AGV K5 S Tornado Review – You Won’t Believe What We Found Inside!

As a long-time motorcycle enthusiast and avid track day rider, I’m always looking for quality helmets that provide protection, style, and function.

So when AGV announced their new K5S helmet, I was eager to check it out and see how it improved upon the previous model.

Right off the bat, the K5S retains the aggressive track-inspired styling that AGV is known for, with its signature “Shark Fin” integrated spoiler design.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best full face motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

AGV K5 S Tornado


Key Takeaways

  • Sun visor is very convenient
  • Streamlined design with integrated spoiler
  • Disappointing finish quality on the paint

But AGV didn’t just focus on aesthetics with the K5S. They made some key upgrades to make this lid more versatile and functional for everyday street use.

The most noticeable change is the inclusion of an internal drop-down sun visor that acts like sunglasses built right into this full-face helmet.

This tinted shield deploys with the flip of a switch and is perfect for dealing with changes in lighting conditions when I’m riding. No more constantly swapping out shields or fumbling for my Oakleys!

Enhanced Interior Comfort with New Liner

Inside, AGV redesigned the entire liner using their new Shalimar fabric. This looks more luxurious with its suede-like finish and feels fantastic against my skin.

The cheek pads are contoured to better conform to my face, with extra padding at the forehead, eliminating any pressure points.

I especially appreciate the hydrophobic coating on the liner at chin level, which prevents water from getting wicked into the inside of the helmet when I’m riding in the rain. No more soggy heads!

Aerodynamic and Aggressive Track-Ready Design

Of course, with AGV, it’s not all just about comfort and features. The K5S shell is constructed from lightweight carbon fiber and fiberglass for superior impact protection, and extensive wind-tunnel testing gives it excellent stability and aerodynamics at speed.

Great Look But Mixed Performance

I’ll admit when I first saw photos of the K5S online, I was smitten with its edgy race-inspired styling. The graphics have a premium quality finish, making it stand out from the sea of generic lids.

However, after using it for several months and racking up over a thousand miles, some of the shine has worn off—both literally and figuratively.

The matte paint job on mine has already started chipping along the edges, revealing the glossy composite underneath much sooner than I expected.

While still a great-looking full face helmet, the exterior finish lacks the durability to match its performance. I’ve also noticed that the venting isn’t quite as effective at high speeds as AGV claims, with my head overheating on really hot days.

Visor and Glasses Issues

Like many riders, I wear prescription eyewear inside my helmet. But despite being touted as glasses-friendly, the K5S has given me some issues in that department.

The cutaways for the arms rub the sides of my frames, which leads to annoying pressure points on my temples after just short rides.

Swapping shields on this lid is also a big headache, as the side pivots are really stiff, making it difficult to raise and lower the visor.

And while the internal sun visor seems cool in theory, I’ve found its hinge mechanism to be flimsy and prone to breaking when flipped down at speed.

Lack of Pinlock Causes Fogging Problems

One of my biggest pet peeves with the stock K5S is that the visor lacks any provision for installing a Pinlock anti-fog insert.

Within minutes of hitting the road on cool mornings, the interior of my shield fogs up, forcing me to crack it open. This leads to wind noise and debris sneaking into the helmet at highway speeds.

I resorted to using an aftermarket Fog City anti-fog coating on the inside of the visor, but the results have been mediocre at best.

For a lid marketed as a premium sports model, the lack of Pinlock compatibility out of the box is an unfortunate oversight by AGV.

Making the Switch from Icon Variant

I’ve been a loyal Icon customer for years, with my previous go-to lid being the Variant model. But over time, the Variant’s cheap materials degraded badly, with the vinyl interior literally peeling off in chunks. The modular flip-up design also generated significant wind buffeting at higher speeds.

So it was time to step up to a lighter composite shell while still sticking to a race-inspired styling. Initially, the K5S checked all those boxes for me as an upgrade.

But looking back now, I would have been better served saving up for something higher-end to get the features and quality I was really after.

Pro & Con

Sleek and aggressive race-inspired stylingPaint finish prone to chipping/peeling
Lightweight composite shellMediocre venting leads to overheating
The Sun visor mechanism is flimsyVisor changing is stiff and difficult
Convenient drop-down tinted sun visorSun visor mechanism is flimsy
Adjustable chin strapNo Pinlock anti-fog capability
Contoured cheek pads prevent pressure pointsShield fogging issues
Good value for the priceExcessive wind noise
Uncomfortable chin strap position


What sizes is the K5S available in?

The K5S comes in sizes ranging from XS all the way up to XXL. AGV provides a detailed size chart on its website to help you pick the perfect fit. I’m a larger guy, and the XL fits me perfectly.

How much does it weigh?

My size XL tips the scales at just over 3 pounds, making the K5S an exceptionally lightweight helmet, given its feature set. This helps reduce neck fatigue on longer rides.

Does it come with a visor?

Yes, the K5S includes a clear face shield equipped with tear-offs for track use. The tinted internal sunshade deploys separately. Visors are pin-lock-ready, but the insert is sold separately.

Is it a loud helmet at speed?

Overall noise levels are about average, with some wind rushes around the lower chin bar. Using earplugs helps take the edge off at highway speeds.

How is the ventilation?

The ventilation is decent but not incredible. The chin and brow vents channel air to the face well, but the top vents lack airflow. I tend to get hot in this lid during the summer.


The AGV K5S offers an appealing package for riders seeking aggressive track-day styling coupled with everyday practicality.

It doesn’t excel when it comes to accommodating eyeglasses and falls short in other aspects like paint quality and venting. For the price, I recommend trying it on in person before buying it to see if it’s a good match for your needs.

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