riders.

5 Key Takeaways on the Fly Racing Street Jacket:

  • Fully modular 3-in-1 system
  • Unmatched adaptability across seasons
  • Durable, abrasion-resistant outer shell
  • Airflow from vents and mesh jacket
  • Packed with convenience and comfort features

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of armor does the Fly Racing Street Jacket have?

It comes equipped with CE Level 1 armor on the elbows and shoulders. A basic foam back pad should be upgraded to a CE Level 2 back protector for maximum impact protection.

Can I wear the inner mesh jacket by itself?

Absolutely. One of the best features of this jacket is that the inner mesh jacket is designed to be worn alone in warm weather. It still provides abrasion resistance through reinforced mesh.

How truly waterproof is the outer shell?

The 600D polyester outer shell is treated with HydraGuard, making it fully waterproof yet still breathable. All zippers are also water-resistant YKK zippers to prevent water permeation.

Is this jacket able to handle cold weather riding?

Yes. By adding the thermal vest liner, wearing appropriate base layers, and keeping vents closed, the Fly Racing Street Jacket can adapt well to cold conditions. The layers lock in warmth effectively.

What is the sizing like on the Fly Racing Street Jacket?

It has a spacious fit to accommodate layers underneath. Most riders recommend ordering true-to-size based on Fly’s sizing chart for the proper fit. There are also several adjustable straps to dial in the fit.


The Fly Racing Street 4 Season Jacket delivers unmatched four-season versatility alongside protection and comfort.

With its 3-in-1 modular design, durable construction, storage solutions, and excellent ventilation, this jacket has everything an all-season rider needs.

Despite the premium price tag, the abundance of features and flexibility cements the Fly Racing Street Jacket as one of the top all-weather motorcycle jackets available today. Riders searching for the ideal do-it-all jacket need look no further.

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