Scorpion Exo Claw 2 Gloves Review: The Ultimate Choice for Riders?

With endless options on the market, finding the perfect pair of motorcycle gloves can be an overwhelming task.

This review on the Scorpion Exo Claw 2 gloves will provide everything you need to determine if they deliver maximum protection and comfort for your street and track rides.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for protection for you?

I’ve tested countless pairs of gloves over the years. My goal is to share insights that help fellow enthusiasts make informed decisions when shopping for riding gear.

Scorpion Exo Claw 2 Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Robust protection
  • Goatskin durability
  • Affordable pricing

Durable, Goatskin Leather Build for Protection

The Claw 2 glove starts with a goatskin leather chassis that offers abrasion resistance while allowing flexibility during wear. Goatskin breaks in faster than standard cowhide leather, ensuring a custom fit over time.

Scorpion utilizes durable TPU molding on the knuckles and fingers. This thermoplastic rubber compound protects against impact while remaining pliable for comfort.

Strategic perforations aid airflow to the fingers and prevent overheating. Stretch neoprene and rib panels provide exceptional mobility through the wrist and knuckles.

Premium Features Riders Can Appreciate

Beyond rugged construction, the Claw 2 excels with rider-centric features. Anatomically curved fingers reduce hand fatigue by allowing a relaxed grip.

TPR molded finger guards enhance protection without limiting feel or dexterity. Palm pads shield the hand in a slide while targeted foam padding absorbs impacts.

For convenience, hook and loop wrist closures secure the gloves while allowing hassle-free on-and-off access.

Unbeatable Value Starting at Just $54

Considering the proven protection, flexible comfort, and goatskin durability, Scorpion delivers tremendous value with the Claw 2 glove.

Pricing starts at only $54, making them an easy choice for riders wanting robust motorcycle gloves without breaking the bank.

Sizing Designed for Consistent Fit

Getting the right size glove is crucial for safety and comfort. Scorpion simplified the process by designing their gloves to have a precise, consistent fit.

Measuring hand circumference with a measuring tape determines your size accurately every time. Refer to the sizing chart and choose the glove marked for your hand width.

With options from small through 3XL, finding an ideal Claw 2 glove match is effortless.

Final Verdict: Premier Protection Without Costly Investment

My experience revealed the Scorpion Exo Claw 2 combines essential safety and comfort at a reasonable price. Key aspects that set them apart include:

  • Durable goatskin leather with molded knuckles & finger guards
  • Perforated fingers & stretch panels enhance flexibility
  • Padded palm + foam reinforcement protect vulnerable hand areas
  • Curved fingers reduce fatigue for long rides
  • Hook & loop closures allow easy on/off convenience

For riders wanting robust motorcycle gloves without overspending, the Claw 2 is an exceptional choice. They perform like a premium glove at half the price.

5 Key Takeaways on the Scorpion Claw 2 Motorcycle Gloves

  • Robust protection
  • Goatskin durability
  • Affordable price
  • Flexible comfort
  • Easy sizing

Frequently Asked Questions on the Claw 2 Gloves

What sizes are available in the Claw 2 glove?

Scorpion offers sizes from small through 3XL, including a women’s specific fit. Hand circumference determines your ideal size.

How long is the cuff on the Claw 2 glove?

It classifies as a mid-length “shorty” cuff, providing adequate protection without restricting movement.

Does the Claw 2 glove have touchscreen compatibility?

No. You’ll need to remove the