Scorpion Exo Vortex Air Gloves Review: Ventilation Champs or Sweat Factories?

I’m back with another gear review for my fellow riding enthusiasts. Today, I’ll be test-driving the Scorpion XO Vortex Air glove to see if it lives up to the hype as the ultimate lightweight summer riding glove.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for hot weather for you? Stick around to hear my thoughts.

Scorpion Exo Vortex Air Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Quality touches surprise
  • Generously roomy palm fit
  • Breezy yet abrasion-resistant

A Light and Airy Glove for Warm Weather Riding

As an avid motorcyclist, finding the right gloves for warm-weather riding can be tricky. You want maximum airflow to keep your hands cool, but you also need abrasion protection in case of a spill. That’s why I was eager to check out Scorpion’s Vortex Air glove.

This glove strikes a nice balance between ventilation and safety. It uses perforated leather panels along with an open nylon mesh fabric to allow tons of air to flow through. This helps reduce sweating and discomfort on those hot summer days.

Yet despite its breezy construction, the Vortex Air still packs some armor. You get protective foam padding on the fingers, thumb, and main knuckles, along with a stiffer carbon fiber shell over the main knuckles. This adds impact protection without limiting flexibility.

Unboxing the Scorpion XO Vortex Air Glove

When I first tried these gloves on right out of the box, I was pleased with how broken-in and flexible they felt. The pre-curved design matched the natural shape of my hands perfectly. The goatskin leather palm also had a nice tactile feel and helped provide a solid grip.

After doing a few opening and closing motions, I could tell these gloves would move and breathe nicely from day one. No long break-in period is required!

Ventilation and Fit

Riding gloves need to fit like a second skin, especially lightweight summer models designed for high airflow. Fortunately, the Vortex Air excels here.

Sizing Options from Small to 3XL

I always emphasize the importance of dialing in your glove size correctly. An ideal motorcycle glove should hug your hand firmly without pinching or restricting motion.

Luckily, Scorpion offers the Vortex Air in sizes ranging from small up to 3XL. So skinny and meaty paws alike can get covered.

Key tip: Use Scorpion’s palm circumference chart to select your ideal size.

For example, my 9-inch palm puts me safely in the XL zone. And indeed, the extra large I’m wearing provides a snug ergonomic fit.

Cool Airflow Across the Entire Hand

Now, on to ventilation – the main selling point for summer gloves. This Vortex Air modular design does a killer job, allowing air to penetrate the glove completely.

You get genuine perforated leather across the backhand and wrist. Plus, rugged nylon mesh fabric across all the other zones, including each finger. With so many open windows for air penetration, hands stay nice and cool regardless of speed or temperature.

There’s also stretch fabric built into the knuckles and wrist to allow the glove to move freely with your hands. No restriction or binding here!

Cuff Design for Jacket Integration

Moving down to the gauntlet cuff area, Vortex Air gloves feature a short cuff length compared to most riding gloves. However, it’s not so short that it constantly rides up your wrist.

The cuff extension hits that sweet spot, allowing easy integration with most motorcycle jacket sleeves. Just tuck the gloves into your jacket cuff slightly, and you eliminate any exposed skin gap.

For quick on-off access, these gloves include a small hook-and-loop wrist closure, too. Very handy when nature calls!

Grip and Control

Delivering ventilation and coverage is great, but a rider’s glove must also supply ample grip and leverage for confident control. Here’s how the Scorpion Vortex Air stacks up.

Tactile Goatskin Palm

Instead of standard cowhide leather, Scorpion utilizes supple goatskin leather across the entire palm and inner thumb.

Goatskin better hugs the contours and lines of your palm, helping maximize contact with handlebar grips. The material also naturally stretches faster, increasing the tactile feel compared to regular bovine leather.

Plus, those perforations across the palm and fingers help moisture escape, keeping your grip steady and starch-free.

Textured Patch for Extra Throttle Control

The Vortex Air palm incorporates a textured abrasion patch right where your throttle-side hand contacts the grip. This extra friction point minimizes throttle slippage for better speed control.

Less hand fatigue equals more miles and smiles on those long freeway hauls.

Impact Protection

While clearly designed for lightweight airflow, the Vortex Air glove still rates decently in the protection department. Check out the built-in safety features.

Hard Carbon Fiber Knuckle Armor

Unlike cheap vinyl or plastic protectors, this glove uses real, rigid carbon composite shields. These distribute and dissipate heavy impacts across their surface rather than transferring straight to your delicate knuckle bones.

