Sedici Sistema II Parlare Bluetooth Helmet Review: Hype Justified?

Modular helmets offer the versatility to ride with the face shield open or closed, providing airflow when desired without compromising safety.

In this Sedici Sistema II Parlare Bluetooth Helmet review, I’ll be examining Sidi’s Systema 2 women’s modular helmet to see how it stacks up for touring and everyday use.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best women’s flip-up motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

Sedici Sistema II Parlare Bluetooth Helmet


Key Takeaways

  • Great value
  • Sturdy, versatile modular lid
  • Upgraded ventilation system

Sidi is an Italian company dedicated to high-performance motorcycle footwear since 1960. Recently, they have entered the helmet market as well, with RevZilla carrying an exclusive lineup of Sidi lids.Opens in a new tab.

The Systema 2 women’s motorcycle helmet (1) represents a complete redesign of their outgoing Systema helmet, incorporating over three years of customer feedback.

Priced around $300, it aims to deliver a durable and feature-packed modular option for riders seeking more versatility.

Let’s break down the critical elements of this helmet to see where it shines compared to the previous version.

A fiberglass and Kevlar shell for stability

The shell combines lightweight fiberglass with Kevlar aramid fiber layers at the crown for extra impact absorption.

Polycarbonate makes up the chin bar. Two shell sizes accommodate head circumferences from XS up to 3XL.

Improved aerodynamics and ventilation

Integrating the rear spoiler into the shell smooths airflow while enhancing helmet stability at speed. New top vents also reduce turbulence while increasing airflow into the EPS liner. Further rear exhaust vents boost ventilation as well.

A comfortable, neutral intermediate oval shape

The redesigned interior features a true intermediate oval shape suited for most riders, with removable temple pads allowing some customization. Contoured cheek pads and chin curtains improve fit, too.

A gasket-sealed face shield with positive locking

The thick face shield seals more completely against wind and weather with its new one-piece gasket. The side pod quick release is also smoother and more secure than before.

Convenient inner sun visor actuation

With the face shield up, simply slide the left shell switch forward to lower the inner sun visor for shaded eyes.

Improved noise levels

From the streamlined shell to the sealed chin curtain, the Systema 2 cuts down on turbulent airflow and wind roar compared to its predecessor. Less noise means less rider fatigue on long days.

Pinlock-ready face shield

While a Pinlock anti-fog insert doesn’t come pre-installed, the face shield is prepared for easy Pinlock retrofitting.

Beefed-up double D-ring chin strap

The chin strap closure now features hardy dual D-rings for peace of mind retention.

The Systema 2 does seem to check the boxes on many riders’ modular helmet wish lists. Let’s dig deeper into some common questions in the minds of Sidi customers.


Could the Systema 2 work for Bluetooth comm systems?

Definitely, the cheek pads feature built-in pockets ready to accept speaker inserts from your favorite comms brand. A future variant dubbed the Pilota will even have an integrated Bluetooth system pre-installed.

How does sizing compare to other brands like Shoei or HJC?

Generally, the intermediate oval shape should fit most riders fairly neutrally, erring slightly towards an oval head shape. I’d recommend trying one on in person if possible, but going by their respective sizing charts is fine, too.

How do the face shield detents hold at high speeds?

The Systema 2 has four shield positions, but the detent retention weakens substantially once the helmet strikes highway speeds. Expect the shield to default to either fully closed or open rather than intermediate stops.

Does it come with a clear anti-fog face shield?

Yes, the stock face shield is a flat, clear shield. An anti fog treatment would need to be applied separately or supplementation with a Pinlock lens.

How long does the tinted visor’s conductivity last?

The internal sun visor’s conductive wiring remains functional for at least a few years in most cases unless badly abraded. As long as the sliding mechanism continues to work, the sun shield tint should last approximately as long as the helmet itself.

Would this modular work just as well for adventure touring?

I believe so – the rugged shell materials can brush off trailside brambles or gravel while still shrugging off crashes. The locked chinbar stays put even over rough terrain but allows easy conversing at fuel stops. Breathability seems sufficient for vigorous dual sport usage, too.

In summary:

The Systema 2 improves vastly over its predecessor based on real rider feedback. From stability and noise at speed to modular function and comfort, Sidi’s revamped helmet feels remarkably refined, given its reasonable cost.

I’d have no trouble recommending the Systema 2 as an affordable touring lid with extra versatility thanks to its modular design.

While not as feature-laden as premium race helmets, the fundamentals add up to a satisfactory experience that belies its price tag.

If you ride a Versys, FJR, Goldwing, or other mile-munching steed, the Systema 2 warrants consideration as an affordable do-it-all companion.

Have you test-ridden the Systema 2 yet? What’s your take? Comment below!

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