Scorpion EXO SGS MK II Gloves Review: Worth the Upgrade from V1?

With countless options on the market, finding the perfect pair of motorcycle gloves can be an overwhelming task. This is where the Scorpion SGS Mark II gloves aim to make your decision easier.

In this in-depth Scorpion SGS Mark II glove review, we’ll analyze whether these premium leather riding gloves provide the ultimate blend of protection, comfort, and value.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best gloves for all seasons? Let’s find out!

Scorpion EXO SGS MK II Gloves


Sub Title

  • All-weather riding versatility
  • Maximum impact protection
  • Premium leather construction

A Trusted Name In Motorcycle Protection

Firstly, Scorpion is a reputable brand among bikers when it comes to protective gear. With a focus on building equipment that saves riders in real-world accidents, Scorpion has made a name as a trusted and dependable manufacturer.

The original SGS glove was massively popular due to its low price point and impressive safety features. However, consistency and availability issues meant supply struggled to meet demand.

Enter the new-and-improved SGS Mark II model – an upgrade offering enhanced protection, comfort, and quality without the headaches.

Redesigned From The Ground Up

Scorpion went back to the drawing board to create a glove that looked and felt better than the original SGS. Let’s look at the key changes:

Scorpion SGS Glove Comparison Table

The move to a new factory has improved production volumes and consistency across sizes. This gives a more accurate fit compared to the hit-and-miss sizing of the past generation.

Unparalleled Protection For All-Season Riding

Now, onto the safety features – the area in these biker gloves really excels in.

The SGS Mark II incorporates a long list of advanced protective components:

  • Goatskin Leather – Goat leather provides excellent abrasion resistance. The premium full-grain leather used is durable yet comfortable.
  • Carbon Fiber Knuckles – Rigid carbon fiber knuckle armoring offers robust impact protection without compromising flexibility.
  • TPU Finger ArmorThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shields on the fingers safeguard against scrapes.
  • Padded Pisiform – Extra foam padding around this vulnerable wrist bone significantly reduces injury risks.
  • Knox Palm Sliders – Special Knox SPS sliders allow your palms to slide rather than grab the tarmac during an accident.
  • Wrist Closure – A secure Velcro wrist strap keeps the glove firmly in place.

With the Mark II’s heavy-duty protective features, your hands will be shielded from harm whether riding on urban streets or attacking winding backroads.

Superior Grip With Digital Goat Overlays

But it’s not all about safety – the SGS Mark II also handles great on the bike.

The previous Kangaroo leather has made way for supple digital goat leather palm overlays. Although not quite as lightweight as Kangaroo, goat leather provides exceptional grip and abrasion resistance.

The embossed digital goat overlays on the palm deliver confident braking and clutch control – wet or dry. The material and texture strike an ideal balance between grip and durability.

Optimized Comfort And Ventilation

Scorpion redesigned the glove backing for better flexibility and freedom of movement. Specifically:

  • Relocated Knox SPS sliders no longer obstruct palm contact patches.
  • Fingers articulated for improved comfort.
  • The knuckle section is made from flexible carbon fiber, not rigid TPU.
  • Pre-curved palms and fingers reduce riding fatigue.

Ventilated perforated panels on the back of the hand allow air circulation to keep palms cool and dry once the temperatures rise.

For riders seeking versatile 3-season gloves with weather protection, Scorpion offers a matching SGS Mark II Long Gauntlet glove.

Sizing And Fit

As mentioned previously, the Mark II fits more consistently than the older SGS model, thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques.

I tested a large glove size, which fit perfectly in my hands. Measure your palm width against the size chart to ensure a precise fit.

As expected from a respected brand like Scorpion, the construction quality is solid, with neat external stitching used throughout.

Scorpion Men’s Glove Sizing


The Bottom Line

The Scorpion SGS Mark II builds upon the winning formula of the original while eliminating previous drawbacks.

Upgraded features like flexible carbon fiber knuckles, Knox SPS sliders, digital goat overlays, and improved quality control take these