Scorpion Exo Vortex Air Gloves Review: Ventilation Champs or Sweat Factories?

I’m back with another gear review for my fellow riding enthusiasts. Today, I’ll be test-driving the Scorpion XO Vortex Air glove to see if it lives up to the hype as the ultimate lightweight summer riding glove.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for hot weather for you? Stick around to hear my thoughts.

Scorpion Exo Vortex Air Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Quality touches surprise
  • Generously roomy palm fit
  • Breezy yet abrasion-resistant

A Light and Airy Glove for Warm Weather Riding

As an avid motorcyclist, finding the right gloves for warm-weather riding can be tricky. You want maximum airflow to keep your hands cool, but you also need abrasion protection in case of a spill. That’s why I was eager to check out Scorpion’s Vortex Air glove.

This glove strikes a nice balance between ventilation and safety. It uses perforated leather panels along with an open nylon mesh fabric to allow tons of air to flow through. This helps reduce sweating and discomfort on those hot summer days.

Yet despite its breezy construction, the Vortex Air still packs some armor. You get protective foam padding on the fingers, thumb, and main knuckles, along with a stiffer carbon fiber shell over the main knuckles. This adds impact protection without limiting flexibility.

Unboxing the Scorpion XO Vortex Air Glove

When I first tried these gloves on right out of the box, I was pleased with how broken-in and flexible they felt. The pre-curved design matched the natural shape of my hands perfectly. The goatskin leather palm also had a nice tactile feel and helped provide a solid grip.

After doing a few opening and closing motions, I could tell these gloves would move and breathe nicely from day one. No long break-in period is required!

Ventilation and Fit

Riding gloves need to fit like a second skin, especially lightweight summer models designed for high airflow. Fortunately, the Vortex Air excels here.

Sizing Options from Small to 3XL

I always emphasize the importance of dialing in your glove size correctly. An ideal motorcycle glove should hug your hand firmly without pinching or restricting motion.

Luckily, Scorpion offers the Vortex Air in sizes ranging from small up to 3XL. So skinny and meaty paws alike can get covered.

Key tip: Use Scorpion’s palm circumference chart to select your ideal size.

For example, my 9-inch palm puts me safely in the XL zone. And indeed, the extra large I’m wearing provides a snug ergonomic fit.

Cool Airflow Across the Entire Hand

Now, on to ventilation – the main selling point for summer gloves. This Vortex Air modular design does a killer job, allowing air to penetrate the glove completely.

You get genuine perforated leather across the backhand and wrist. Plus, rugged nylon mesh fabric across all the other zones, including each finger. With so many open windows for air penetration, hands stay nice and cool regardless of speed or temperature.

There’s also stretch fabric built into the knuckles and wrist to allow the glove to move freely with your hands. No restriction or binding here!

Cuff Design for Jacket Integration

Moving down to the gauntlet cuff area, Vortex Air