First Manufacturing Vendetta Jacket Review: Does Safety Meet Style?

As a motorcycle enthusiast, I always research high-quality riding gear to keep me safe on the open road. So when I heard about the Vendetta leather jacket from First Manufacturing, I knew I had to test it out.

This American company claims to have created an affordable, lightweight jacket suitable for all-season riding. But does the Vendetta really deliver protection, comfort, and versatility?

Will it hold up to real-world use across thousands of miles?

In this review, I’ll share my first-hand experience determining if the Vendetta jacket lives up to the hype after extensive testing in multiple conditions.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best motorcycle jacket for all seasons for you? Let’s find out!

First Manufacturing Vendetta Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Versatile on and off the bike
  • Solid protection included
  • Lightweight and comfortable

First Manufacturing Vendetta Introduction

As someone who has crashed while wearing inferior-quality motorcycle gear, protection is my top priority when choosing riding equipment.

However, comfort and versatility are also important to me. The ideal jacket needs to be lightweight enough for warm weather riding yet insulating for colder conditions. It should also have a flattering fit suitable for both motorcycle touring and everyday wear.

In this review, I’ll share how the Vendetta leather jacket from First Manufacturing stacks up across these criteria after extensively testing it on long highway rides, urban commuting, and casual around-town use.

From breaking in the distressed leather to evaluating ventilation and storage, I put the Vendetta through its paces.

Overall, I was impressed with the jacket’s combination of protection, comfort, style, and versatility. While no product is perfect, the Vendetta gets many things right for an affordable leather riding jacket.

Lightweight Feel

One of the Vendetta’s standout qualities is its lightweight feel, which makes it ideal for warm-weather riding.

Made from 1.1mm distressed leather, the jacket is surprisingly light compared to other leather jackets I’ve owned. This was immediately noticeable when I first put it on.

Despite the thin leather, abrasion resistance doesn’t appear compromised. The jacket also includes CE-approved armor for impact protection.

But the lightweight feel is a game-changer for staying comfortable on hot days. Airflow from riding keeps the jacket from getting too warm, even on 90°F+ days.

For hot and humid conditions, the Vendetta is by far the lightest, most comfortable leather jacket I’ve ever worn. The soft leather panels have just enough structure to offer protection without added bulk.

Versatile Style

Beyond motorcycle riding, I also want jackets that transition seamlessly into everyday wear. The Vendetta nails this with its stylish distressed leather aesthetic in a black or brown color scheme. The jacket looks right at home, whether hopping off the motorcycle or strolling into a cafe or bar.

Subtle design touches enhance the Vendetta’s versatility and visual appeal. Details like the angled chest pockets and snap closures give the jacket a hint of moto flair without appearing overly technical.

For times when riding gear isn’t needed, the Vendetta blends right in as casual outerwear.

For women riders, the Vendetta is available in a broad size range down to extra small. My girlfriend had struggled to find leather jackets slim enough to fit her properly until discovering First Manufacturing’s expanded sizing.

Storage and Pockets

One of my top criteria for motorcycle jackets is having adequate interior and exterior storage options. I don’t want to wear a backpack when touring, so sufficient pocket space is mandatory.

The Vendetta delivers an excellent external pocket and interior organizing panel design. The rear exterior pocket is deep enough to carry large water bottles, while the angled chest pockets provide quick access to essentials. Inside, the mesh organizing pockets keep valuables secure and accessible.

On multi-day trips, the Vendetta’s plentiful storage let me carry everything needed for a day’s ride, so I never had to make multiple trips back to my bike. The jacket pockets essentially served as my lockable “trunk” on rides.

Internal Storage Space

  • Large rear exterior pocket with snap closure
  • Zippered vertical chest pockets angled for the riding position
  • Interior mesh organizer panel with pen slots, phone pocket, and zippered stash zone

Seasonal Versatility

Given its combination of airflow, insulation, and weather resistance, I’m comfortable calling the Vendetta a 3-season jacket suitable for:

  • Spring/Fall riding down to 50°F with just a t-shirt underneath
  • Summer riding down to 80°F with proper airflow
  • Winter riding with the addition of an insulating liner

The 100% cotton canvas lining provides warmth for spring and fall riding. On hot summer days, the Vendetta remains comfortable, assuming consistent airflow from riding. If stuck in traffic, heat builds up faster.

For colder winter temperatures, the Vendetta accommodates an optional insulating full-sleeve liner. With the liner installed, the jacket provides ample warmth for riding down to 40°F or below.

Overall, the Vendetta excels as a 3-season leather riding jacket. With a bit of layering, it works across a wide range of conditions.

Abrasion and Impact Protection

When it comes to safety, the Vendetta includes expected protections for a quality leather moto jacket. The 1.1mm distressed leather offers abrasion resistance comparable to many thicker leathers while remaining lightweight.

The Vendetta incorporates Level 1 CE-approved composite armor for impact protection in the elbows and shoulders. An open pocket in the back allows for optional spine protection upgrades.

I opted to install a dual-density back protector insert for added impact absorption. The open pocket makes it easy to customize the armor for your needs. CE-approved inserts from Knox and other brands can be added to ramp up protection.

For the affordable price point, the Vendetta provides good basic armor coverage. I was pleased that First Manufacturing didn’t cut corners on safety to keep costs down.

Potential Improvements

While I’m very impressed with the Vendetta overall, a few subtle changes could improve the next version. These include:

  • Beefing up the snap closures on pockets
  • Slimming the cut around the waist
  • Adding perforated leather panels under the arms for ventilation

Perforations under the arms would provide airflow directly, where sweat builds up most. Snaps could be made more durable for accessing pockets while riding.

A tapered waist would allow for a slimmer, shorter fit that I prefer for movement.

However, none of these potential tweaks should deter anyone from purchasing the Vendetta in its current form. They are merely minor suggestions for an already excellent leather riding jacket.

Final Verdict

After extensive real-world testing, I can confidently recommend the Vendetta as one of the top affordable leather motorcycle jackets available today.

It stands out for offering a lightweight feel and versatile style without compromising on safety and abrasion resistance.

The Vendetta is easy to endorse for riders prioritizing protection, airflow, storage, and aesthetics.

Considering its reasonable price point and smaller sizing options, First Manufacturing hit a home run with this jacket. It will now be my new go-to for multi-season riding and casual wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Vendetta jacket made of?

The Vendetta is constructed from 1.1mm distressed leather, along with stretch panels and a 100% cotton canvas lining.

Does it come with armor?

Yes, CE-approved composite armor is included in the elbows and shoulders. An open back pocket allows you to add optional spine protection.

Is the Vendetta good for warm weather?

With sufficient airflow from riding, the Vendetta’s lightweight feel makes it one of the best hot-weather leather options. Perforated panels could further improve ventilation.

Can you add layers for cold weather?

An optional insulating zip-in liner is available for cold-weather riding. The jacket is suitable down to 40°F or below when using the liner.

Where is the Vendetta leather jacket made?

First Manufacturing constructs its jackets in Pakistan using ethically sourced materials. Quality control occurs in the United States.


The Vendetta leather motorcycle jacket proves you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a high-quality, stylish, multi-season riding jacket.

While no product is perfect, First Manufacturing delivers tremendous value with the Vendetta.

For riders needing a single leather jacket that can span warm and cold weather riding while also looking great off the bike, the Vendetta should be at the top of your gear shopping list.

Considering the affordable price and smaller size range, it’s easy to see why this jacket deserves your attention.

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