Knox Hollister Motorcycle Jacket Review: Is It as Good as They Say?

When it comes to motorcycle gear, we riders are constantly looking for innovative solutions that not only provide protection but also enhance our riding experience. Enter the Knox Hollister jacket.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll delve into the intricate details of the Knox Hollister jacket, its unique features, and my personal experiences with it.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best women’s motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Knox Hollister Women’s Motorcycle Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • CE Triple A certified safety
  • Versatile summer jacket with armor
  • Innovative Knox Hollister offers protection

A Jacket That Adapts to Your Needs

The Knox Hollister jacket is not your typical woman’s motorcycle jacket; it’s a versatile and adaptive piece of riding gear designed to cater to various riding conditions.

Whether you’re cruising under the scorching sun or braving chilly, wet weather, the Hollister has you covered—literally.

This jacket offers a unique approach to rider protection, allowing you to customize your layers based on the weather conditions.

Materials and Construction

The Hollister’s design revolves around a clever combination of materials to provide protection, comfort, and adaptability.

The front and inside of the arms are predominantly covered in mesh material—a key component for keeping you cool in hot weather.

But don’t be fooled; this isn’t just any mesh. It’s a high-quality material that offers exceptional abrasion resistance.

The rest of the outer shell is crafted from DuPont stretch Cordura, strategically placed in high-impact areas to ensure maximum protection.

This Cordura material offers robust defense and snug and close fit, ensuring that the armor stays as close to your body as possible—a critical element for effective impact absorption.

Protective Features

Now, let’s talk about protection. The Knox Hollister jacket is CE certified, and not just any certification—it boasts the highest level available, the coveted Triple A rating.

This means it provides top-notch protection that meets the most rigorous standards. What’s truly impressive is that even areas deemed as low risk in crash scenarios, such as the front and inside of the arms, are tested and meet the same high protective standards.

This woman’s motorcycle jacket comes equipped with a full set of armor for the shoulders, elbows, and back.

The back protector, in particular, stands out with its comprehensive coverage and reassuring thickness. While the jacket offers chest protection provisions, these protectors are sold separately.

Innovative Design Features

One of the standout features of the Knox Hollister jacket is its adaptability. You can wear it as a standalone protective jacket during warm, dry weather or layer up with additional clothing when conditions demand.

Unlike some women’s jackets that come with connecting loops for inner layers, the Hollister leaves the choice of layers entirely up to you.

This flexibility means you can customize your riding gear according to your preferences and the weather conditions you’re facing.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is paramount when it comes to motorcycle gear, and the Knox Hollister doesn’t disappoint. The jacket’s close fit, achieved through the use of stretch Cordura, ensures that it moves with your body while maintaining a secure and snug feel.

Thumb loops at the wrists help keep the sleeves in place, eliminating any gaps in coverage. This feature also allows you to wear the jacket with short gloves, ensuring full protection for your wrists.

Ventilation and Cooling

Ventilation is essential, especially during warm rides. The Knox Hollister excels in this department with its strategically placed mesh panels on the front, inside of the arms, and upper back.

These panels allow air to flow through, providing a cooling effect. Even on cooler days, the jacket offers sufficient ventilation without compromising comfort.

Practical Design Elements

The practical design elements of the Knox Hollister jacket further enhance its functionality. YKK zippers, renowned for their quality, are used for the main closure and pocket vents.

Rubber-like protection at the zippers’ base prevents unwanted scratching on your bike’s tank. Additionally, fabric sections at the top of the zippers keep the pullers from flapping in the wind.

Sizing and Fitment

Choosing the right size is crucial for optimal comfort and protection. Knox offers a range of sizes, from small to 5XL, covering chest sizes from 35 inches to 54 inches.

However, Knox’s sizing can differ from other brands, so it’s essential to consult the size chart carefully before selecting.

In my experience, I typically wear a medium in other jackets, but for the Hollister, a large (suitable for 41 to 43-inch chest) provided the best fit.

Comparison to Similar JacketsBelstaff Bradshaw Women’s JacketBering Lady April JacketSpidi Rock Women’s JacketSchott 21141W Lambskin Cafe Women’s JacketDainese Women’s Arya Textile Jacket
URLBelstaff Bradshaw ReviewBering Lady April ReviewSpidi Rock ReviewSchott 21141W ReviewDainese Arya Review
Protection[CE Armor][CE Armor][CE Armor][CE Armor][CE Armor]
Weather Resistance[Water-Resistant][Waterproof][Waterproof][Water-Resistant][Water-Resistant]

Note: The links provided in the table lead to the respective jacket reviews for detailed information.

CE Armor refers to armor certified to the European standard for protective motorcycle gear.

Water-Resistant indicates some level of resistance to water, while Waterproof means highly resistant to water.

This table compares the jacket with selected models, highlighting key features such as material, ventilation, protection, and weather resistance. For more details, refer to the individual jacket reviews using the provided links.

Key Takeaways

Before we wrap up this in-depth review, here are three key takeaways to remember about the Knox Hollister jacket:

  • Triple A CE Certification: The Knox Hollister boasts the highest level of CE certification, offering top-notch protection for riders.
  • Adaptive Design: This jacket’s adaptability allows you to wear it as a standalone protective layer or layer it with additional clothing as needed.
  • Effective Ventilation: Despite its protective qualities, the Hollister doesn’t compromise on ventilation, keeping you cool during warm rides.


Let’s address some frequently asked questions about the Knox Hollister jacket:

1. Is the Knox Hollister jacket suitable for hot weather riding?

While the jacket offers excellent protection, it may become a bit warm in extremely hot conditions due to limited airflow through the sleeves.

2. Does the Knox Hollister come with chest protection?

The jacket has provisions for chest protection, but you need to purchase the chest protectors separately.

3. Can I wear short gloves with the Knox Hollister jacket?

Yes, the jacket features thumb loops at the wrists, allowing you to wear it with short gloves without leaving any gaps in coverage.

4. How does sizing work for the Knox Hollister jacket?

Knox uses a unique sizing chart, so be sure to consult it carefully before making your selection. Consider going up a size compared to your usual jacket size.

5. Does the Knox Hollister jacket provide protection on its own, or do I need additional layers?

The Hollister jacket provides full protection on its own. However, you have the option to layer it with additional clothing for added warmth or waterproofing.

In Conclusion

The Knox Hollister jacket represents a bold step forward in motorcycle gear innovation. Its adaptability, top-tier protection, and rider-focused design make it a standout choice for those seeking a versatile, protective riding jacket.

While it may not be the ideal pick for the hottest of days, its ability to cater to various riding conditions positions it as a valuable addition to any rider’s wardrobe.

So, if you’re ready to embrace a new era in motorcycle gear, consider the Knox Hollister jacket for your next ride. Ride safe, explore freely, and enjoy the journey.

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