Schubert E1 Adventure Helmet Review: Game-Changer for Adventure Tours?

The Schubert E1 Adventure is a new dual-sport motorcycle helmet launched by the German company Schubert.

This Schubert E1 Adventure Helmet review examines the E1 Adventure and compares it to Schubert’s flagship C3 Pro helmet to highlight the key features and benefits of this new offering.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best flip-up motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

Schubert E1 Adventure Helmet


Key Takeaways

  • Removable peak for goggles
  • Adjustable sun shield included
  • Enhanced ventilation system added


The E1 Adventure retains much of the DNA of Schubert’s premium C3 Pro helmet, applying the same technology and comfort features to create a lightweight yet durable option tailored for adventure and off-road riding.

Some standout qualities carried over from the C3 Pro include an optically-correct faceshield treated for UV resistance, a pinlock lens to prevent fogging, and a comfortable intermediate oval shape interior suited for most riders.

However, Schubert has enhanced the versatility and capability of the Adventure version with the addition of:

  • An adjustable peaked visor for sun protection
  • 60% increased ventilation via a new chin vent
  • Removable peak and ability to use goggles for a true dual-sport experience

This detailed breakdown will focus on examining these new elements that set the E1 Adventure flip-up (1) apart.

Adjustable 3D Sun Visor

One key upgrade is an integrated adjustable sun visor that provides shade from the sun’s glare. The visor utilizes “3D tents” – tension rods on each side that keep it firmly in place once adjusted. Riders can slide the visor into multiple positions to block the sun at different angles as needed.

An interesting benefit comes when operating the helmet’s flip-up chin bar. The sun shield automatically adjusts position to match, then returns to its preset placement when closing. This convenient “set and forget” function means no need to constantly fiddle with the visor.

Enhanced Ventilation System

Ventilation sees a 60% boost over the C3 Pro thanks to a new chin vent. This allows better airflow directly to the face, which is critical when riding off-road or adventuring in hot environments.

The vent boasts a foam filter to catch dust and dirt while permitting maximum air intake. As expected for a premium helmet, the filter is easily accessible and replaceable as needed.

While the chin vent itself is redesigned, the top vent still provides effective flow. Note that Schubert did have to tweak the vent operation mechanics slightly to accommodate the sliding sun shield, but airflow remains uncompromised.

Removable Peak for Dual-Sport Versatility

Further enhancing its dual-sport capabilities, the E1 Adventure includes a removable peak. Riders can take off the peak to attach goggles and essentially convert the helmet into an open-face design. This peak is exclusive to the Adventure and does not fit the C3 Pro.

Despite the peaked visor, the helmet retains its internal retractable sun shade from the C3 Pro as well. So, riders still benefit from that protection in situations when the external visor is removed.

The peak itself attaches securely when needed, engineered not to loosen from vibration. Its tilt can also adjust to different angles as required.

Enhanced Off-Road Durability

Compared to the softer material on the C3 Pro lower trim, the Adventure version sports a more rugged material expected to better withstand off-road abuse.

Areas like the neck roll and headliner also utilize improved moisture-wicking fabrics to handle sweat buildup during demanding rides.

So, while the E1 Adventure does not have a radically reshaped shell compared to the sleek C3 Pro, it does contain some small tweaks and fabric upgrades for confronting harsher riding environments.

Quick Summary of Key Details:

  • Retains core DNA of Schuberth C3 Pro like optics, comfort features
  • Integrated adjustable sun peak for better visibility
  • 60% more ventilation from the new chin vent
  • Removable peak to allow goggles to use
  • Ruggedized shell materials for off-road resilience
  • Enhanced sweat-wicking liner fabrics
  • Identical pricing to C3 Pro


How does the ventilation of the Schubert E1 Adventure helmet compare to the C3 Pro?

The Schubert E1 Adventure has 60% more ventilation than the C3 Pro due to the addition of a chin vent that allows better airflow directly to the rider’s face.

Can you use goggles with the Schubert E1 Adventure helmet?

Yes, the peaked visor on the Schubert E1 Adventure helmet is removable so riders can attach and use goggles, converting the helmet into an open-face design.

What kind of warranty does the Schubert E1 Adventure helmet come with?

The Schubert E1 Adventure helmet comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer against defects in materials and workmanship.

In conclusion

The Schuberth E1 Adventure takes the proven performance of the leading C3 Pro helmet and adds strategic upgrades like the sun peak, chin vent, and liner materials to create a more well-rounded dual-sport helmet equipped for tougher riding adventures.

While the hardcore adventurer may want a more radically shaped shell, the blend of Schuberth’s excellent optics, noise reduction, and lightweight comfort from the C3 Pro with enhanced versatility for all-day off-road use should appeal to many riders seeking premium protection no matter where the journey leads.

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