Dainese Air Chrono 2 – Does It Live Up to the Hype?

My mesh jacket has seen better days after countless miles on the road. So, I’ve been researching the market for a replacement that can provide maximum airflow and safety.

The Dainese Air Chrono 2 caught my attention with its abrasion-resistant construction paired with ample mesh ventilation.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best mesh motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Dainese Air Chrono 2 Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Great quality, solid value
  • Sportbike fit, robust protection
  • Maximum airflow keeps you cool

Fit, Construction Quality, and Overall Styling

When I first tried on the Dainese Air Chrono 2, it was immediately clear this jacket meant business. This is an aggressively styled garment with sportbike riding in mind, evident in multiple ways.

First, bold Dainese logos stand out on the sleeves, front, torso, and back. You’ll make no mistake about the maker of this jacket.

Secondly, with color options like black, white, red, and fluo yellow, the Air Chrono 2 comes in choices sure to get you noticed.

But beyond aesthetics, the most obvious aspect of this jacket is the fit. The pre-curved shape and close cut create a performance-oriented silhouette.

For my 5’10”, 175lb frame, I opted for a size 54, which felt exactly right. As Dainese intended, the Air Chrono 2 has a truly athletic fit.

Now let’s discuss the construction quality and materials used. Starting with the outer shell, the Air Chrono 2 combines an abrasion-resistant polyester material (Dainese SIM 350) with ample 3D air mesh panels. The mesh sections span the jacket’s front torso, inner arms, and entire back.

This pairing creates a great balance between durability and airflow. Despite some get-offs hitting the ground, the jacket still looks brand new after several rides.

To create structured areas while maintaining flexibility, the Air Chrono 2 incorporates Micro-Elastic inserts under the arms and at the elbows.

Seam construction and stitching are impeccable, with no signs of loose threads or flaws in manufacturing. And small details like embroidered logos and subtle piping add visual interest and depth.

Overall, the fit, quality, style, and materials used in the Dainese Air Chrono 2 jacket earn top marks across the board. This jacket looks and feels like a premium product.

Key Takeaway: With robust construction and a sporty slim cut, the Dainese Air Chrono 2 jacket provides a quality foundation for safety and comfort.

Ventilation – Keeping Cool When the Going Gets Hot

Of course, the defining feature of a mesh riding jacket is airflow — and this is where the Air Chrono 2 really shines.

With mesh panels making up the majority of the jacket, the wind easily penetrates from the front, back, and sleeves.

I stayed remarkably cool during testing at temperatures from 85 to 100+ degrees Fahrenheit even at highway speeds.

Heat builds up noticeably only when sitting at stoplights for more than a minute but gets whisked away again as soon as you start moving.

The torso area offers superb airflow. With the wind collar snapped open and the jacket fully unzipped, it feels almost like wearing a mesh vest.

The mesh and perforated panels even continue through the upper chest to the pit area, which is a sweat zone for me.

Also assisting ventilation are the short-cut waist adjusters with elastic at the lower back. This prevents the jacket from ballooning at speed while allowing air to flow completely around your torso.

So when it comes to staying cool in sweltering conditions, it’s hard to imagine a mesh jacket that could perform much better than the Dainese Air Chrono 2.

Riders in hot climates or those who run hot themselves need to have this jacket on their shortlist.

Key Takeaway: With ample mesh panels strategically placed throughout, the Air Chrono 2 provides class-leading airflow for riding in the summer heat.

