Revit’s RSR Racing Gloves Review: Delivers Any Serious Protection?

I’ve tested my fair share of options, seeking ones that check all the boxes: comfort, flexibility, protection, and quality construction.

In this review, I wanted to uncover whether RevIt’s RSR Full Gauntlet motorcycle gloves measure up.

But the main question I will answer in this review is: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the track? Let’s find out!

Join me as I break down the key features of these gloves to determine if they provide sufficient shielding for aggressive riding.

Revit’s RSR Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

  • Snug Fit
  • Durable Build
  • Good Ventilation

REV’IT! RSR 4 Gloves: How Do They Perform In Real-World Use?

Over three weeks and a dozen rides spanning highways and twisty backroads, the RSR gloves (1) have become my new favorite pair for aggressive street riding.

The curvature and external seams prevent any discomfort, even during multi-hour stints. The expansive gauntlet opening also enables hassle-free donning and removal.

Ventilation proves adequate for warm weather through the mesh panel perforations. Only on the hottest, most humid days did my hands overheat slightly. For chillier environments, I suggest wearing thin liner gloves underneath for insulation.

The snug yet flexible fit bolsters confidence while operating the motorcycle’s controls. The leather and foam materials provide reassuring tactile feedback for braking, accelerating, and gear changes. Cowhide palm reinforcements ensure a secure clasp of the bars even when sweating.

Fingertip touchscreen conductivity lasts throughout multiple uses without fading. The thumb, index, and middle fingers connect reliably with my smartphone screen wearing these motorcycle gloves.

While I haven’t crashed wearing these moto gloves yet, stationary tests reveal stellar abrasion and impact resistance.

The armor feels substantial enough to absorb energy in a slide while retaining flexibility for long rides. Sliding across asphalt merely scuffs the surface leather without exposure to underlying materials.

For riders seeking versatile street protection with bonus light-duty track potential, the Revit RSR motorcycle gloves deserve consideration. The quality stands out, given the reasonable price tag.

The Revit RSR gloves target riders seeking a technical full gauntlet option without the exorbitant price tag. They blend functionality, safety, and value at a sub $150 price point.

Motorbike Riding Gloves like these aim to deliver complete hand protection for street and even occasional track use. Let’s analyze the construction and components to evaluate how they stack up.

Goatskin composes the main outer shell, providing abrasion resistance for impact zones on the backhand, fingers, and wrist.

The palm area features