Foam padding underneath prevents the carbon shells from causing discomfort during standard riding. Plus, everything flexes naturally with the glove, so the armor stays centered on the knuckles.

Padding Across Common Impact Zones

Beyond the obvious knuckle guards, Scorpion reinforced the Vortex Air across other vulnerable areas.

Thick foam absorbs shock on the side of your palm near your wrist and small bones. Another pad sits lower down, protecting your palm heel.

They also threw extra padding on the outside of your pinky finger. This narrow digit often takes the brunt during slides.

Double-Stitched Abrasion Zones

Most gloves use single-needle seams in non-critical areas. However, Scorpion double-stitched high-wear zones like the palm heel and thumb crotch. This heavy-duty construction better withstands friction scoring from pavement contact.

Additional Riding Conveniences

Beyond just shielding your paws, quality motorcycle gloves include bonus features to make riding more pleasurable. Let’s see how the Scorpion Vortex Air stacks up.

Touchscreen Compatible Fingertips

Like most modern riding gear, these gloves allow you to operate handlebar-mounted electronic devices without removing your hand protection.

Conductive fingertip pads on the thumb and forefinger let you toggle through playlists, view maps, or answer calls on compatible touchscreens. Just don’t expect surgical precision with bulky gloves on.

Simple Wrist Closure

To secure the Vortex Air gloves, Scorpion uses a basic wide hook-and-loop wrist closure. No fancy roller closures or plastic ratchets here.

However, this simple adjustable wrist strap holds the glove firmly and makes it slip off quickly and thoughtlessly. Plus, the huge Velcro patch engages securely.

For easy on-off access during refueling stops or nature breaks, you can’t beat this closure setup.

The Bottom Line

Considering their ventilation, dexterity, and flexibility – combined with solid impact buffers in key zones – I’d rate Scorpion’s Vortex Air gloves 4.5 out of 5 stars.

They lack the insulation and weather protection required for cold or wet riding. However, these excel as lightweight, protective summer gloves with exceptional airflow.

So for dry weather street riding or even moderate adventure touring where temps stay mild, they make fantastic versatile options. Just throw them in your saddlebag as a backup for when things heat up.

Considering prices ranging from just $50 up to $70, they deliver excellent value as well!

Comparison to Other Summer Motorcycle Gloves

ProductKey Features
Alpinestars SMX1 Air V2 GlovesPerforated leather & mesh construction, pre-curved fingers, padded knuckles, touchscreen compatible fingertip, hook & loop wrist closure
BILT Spirit 3 GlovesClarino leather palm, mesh backhand, foam padding, adjustable wrist strap, touchscreen compatible
Sedici Chicane GlovesGoatskin palm, textile stretch panels, plastic hard knuckle armor, neoprene cuff, hook & loop wrist closure

The Scorpion Exo Vortex Air gloves share some similarities with these other popular summer glove options in terms of ventilation, dexterity, and protection.

However, the Vortex Air stands out with its perforated genuine leather construction, carbon fiber knuckle protector, and textured palm friction patches for improved grip and control. The Vortex Air balances airflow and abrasion resistance extremely well.

And Finally…

To wrap things up, I highly recommend the Scorpion Vortex Air gloves for riders wanting maximum airflow without sacrificing critical impact defenses.

They won’t replace a hardcore winter glove but will serve you well from spring through fall. So gear up and ride cool, my friends!

Let me know what other gear you’d like me to review next. And remember to subscribe for plenty more motorcycle content all season long. Feel the freedom of the open road!


What is the main material used in the Scorpion Vortex Air glove?

The primary outer construction is perforated bovine leather, with flexible nylon mesh paneling on the backhand knuckles and finger sides for ventilation.

How does the palm material benefit the rider?

The palm utilizes supple yet durable goatskin leather that contours across your palm better for improved grip and control. Goatskin also naturally stretches faster than cowhide.

Why are these considered summer riding gloves?

With perforated leather and open mesh making up around 50% of the glove, the Vortex Air allows tons of airflow directly onto the rider’s hands. This airflow prevents sweating and overheating in warm riding conditions.

What safety features help protect riders’ hands and fingers?

A carbon fiber knuckle protector shields the main knuckles from impact, while foam pads buffer the palm heel, outer pinky, inner wrist, and thumb crotch areas. These strategically shield exposed bones and tendons.

How does the wrist closure design benefit riders?

The simple wide hook-and-loop wrist closure makes slipping the gloves on and cinching them snug a quick, thoughtless process. This ensures secure fitment without restricting circulation or comfort.

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