Protection – Armor Shields You from Impacts

Now ventilation and cooling are crucial for a warm weather jacket, but protective capability remains just as important. Here’s an overview of how the Dainese Air Chrono 2 jacket delivers impact protection:

  • Shoulder Armor – CEE Level 1 certified composite protectors absorb shock while remaining flexible. The armored area extends far down the upper arm for expanded coverage.
  • Elbow Armor – More CEE Level 1 composite protectors offer great flexibility without impeding movement. Generous size elbow pieces disperse impact forces.
  • Back Protection – No standard back pad, but the jacket is ready for an optional Manis back insert to be added for Level 2 protection.
  • Chest Protection – Optional Dainese chest pads can be inserted into interior pockets to shield the sternum and rib cage.
  • Reflectivity – Micro-elastic inserts on the outer arms contain reflective treatment to increase nighttime visibility. The white color version has reflective logos.
  • Abrasion Protection – Durable, high-denier poly fabric used in impact zones deflects friction and slides during a crash.

Overall the Air Chrono 2 supplies lightweight, flexible armor in the key zones coupled with tough construction materials.

For a warm-weather jacket, it hits a sweet spot of providing substantial impact and slide protection without feeling overly bulky or restrictive.

Key Takeaway: Composite shoulder and elbow armor coupled with abrasion-resistant fabrics provide safety the Air Chrono 2 can back up its sporty looks.

Comfort and Convenience

Any piece of riding gear needs to be comfortable to wear in order to be functional. Here’s a look at some of the comfort-oriented features built into the Dainese Air Chrono 2:

  • A generous range of adjustment at the waist, arm openings, and collar allow you to dial in the fit.
  • Micro-elastic inserts add flex and give at key movement points. The jacket moves with you on the bike.
  • Mesh liner and perforations prevent heat build-up and sweat accumulation inside the jacket.
  • Low-profile seam construction reduces chafing or irritation from inner stitching.
  • Sleeve cuffs incorporate Velcro and snaps for easy adjustability when riding.
  • Pockets are minimal, with just two side openings, retaining a streamlined profile.

Donning the jacket and moving around it feels like a natural extension of your body right from the first wear. The Air Chrono 2 remains stable and secure whether tucked in a tuck or riding aggressively.

Comfort enhancements like micro-elastic inserts make this jacket surprisingly flexible and fluid, given the protective components. It’s built for performance riding, not casual cruising, and that’s reflected in the unencumbered feel.

Key Takeaway: Anatomical shaping and strategic stretch panels allow the Air Chrono 2 to feel like a natural second skin on the bike.

While we’re talking comfort and convenience, let’s quickly cover some additional useful features of note:

  • Jacket-to-pant zipper integration makes connecting with Dainese riding pants easy.
  • Neck collar can be left open or secured in multiple positions for customizable airflow.
  • Simple hook and loop waist adjusters are easy to tailor the fit.
  • Soft edge finishing prevents the jacket from irritating your skin.
  • Lightweight construction and packable design make the Air Chrono 2 easy to take with you.
  • Subtle Dainese branding and style provide understated looks for commuting or everyday use.

Final Impressions on the Dainese Air Chrono 2

After extensively testing the Dainese Air Chrono 2 mesh jacket in real-world conditions, I’m thoroughly impressed by both its performance and quality.

This jacket delivers on providing exceptional airflow to stay cool in summer riding while maintaining safety with trustworthy impact protection.

The fit and construction are top-notch, with meticulous attention to detail. And with eye-catching colors and styling, the Air Chrono 2 brings some Italian flair, whether bombing around town or carving canyons.

Considering the premium materials and protective technology built into the jacket, the asking price of around $200 represents an excellent value.

The Dainese Air Chrono 2 should be at the top of your wishlist for riders seeking the ultimate warm-weather riding jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dainese Air Chrono 2 Jacket

Does the Air Chrono 2 come with a back protector?

No, the jacket does not come standard with a back protector but does have an internal pocket where you can insert an aftermarket back protector like the Dainese Manis.

How long is the main jacket zipper?

The main zipper measures approximately 28 inches in length, allowing it to open up wide for maximum ventilation.

What is the difference between the Air Chrono 1 and Air Chrono 2?

The Air Chrono 2 has a more aggressive sport cut, added mesh panels for better airflow, and more prominent branding compared to the original version.

Can you attach Dainese pants to the jacket via zipper?

Yes, the 270-degree