Joe Rocket Velocity Women’s Jacket Review – Stylish & Protective for Female Riders?

Living in the hot and humid Midwest, I only get a few prime months to enjoy riding without being drenched in sweat.

After researching the options, the Joe Rocket Velocity mesh jacket checked all my boxes. I liked that it had large, heavy gauge mesh panels covering the front and back.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best women’s motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Joe Rocket Velocity Women’s Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Great value under $150
  • Maximum airflow, minimal heat
  • Versatile 3-season functionality

Initial Impressions and Fit

I ordered a size large based on the sizing chart and my measurements. At 6’0″ and 195 pounds with a 42″ chest, this size ended up fitting very well.

The shoulders and sleeves had enough room to layer a hoodie underneath, while the torso was comfortably snug without feeling tight.

Here are my key observations about the fit:

  • Generous American cut provides comfort without looking overly baggy.
  • The neoprene collar lays smoothly against the neck.
  • Adjustable waist tabs customize the fit.
  • Sleeves are pre-curved for the riding position.
  • Mesh stretches slightly for flexibility.
  • Removable liner increases comfort range.

Joe Rocket gear fits me well, and Velocity was no exception. I’d recommend ordering your normal jacket size unless you specifically need a slimmer or looser fit.

Protective Features

Despite being a lightweight mesh jacket, the Velocity still includes some worthwhile protective features:

  • CE-rated armor – Shoulders, elbows, and an upgradable back protector come equipped with armor that meets motorcycle safety standards.
  • Abrasion-resistant textile – 1000D textile panels cover the impact zones on the sleeves, sides, and part of the back. This isn’t as protective as leather, but it should provide decent slide time before wearing through.
  • Reflective piping – Highly visible reflective piping outlines the sleeves and back panel for increased nighttime visibility.

While more premium jackets offer beefier armor and materials, I felt adequately protected for around-town and backroad riding with Velocity’s combination of CE-rated armor and abrasion-resistant textile. The heavy mesh takes the brunt of the tradeoff in exchange for superior airflow.

Airflow and Weather Protection

My favorite aspect of this jacket is the abundant airflow from the heavy mesh panels. Simply put, this jacket allows an incredible amount of wind to pass through it, keeping me cool even on 95°F days. The mesh stretches and moves with me, creating constant air circulation.

That said, the removable waterproof liner does turn this into a remarkably versatile three-season jacket. I can ride sweat-free on hot, sunny days in just the jacket’s mesh shell.

If I get caught in an unexpected downpour, it takes just seconds to zip in the waterproof liner and stay dry. The liner packs down small enough to easily carry in a tail bag just in case.

The Velocity jacket provides exceptional airflow and weather protection between the heavy mesh and the waterproof liner at this reasonable price point.

Additional Features

Besides the major factors that influenced my decision, I appreciated these extra features integrated into the Velocity mesh:

  • Convenient storage with an internal zippered pocket.
  • The neoprene-lined collar prevents chafing and tearing.
  • Belt loops allow connecting to pants for a streamlined fit.
  • Subtle styling that looks sharp whether commuting or joyriding.
  • Ample color options to match any bike and riding gear.

While not game-changing, all these little details improve the overall experience and add value to this affordable summer riding jacket.

Riding Experience and Performance

After several weeks of alternating between mesh-only and fully-lined riding with the Velocity jacket, I’m very pleased with how it held up in real-world conditions. Here’s a breakdown of how it performed in key areas:


  • Lightweight mesh construction disappears once riding.
  • Generous fit allows layering clothes underneath.
  • Cool airflow keeps me comfortable even at stoplights.
  • Neoprene collar prevents chafing and hot spots.
  • Waterproof liner increases comfort in wet weather.


  • CE-rated armor in shoulders, elbows, and back.
  • Durable textile over impact zones for abrasion resistance.
  • Reflective piping adds visibility for night riding.
  • The jacket never feels constraining while providing protection.


  • Heavy mesh flows constant air to keep me cool.
  • Quickly add/remove liner to adapt to conditions.
  • Moves freely with me while riding or walking.
  • Easy to zip up, seal out wind when desired.
  • Convenient internal pocket holds keys, wallet, and phone.


  • A very affordable price for a true 4-season jacket.
  • Provides essential safety features for urban and backroad rides.
  • Versatile for commuting, joyriding, and moto camping trips.
  • Comparable jackets cost significantly more.
  • An ideal budget-friendly summer riding jacket.

The combination of cooling airflow, versatile layering, and adjustable protection makes the Velocity mesh jacket a phenomenal value for street riders. For less than $150, it became my favorite budget summer riding gear piece.

Who Is the Velocity Mesh Jacket For?

The Velocity hits a nice sweet spot that should suit many street riders looking for a warm weather jacket:

Best for

  • Riders seeking maximum airflow on hot days
  • All-around street riding and commuting
  • Occasional backroad twisty rides
  • Times when sudden storms are possible
  • Those wanting safety and cooling without breaking the bank

Less ideal for

  • Cold weather or winter riding
  • Off-road or dirt biking
  • Downhill mountain biking
  • High speeds or racing applications
  • Riders who prefer leather jackets

While not suited for aggressive sport riding or colder weather, this mesh jacket shines for the street rider who values airflow, versatility, and protection during summer.

Comparison to Similar Jackets

JacketKey Features
Klim Marrakesh Women’s JacketAbrasion-resistant outer, perforated for airflow, CE armor
Klim Avalon Women’s JacketWaterproof & breathable outer, multiple vents, removable insulated liner
Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Women’s JacketWaterproof liner, venting for airflow, reflective details
Highway 21 Aira Women’s JacketMesh shell for airflow, waterproof liner, CE armor
Fly Racing Street Flux Air Women’s JacketVentilated mesh shell, waterproof liner, armor on shoulders & elbows

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the sizing run on the Velocity jacket?

The sizing runs true to size in a classic American cut. I recommend ordering your normal jacket size unless you need a slim or relaxed fit. It allows layering without feeling too baggy.

Does it come with a back armor protector?

Yes, CE-rated foam armor is included in the back panel. You could upgrade to a more advanced back protector for even better protection.

Is the mesh material prone to tearing?

I was initially skeptical of the mesh holding up long-term, but it felt very durable and reinforced during testing. It should resist tearing during normal riding and use unless subjected to a serious high-speed slide.

Can you ride comfortably without the liner on cold days?

I would not recommend riding without the liner in temperatures below 60°F or so. The jacket is designed for warm, sunny weather, so make sure to have the liner if temperatures drop.

How is the sizing for women?

Joe Rocket gear runs true to size but in a classic fit. Many women size down at least one size, sometimes more, depending on body shape. Be sure to consult the size chart to get the right fit.

The Verdict

For street riders seeking versatile protection, premium airflow, and value, the Joe Rocket Velocity mesh jacket delivers.

It became my favorite piece of budget riding gear thanks to its cooling performance and flexibility in various conditions. I’d happily recommend it to any rider looking to stay cool and protected once the warm weather hits.

Have you tried the Velocity or a similar budget-friendly mesh jacket? I’d love to hear about your experience and any recommendations in the comments below!

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